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Mw3 ranked play mcw class setup

Mw3 ranked play mcw class setup

These are the top five metal weapons to use for Modare 3 range play in season 3, like And subscribe if you use these, and number one is the best MCW class that all pro players are using. We're going to start with the barrel, which is the 165 MCW Cyclone long barrel. This improves your bullet velocity range, aiming idle stability, and firing aim stability.

A lot of these will be very similar to what y'all have been building, with potentially some slight changes over here to the muzzle. We're going to choose the L4R flash hider, which improves The recoil control and gun kick control have only a slight reduction in the aim down sight speed, so that's why we're going to use this here in the underbarrel, where we use the DR6 hand stop for the aim walking speed and aim down sight speed.

This is all around the best underbarrel. I would maybe use the Phantom 5 if you're having trouble with recoil control, but once you get used to it, the DR6 is going to be worth it in the long run. Over here in the rear grip, we're going to use the claw, which helps even more with the firing aim. Gun kick control and recoil control are the only reductions in aiming idle sway, so this is the all-around best attachment that you can use on the MCW.

And over-touring optics: it's going to be a personal preference between the Mark III reflector and the Slate reflector; those are going to be your two most common options. I tend to stick to the Mark III reflector, and that's what a lot of people have stuck with up until this point, and that is your number one pro player, MCW. As a bonus, we're going to go over to the Renetti.

Mw3 ranked play renetti class setup

Mw3 ranked play renetti class setup

As the secondary, there are only two attachments on this one, which is why it's more of a bonus. We're going to use the short competition barrel to increase the movement speed with a reduction in recoil control. And then over to the rear grip, we're going to use the eclipser, grip for the movement speed, sprint to fire speed, and aim walking speed according to the pro gas.

These are the only two attachments that you can use. If you want to add more, you can, but the pistol feels just fine like this, and you won't make people mad at you, so I would tend to use this one. While we're here, we're going to go over tactical lethals, field upgrades, and perks.

Mw3 ranked play perks, field upgrades

Obviously, you have your stun grenades for your variant modes and then your smoke grenades for your search and destroy modes, so switch those out accordingly on the lethals; we only have frag and simx.

call of duty

I switch these up depending on strats and maps, but if you don't know particular nade spots, I would lean on the side of the Simex field upgrades. You should pretty much only be using the trophy system unless, for whatever reason, you're changing up your boots, and regardless, trophy systems are going to be way more impactful on the map, so I'd stick with those for gloves.

As of right now, I use Marksman in AR classes and Quick Rip in SMG. Classes season 3 is updating the gloves, so once those get tested, I'll be sure to update here on this channel. What the new meta becomes is that what they're doing in the update is improving the swap speed of the Quick Grip gloves, making ordinance gloves work with streaks; Commando gloves improve your sprint out speed; assault gloves improve your weapon handling; and Marksman gloves now fix sway as intended.

So for now, I'd still stick with Marksman on AR and Quick Grip on subtitles. However, be ready to change that depending on how substantial this update ends up being for the boots. It's pretty much either going to be covert sneakers or lightweight boots across the board the majority of the time. Even in variant modes, I would use covert sneakers just because you are so loud when you don't have them.

The season 3 update is also buffing the running sneakers to improve your tactical sprinting and the stalker boots to improve your aim-walking steadiness. Similarly, to the gloves. I would stick with the covert sneakers until we can fully test out which one is best, and I have great news for you in the gear category: stun grenades are being nerfed to where the slow effect for your aiming is being reduced, so at this point in time.

I wouldn't worry about adding a Tac mask to any of your classes. I would stick to EOD padding across the board, and of course, in ranks play, an infantry vest is your only option, so that's going to be your vest.

Mw3 ranked play rival 9 class setup

Mw3 ranked play rival 9 class setup

And now for class number two, we have the best rival 9 class that all the pros are using. Going over to the barrel, we're going to choose the Rival C clear shot barrel for the bullet velocity, aiming for auto sway damage range, with the only cons being sprint to fire speed movement speed, which we're going to help with a little bit later on the muzzle.

We're going to scroll over to the purifier and muzzle break, which help with horizontal recoil. This gun needs a lot of help with that, so that's very beneficial. Under the bar, we're going to the Dr. 6 hand stop, just like we used on the MCW. To help with that strafe speed, as well as the sprint to fire and aim-down sight speed, this gun very much needs to stay fast and active as an SMG.

Down to the rear grip, we're going to use the Rival Vice assault grip for that gun's kick control, firing stability, and recoil control, all things to help with the gun's recoil. And for the stock, we're going to go to the MTZ Marauder stock for even more help with the gun kick control, and that is the Pro Player Rival 9 class.

If you do have trouble with the recoil, one thing I would consider is going to the underbarrel. If you truly need a ton of help, I would switch to the Brew and heavy support grip, but I promise you, in the long term, you will be happy with the Dr.

Mw3 ranked play mcw class setup 2

Mw3 ranked play mcw class setup 2

6 you just have to get used to the recoil pattern, and that is it for the Pro Player Rival 9, and for class number three, we have the fast MCW. We're going to start with the same attachments as the previous MCW. The MCW Cyclone long barrel for the muzzle is where we're going to switch it up.

We're going with a built-in brake to improve the vertical recoil, firing stability, and gun kick control with reductions in horizontal recoil and bullet velocity. The reason we're doing this one instead of the l4r that we did earlier is that this one slows down the aim-down sight speed, and the goal of this class is to be as fast as possible going to the underbarrel, the same dr6 from earlier.

The reason we're doing that is, like we were mentioning, ad speed. Sprint to fire speed. This one's all about quickness for the optic. With the same options as earlier, I'm sticking with a Mark III, and for the rear grip, this is where we're going with a rapid strike grip for sprint to fire and aim down sight speed.

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