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best mw3 class setups

All right yo what's good hot peppers so today we are at a different setup but we're going to be covering the best five class setups that you should be using on Modern Warfare 3 a lot of these classes or a lot of these sers a lot of people are using so you want to be able to make sure that you're keeping up with the meta and of course using the best attachments, so as you can see the first sniper class we're going to be going over at least in my opinion I think this is the fifth one out of the five snipers that will be listed is the cat AMR now before we get into it we're going to go over the perks the Tactical lethal and all that stuff really comes down to personal preference depending on you're playing s to destroy or respawn I think you guys already know the perks, but this is my favorite one to use infantry vest marks and gloves for you know reduced Flinch Cobra Sinker so no one can hear me and then EOD padding because I'm tired of getting Ned all the damn time and honestly.

Tac mask kind of just doesn't really do much if I'm going to be honest with you guys all right so anyways now moving on to the cad AMR we're going to tune this based off of if you're playing snd or if you're playing respawn so the first attachment, this is a no-brainer, tactical stock pad increase that ads speed go over to the bolt slap on the, quick bolt on this.

best mw3 sniper class setups

You're going to be shooting pretty slow with it and even in Search and even in respawn you're going to want to be able to shoot as fast as possible you want to make sure that you can rechamber, quick enough in case if you do miss a bullet or if there's another enemy that you need to be concerned about so now moving on to the third attachment is the fatom grip these are the three main attachments you should be using if you're playing either respawn or Search and Destroy now the next two are going to be depending on if you're going to play respawn, or search so if you're playing respawn, is going to be the seven round mag if you want to go for Clips, stuff like that now if you're doing a swap class sure you can take out the seven round mag and maybe put on like the five whatever and just change it out with a laser or an optic or even the barrel so this all could really depending, on if you want the laser you want to be able to show yourself but me personally I like the sun round mag.

And I don't really use a swap class that often, so I'm going to put on the SPX scope on the camera. That's me i feel like the scope or the default scope is something I personally don't like. I don't feel like zooming in that much is so necessary, and the SPX allows me to zoom out at a fairly decent range, and if you're not a fan of that, let's say you do like the regular scope and you want to be able to increase your ads.

best sniper class setups

By all means, rock the razor-hawk laser light. If you don't have that unlocked FSS or laser, I don't recommend running the short barrel just because you're going to have a barely increase in your ad speed and your Sprints fire speed. I mean, it's a lot, but you're probably going to be ading more than Sprint's fire ads if that makes sense, and now for the second.

I would simply take out the seven-round mag and put it on the short barrel. I know I mentioned earlier that I personally don't like it because it's unnecessary, but since you're playing search, you're going to be showing your laser quite a lot either, or you can kind of go back and forth between them.

I mean, spr fire speed is still helpful; don't get me wrong, so you can definitely rock this for snd. All right now, moving on to the fourth sniper, which is the intervention, it's called the FJX Imperium. If you have the bundle, in my case, I'm using a friend's account, and we don't have it unlocked, so as you can see here, there are boom, available blueprints.

best sniper loadouts

If you wanted it to sound like the intervention from OG Modern Warfare 2, you had to use the bundle. Back in action, it should be in the store. Let's go over the available blueprints. But again, since we don't have it, I'm just going to slap on the attachments for you guys. The first attachment you're going to want to rock is the FJX blast.

call of duty

The second attachment will be the skull-40 grip. Now this has an 8%. This has a 2% increase, not much of a difference there but if you want to rock the high graen round accordingly this will help out with triple cats if you want to hit like you know collaterals and stuff like that, use a high grain round but if that's not a concern for you feel like you're getting collaterals or triple collaps or whatever by all means you can rock our laser the Cima laser light this will increase the ads speed by a lot like you will be able to quick so by it's OG one off two type of thing and there's no really point in having the attack command I mean this is only a 1% increase, it's pretty much pointless on the ads so if I was you guys I would either rocked the carry handle laser or the ammunition but of course for my class setup I was rocking the high green rounds for the intervention, now if you're going to be doing snd.

Take off the S-round mag because you don't need that, and then you can also keep the high-grain round in case you want to, you know, have collaterals or maybe just the higher damage okay, so for the fifth attachment for snd definitely you could rock a fuel-wrap handle, crease that adp by 2%, not much of an increase there, but you can do the fgx Lux 7 if you want to have some movement.

call of duty modern warfare 3

I know some moving demons out there, and I want to be able to run around with the sniper, so by all means tune it to your own preference. Even if I were playing Ser Destroyer, I would actually keep the seven rounds, but that's just me now moving on to the third sniper, if you can take a guess. It's going to be the xrk stalker now this sniper honestly it is just absolutely, beautifully perfect it's one of my favorite snipers in the game but there's two other snipers that definitely can outshine it in ways that the xrk would not be able to keep up unless you're just naturally talented now the xrk, there's going to be three to four attachments you need to rock on for this sniper if you're going to be rocking for snd or respawn first attachment you're going to want to rock is the no stock attachment you guys remember that attachment was not available back when the xrk first came out and then your second attachment is the xrk Stocker lightbolt this will make a dramatic nice difference in you being able to shoot quick again now your third attachment you're going to want to slap on the xrc stalker Factory grip those are the three main attachments, now moving on to the next.

Top 5 SNIPER Class SetupsLoadouts in MW3 for Season 2! Best Class Setups for Katt AMR, FJX Imperium, XRK Stalker, SP-X 80, Longbow.
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