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Season 2 of Loaded from Moder Warfare 3 is upcoming this week, starting on Wednesday, and today we got it fully revealed. So in this article, we're going to be diving into everything you need to know about the upcoming seasonal content drop when it starts preloading multiplayer. War Zone and Zombie content, and everything in between.

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When does modern warfare 3 season 2 reloaded start?

When does modern warfare 3 season 2 reloaded start?

So first and foremost, when season 2 is reloaded, it all kicks off at one static time, according to the blog: 9:00 a. M pacific Time, 10 Mountain 11 Central noon Eastern, and then that equates to 5:00 p.

M in the UK. 600 p.m., in Berlin; 8:00 p.m., in Moscow; 2 a.m., in Soul; and 4:00 a.m., in Sydney. Hopefully, those can help you out. Not to list off every single time zone in the world, but if that Standard Pacific Eastern and UK time that is usually given doesn't necessarily help you too much, hopefully those other ones can help narrow it down for you, but it appears to also have on at least battl net once again a preload of sorts here for this.

Is there a pre-load for season 2 reloaded in modern warfare 3?

I saw some people downloading a new update. I booted up my PC, and with my audio updates on for Battl Net in the background. I now see that my game version says that the pre-released content is downloaded, so that was something we saw happen with season 2 as a launch there, but usually we'll also see some stuff about 24 hours out for PlayStation.

Upwards of 24 hours out, so sometimes it can be 24 exactly, sometimes it can be 12 hours, and sometimes it can be like 4 hours. I think season 2 most recently, the PlayStation preload went out like four or five hours early, so keep an eye out on that starting as of tomorrow. But let's.

The new weapons of season 2 reloaded in modern warfare 3

The new weapons of season 2 reloaded in modern warfare 3

Talk about the content here with this because we got a decent bit of content coming to multiplayer zombies in War Zone, some more than others, but let's talk about it for multiplayer. First, let's start out with something that's going to be universally applied across multiplayer zombies and War Zone new weaponry.

As we mentioned in yesterday's article, just a quick rehash, we end up seeing the S SOA subverter battle rifle that's going to come in a weekly challenge, and then it was confirmed also that the soul render melee weapon is indeed going to be a part of that battle pass classified sector that unlocks with the update, so you'll have a couple of challenges leading up to that, and then once you complete those, the soul render yours, so two new weapons here, one battle rifle.

call of duty modern warfare 3 season 2 reloaded

One melee, no surprise third one again, not quite surprised on that one, but I wouldn't have been mad if there was a surprise third one, but the SOA subverter and soul render are your weapons coming with the mid-season update, for map will have three air quotes. New maps; they're not really new, but they're alterations that I'm personally excited to play on and jump into.

The new maps in season 2 reloaded for modern warfare 3

First, Dos House Remastered is going to be coming here, which again is not a brand new map in terms of layout but in terms of basically everything else aesthetically. It will be this instead of being the White House training facility back from Vanguard; this is now going to instead be a penthouse apartment under construction, so it's also going to take place during the daytime, so it's going to be a lot more bright and vibrant in that sense.

You're not going to have too many dark shadows, perhaps traps, and you're also not going to have the destruction that you had in Vanguard. Just know that going in as well, we'll also see two additional variations for maps of airborne and skid grow coming at some point; these two unfortunately are not seemingly coming at launch directly on Wednesday but shortly thereafter as the season progresses.

But airborne and skidrow are going to be variations of terminal as well as skidrow. The Airborne variation being like a Spore in Zombie-infected terminal location, something that looks pretty cool, different Sky Box, different lighting, and different atmosphere. And then Skid Grow kind of just feels like an end-of-world version of Skidrow where foliage has overtaken urban environments and fits nicely into that Walking Dead crossover that we had advertised earlier in the season.

Some of the actual trailers and everything were on that, but these will be coming along in the vortex decay's realm in the game event playlist.

The new season 2 reloaded game modes in modern warfare 3

The new season 2 reloaded game modes in modern warfare 3

Again, later on in the season, for the modes, we'll have Bounty Jugger MOS and Vortex, kind of tying back into that Bounty is a TDM style mode but with an hvt. For each team, the player with the most kills will be designated as that HBT, so killing that HBT grants your team more points. Jugger MOS is going to be all-out Juggernaut combat in celebration of the Warhammer 40K crossover.

You got a battle for the ohk or one hit kill melee weapon that, being a chain sword in the center of the map, you can replenish armor from fallen enemies and more. That seems pretty interesting. Of course, it's going to be Juggernaut on Juggernaut on Juggernaut combat. They did mention that verticality is key, so you can do those sort of Juggernaut Stomps if you fall from a high enough distance; that'll be fun, and again, the vortex decays and the realm returns.

But the nice part about Vortex this time around is that you're not only going to see those new variations. Of course, airborne and skid grow, but you're also going to see those other returning ones from season 1 as well, so Satan's Quarry tetanus and spard are also going to be coming along with all of those there, so that'll be nice to see that sort of.

I guess, intermittently come back into the rotation. As I've mentioned before, I think it's awesome to see these variations. But it's kind of dumb if you end up having them for, like, a week or two weeks total and just never seeing them again, so it's nice to see these intermittently brought back here, maybe once or twice every single season, so you get to be able to play those again and they're not necessarily wasted in development time at.

The weekly challenges of season 2 reloaded in modern warfare 3

The weekly challenges of season 2 reloaded in modern warfare 3

That point is now beyond that for multiplayer, and we'll also see the weekly challenges continue where you have that chase for that end-of-season animated camo. You'll have two more aftermarket parts with the Jack backsaw kit for the Hoger 556 and the Jack Outlaw 277 kit coming, and it also sounds like we're going to have a new SMG blueprint in there as well for the HRM 99.

Season 2 Reloaded for Modern Warfare 3 is upcoming this week, starting on Wednesday and today we got it fully revealed so in this video we're going to be diving into everything you need to know about the upcoming seasonal content drop When it starts, pre-loads, multiplayer, Warzone and Zombies content.
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