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call of duty modern warfare 3

Ladies and gentlemen. This week we are getting season 2 reloaded for Modern Warfare 3. Zombies is a big update for zombies, as well as War Zone, and today we got the blog post information, as far as everything that is going to be going on within this update for each of those different modes and whatever you're going to be playing over the next month or so for the rest of season 2, so that is exactly what we're going to be looking at today, diving into that blog post and discussing everything that changed.

Keep in mind that these are not the patch notes. The patch notes will be released on Wednesday with the update. This is just everything new that is coming in the update, so not the nitty-gritty or weapon changes things along those lines, so without further ado Let's dive into the blog post, all right?

So starting out at the top, we see a new operator skin; we see the warm Hammer event that's going to be happening as well as zombies, so that'll come into play in a minute, but starting out with Modern Warfare 3, the content summary is a new remastered 6v6 multiplayer map, one of which is Doss House; we'll dive a little bit more into that in a second, a new mode called Bounty Jugger, which everyone plays as juggernauts.

call of duty modern warfare 3 season 2 reloaded

You can actually see that one there with the Warhammer skin, I believe, as well as the Vortex Decay realm, which is going to be the Vortex game mode that was added in but with new maps. So starting out, we have a DOS house here, so this is the same DOS house that was in Vanguard, but now it's on a roof like a high-rise, so pretty cool aesthetic.

It's a lot brighter. I think people are going to really like that. It's like the kind of small maps that they've been introducing season after season, and then we have the Decay realm. First off, the first map we have is based off of high-rise, but this one is called airborne, and as you can see, there's a virus that has taken over.

It looks very post-apocalyptic. I really like what they do with these, and I hope they introduce them into rotation in other modes like we've seen before, as well as skid growth. This one, in my opinion, is not quite as cool and kind of looks like the original map, just with some more vines on it, and then we have our new mode, so this one's called Bounty, and then we have Jugger Mosh as well, so Bounty.

call of duty mw3

It works in a way where, essentially, there's a high-value target that each team is enlisted to kill. That's what you're going after, Jugger M; everyone's a juggernaut. That's it then, of course, we have the Space Marines Tracer Pack, so this is going to play into the Warhammer 40K event that is going to be going on, and then we get into the Zombie Mission, so this is going to be the thing that I'm playing right away on Wednesday, and what we're getting with this is first of all new story missions, dark ether raids, batter warlord.

Cues, which is a new warlord, as well as new schematics. So there's a bunch of new content there that we're going to be able to go through, so let's go in a little bit more depth, starting out with the story Mission. The story continues for Operation Deadbolt in season 2, reloaded. The dark ether is closing in again and bringing new enemies with it.

It confronts the anomaly and enters the dark ether once more, so it's going to be in the dark ether like we have seen before. You're going to have to go through the portal this time. It's going to be something new. You're going to have some new enemies. Operation Deadbolt is tasked with investigating a new anomaly.

call of duty mw3 season 2 reloaded

In the next Modern Warfare Zombies Story Mission, keep in mind that these story missions are once again. I believe, going to be a part of season 4, or, sorry, act four, and not like a new act like Act Five, whose terminous outcomes are becoming bolder and have followed your squad into the dark ether.

Lean on your expert guide. Sergey Ranov, to assess the situation, defeat the mercenaries, and survive the dark ether. This time, there's also going to be mercenaries in there as well as zombies, so keep that in mind. After completing the new story mission, a fresh, dark ether Rift experience awaits.

Keep your eyes open, follow the cryptic clues, and complete timed tasks to unlock access to the rift gate. Once inside, complete challenges and survive to earn the coveted rewards. So this is going to work similar to The Gates that we saw before. There's going to be timed events that you have to do inside.

call of duty warzone

We also have our new warlord called Kiris, so she is going to be at the killhouse at the Orav military base. It's defended with soldiers, snipers, turret traps, and poison gas. I highly recommend using a gas mask. We have our new schematic; there's three of these. First off, we have the mags of holding, which makes it so that you don't have to reload, which is super cool and really overpowered.

We have the blood burner key, which actually gives you access to the blood burner bike right away, and the vr11 wonder weapon is getting a schematic as well. Next up, we are moving into the war zone, so starting out with the research vessel mobile POI, board the research vessel on Fortune and keep a new mobile POI circulating around the shoreline, so this is just on, of course.

cod mw3

Fortune, and there's a new clear streak that kills out buildings. It's essentially an air strike, but it literally decimates the entirety of the building, so if you're inside, it's going to push people out. I think that's a really cool addition. I don't know how overpowered it's going to be, and a new field upgrade that creates a safe zone in the gas with the portable decontamination station This is one that we have seen before within the war zone, so there really shouldn't be any surprises there.

So this is the new POI that we are seeing here; it's titled Research Vessel, and it's a boat. You go on the boat; it's a boat. I don't think I really need to say anything anymore. This is the new kill streak that we are seeing here; they are calling it The Bunker Buster, so again, it's like an air strike that also works inside the building as well, so you are not safe from this inside the building, and I really hope there's a good indicator that it is a bunker buster coming in and not just an air strike, but this is going to be very, very good at the endgame.

cod mw3 season 2 reloaded

If someone's camping out in a building, this is going to be an awesome thing to get them out, and of course we have a portable decontamination station. So you can survive in the gas, and you won't take any damage. What they do say about it is note that the duration of the field upgrade shortens after the sixth circle of gas, so in other words, they don't want people just sitting in these over and over again at the end game and surviving that way, so these are just going to work for a limited time after that sixth circle.

Today we take a look at everything we know is coming to Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 Reloaded. This includes all modes, Zombies, Warzone and Multiplayer. It includes new zombies missions, New Maps, New Weapons and more. I hope you enjoy.
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