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Ranked play mw3 sub base god spots

Ranked play mw3 sub base god spots

Here's how to instantly improve a model for 3 with four secret tips. If you're trying to block the spawns towards P4 or work towards P2, you can hop on these cranes right here. The easiest way to do so is from the top of the actual sub. You jump, and then you land on this side of it. Of course, like I showed you earlier, you can jump on this as well, just a good off-angle to hold the entire flank.

If you angle yourself right, you can see all the river push as well as the deep right towards P2. If you're somebody who likes to hold, that spawns way back here during P4. You should know that in this specific spot of the great, if you crouch and slowly move left and right, you'll see my body sink further and further into the floor; if you find just the right height, you'll have a nasty angle towards Olive River, which is of course a way deeper head glitch than it would be normally; and also, if the fence isn't in your way, there's a ton of quick ways to get up top third.

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One of my favorites off break is to follow this railing and then jump up here. You can also jump from this marker here onto the railing, and then you're up to the top three. Also, from the stairs, you can jump out to the left and mantle that. This way, if you're back in P2, you can actually use this railing as a means to jump, mantle here, and then jump up to the top third.

Another great spot closer to P1 and Maze is this lip right here. You kind of have to jump from the railing and hold this nasty head glitch that can watch over the top server. All love top snow. You can even crawl down to look at the maze. It's a little bit tricky to stand back up, but you have to step further away from the ledge just to walk.

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Before you can stand all the way up and on the exact other side is another means of getting to Top Cat you jump on this generator before hopping up top, and then you're here this is a lot less exposed than having to use this method to go up to top and it also saves you from having to use the cat steps a nice Counter Head glitch for anybody that's playing back there like we said earlier, is to jump on the AC's right here, before fully checking the back this way and here back over to P2 these steps are a really great way for you to check both the top window as well as the P2 plat rush so don't be afraid to sit here during P2 and just have a teammate soaking time you should know that you can hop on top of this railing, as another means of checking top window and top plat only problem with this one is that You're vulnerable to anybody that is up top snow heady further back into P2 you can actually jump on top of this what it requires is walking up to the right side you'll see your body lift up just a little bit jump again and you'll catch a ledge.


And then jump again. You'll mantle into the box. You can crop here and watch the full flank. This way, you can also jump on this generator, across to those lights, and even play that corner over there. Not all of these are necessarily practical in the game, but there are definitely ways that you can throw your opponents off.

Because nobody's going to be checking for you here, you can also jump on these lights. Here's just a bunch of different off-angles and a bunch of different parking spots. Actually, in this part of the map, you can also go along this entire ledge and then play the corner. That way, you have to jump from the forklift, but once you do, you can run all the way along this line.

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Let me do that again, but not mess it up this time, all the way along this line, and then jump onto the light post this way then you can turn around and hold flank like so, you can also do that same rout but opposite and then end up back on the box that we were talking about earlier there's some cool finess routs that you can take from Top Garage and Top Snow you can jump from here all the way over to the garage windows what that looks like you have to line it up just right to avoid this corner but once you do, you'll catch the ledge like that and climb right up to Top Garage you can do the same thing but opposite as well.

To mantle your way up to top snow if you're trying to do the jump from bottom garage up towards top snow instead of having to go this way that takes that long mantle animation to get up top, what we can do is first hop on the pipe here and then you'll short mantle your way up top to then continue flanking up towards top snow back here towards P3, a lot of people don't know you can hop in this fenced area use it to jump on top of this red thing where you can turn around watch the deep push as well as helping out any teammates that might be on the hill time and if you want to watch the Deep push through you can do that on this ledge here.

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By jumping up and then crouching and looking between the wall and the forklift for any finesse routes back here. I wouldn't really recommend the water just because the only way up is that ladder and the boat over there. I would first jump on this ledge, and then you can walk along the railings here before flanking the back.

Another great spot for watching the Deep Right is if you walk directly up to these green crates; it gives you a nice head glitch that looks over everything here, and there's a lot of great ways to finesse around this box. You can stand for this head glitch and crop it as well if you're looking from this side.

Also, if you're trying to push from the right towards the hill on the left, you can jump up here and climb the crate. If you get closer, you can crouch as well. And shoot towards anybody on the hill here in bottom server, while going up these steps there's just enough of this ledge right here that allows you to climb and mantle this window so instead of going the predictable route if you're going top server just up these stairs what I would do pretty much every time, is Catch that lip jump over towards the left and then you're up here so much faster and at a safer angle in case people are trying to watch the top server Rush from here if you break out these windows you can Crouch along this ledge and look over all of mid top third maze it's a great spot for P1 or trying to catch anybody, rotating through mid on any of the hills on this map you should also note that this ledge is able to be mantled.

And it's a great way to push through snow. Basically, this map is all about power positions. So the faster that you know how to get to those power positions, the more beneficial you'll be to your team.

Ranked play mw3 nade spots sub base

Ranked play mw3 nade spots sub base

Tip number two is nade spots. This map has so many power positions, so we're going to go over nade spots for all of those. The first one is top snow. If you're working your way up towards the top third from the staircase while you're safe, you can aim it up towards the crane jump and send it.

MW3 Ranked Play How to Get Better in MW3 Ranked Play, get ready for modern warfare 3 ranked play TODAY with best MW3 Ranked Play Gods Spots Sub Base, Sub Base Nade Spots, and MW3 Ranked Play Sub Base Callouts. Hope you enjoy! Call of Duty Modern Warfare III.
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