News - Warzone: New Update Leaks Reveal Some Unfortunate Changes

New leaks reveal some good, and some bad news for mw3/warzone

New leaks reveal some good, and some bad news for mw3/warzone

We've seen a handful of new leaks surface recently in regards to some future updates here in Zona Modern Warfare 3. Some of them give us some insight into some very promising updates; others give us some insight into some updates that we might have initially been excited about but now don't look nearly as promising; some rough news here and there; so kind of the mix of everything we got, the good we got, and the bad lots to break.

Sourcing and warning for cod leaks

Down here initially, as we do jump right into the leaks. I want to preface by saying these are still just leaks until Call of Duty says something official or until it pops up on a road map or in some patch notes or anything like that. These things are subject to change, scrapping, or alteration in any way, shape, or form, so take everything here with a grain of salt as far as the sourcing goes.

Pretty much the usual suspects, here Bob network over on Twitter, as well as forward leaks for the majority of this information, are here today.


New modern warfare 3 content leaks

So initially, we actually have a couple of teases as to what could be some potential season 4 content here for multiplayer, at least, and that is the return of the IMs kill streak.

As you may recall, the IMs are something we've had in a couple of Call of Duty games, way back in the original MW3, and then also in Call of Duty Ghosts. I want to say those were the only two, at least off the top of my head, but yeah, this is another sort of ground protection-based streak similar to the Bouncing Betties, the Cluster Mines, or the suppression mines.

We have a lot of these things that are ground deployed, which are very obnoxious to run into in the game already, and the IMs seem to be stacking on top of that, so if you are a running gun-style player, often times just jumping into buildings or choke points with no care in the world, you're probably going to run into this a lot and be a little bit frustrated by it.

modern warfare 3

This could also maybe even make its way into the war zone as well, where I imagine it to be pretty impactful too, especially in late game choke points and stuff like that, but yeah, the IMs do seem to be returning here in a future seasonal update, potentially as early as season 4. Another multiplayer-based leak is actually a change to the war mode.

Obviously, we have this as a standard multiplayer mode, and we have since launched on a couple of unique map-based missions where you're escorting something from point A to point B, and it's its own sort of experience. I guess you could say. Well, it appears that they actually might be working on a 9v9 version of War that's going to be, you know, taking place on different maps and sort of having an alternative to that mode in particular.

It's kind of interesting that they would go the route of adjusting various other, you know, sort of offbrand modes, I guess you could say, as opposed to 6v6. The developers did mention in our last call with them that they don't really focus on too much outside of 6v6 now because they want to give players as much core content as possible.

That's why we're not seeing a ton of updates for Ground War, for example, here, so adjusting War is kind of a little bit out of left field, but it also could be an interesting twist on the mode there. Obviously, at the end of the day, it really just makes it more chaotic. Instead of being 6v6, it turns into 9v9, and there's a little bit more action everywhere on the map, so I'm keeping my eyes out for that one for sure.

Unfortunate leaks for modern warfare zombies

Unfortunate leaks for modern warfare zombies

We then get into some more interesting leaks. I guess you could say, like I alluded to at the start of the article, that not every leak here today is something that I necessarily want to keep my eyes out for because it's just not all that fun.

The initial leak here is in regards to zombies, obviously a mode that has not received all that much attention. As of late, it has launched. I thought it was a ton of fun. I was having a blast grinding out my zombies. I was really looking forward to seeing how the mode would evolve over the seasons, and it really hasn't.

One of the more promising leaks though that we've had you know in the files for some time we've talked about for some time is the fact that PVP could be coming to zombies as maybe like an LTM or is just a core mechanic over time so it wouldn't just be you fighting zombies and other players just existing you'd actually be able to go through and fight other players so very similar to DMZ style gameplay there would just be zombies in the mix which would be very chaotic and I think could pose for some very fun moments, however according to the game files it doesn't seem like this PVP.

Kar98k weapon leaks take a rough turn for warzone/mw3

Kar98k weapon leaks take a rough turn for warzone/mw3

But that's not the only concerning news we have courtesy of leaks; the next bit of information is in regards to the Kar98k. The Sniper Slm Marksman rifle is one of the most iconic weapons in Call of Duty and definitely the most iconic sniper in War Zone's history, and there's been a lot of hype lately.

Man, the car is returning in season, for at least that's when it's rumored to be returning or leaked to be returning. That's going to be a game-changer. going to be a ton of fun, well, it seems like as more and more files have been data mined, the kar98k may not be the actual OG that we all know and love from obviously MW 2019, instead it could be the kar98k.

From Vanguard now it's still the Kar98K, it's a new sniper, and it's probably going to see a lot of hype behind it. I'd be pretty surprised if it wasn't one-shot capable just because it is the car and it has such a history with War Zone, but that's definitely not, I think, the most exciting news. I think a lot of players were very excited to get that nostalgia feeling of going back to the original car from War Zone 1 and from MW 2019, but if it's the Vanguard car, it makes sense that it's Sledgehammer doing it and Vanguard was their game, but it's definitely not the news I wanted to hear about the Kar98.

Gas mask updates leaked for warzone

Gas mask updates leaked for warzone

That's for sure, and then lastly, here, when it comes to the leaks, this one at least is a little bit more promising, so the gas mask is obviously a topic in the war zone community dating back to war zone 1. We all didn't like the gas mask animations, but they evolved them over time to be a lot more convenient and less obnoxious.

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