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Modern Warfare 3 season 3 is here today, and with it comes a host of new content, but more importantly to this article, a bunch of gameplay changes and balancing. We've already talked predominantly about the content upcoming, from multiplayer weapons and maps to the new editions in season 3 of War Zone with Rebirth Island and Beyond, but today I want to take a look at everything that this update has.

Modern warfare 3 weapon tuning in season 3

Modern warfare 3 weapon tuning in season 3

We'll do this both for MP and War Zone tuning since there's a lot of values and specific information, but it slowed down the process quite a bit to read off every single item and specific value of what was changed, so let's jump into it. First, in the rifle category, we saw four weapons adjusted here, all of which were Nerfs.

For these weapons, the Rams 7 saw a decrease in the neck multiplier. The hogar 556 saw a decrease in the upper leg, lower leg, and foot damage multipliers, requiring this now to land shots above the waist for a four-shot kill of the MCW. It actually saw a decrease to that headshot damage multiplier, which on paper seems kind of significant because headshots were already huge in making the MCW a very good weapon in all engagements, so nerfing the Jack of all trades weapon is an interesting move for sure that takes that four shot with one head shot out of the equation, and then finally the DG 56 Sun increased the sprint of fire time.

call of duty modern warfare 3 update

Now one big thing you'll notice with these patch notes in particular between Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone is the noted Sprint to Fire and ads. Time not speed if it was speed then you'd see an increase to the Sprint to fire speed that would be a buff making it faster, however if you increase that time it's a Nerf it means it takes longer to end up getting into that fire position the ability to fire after sprinting, and it takes longer to aim down sight so just bear that in mind that's going to be a key part here to a lot of these values that are tuned throughout all of these but anyways moving on to the battle rifles the SOA subverter saw a Nerf across the two values of Sprint to fire time and ads, time the bass B sought both a decrease to the rate of fire and a decrease to The Recoil Center speed but the Jack outlock kit saw a few additional Nerfs in that Sprint of fire time and ads time, but it did decrease the aim down sight rate of fire penalty, and increased the medium damage and minimum damage so a little bit of a mixed bag here at that Jack outlaw 277.

call of duty warzone season 3

Kit The Sidewinder saw a buff where it decrease the Sprint to fire time and increase the bullet velocity, kind of substantially on that so they keep trying to make the Sidewinder work here maybe one day we'll see it actually be a viable choice but for right now we'll see where that leads us into season 3 on paper it's a nice buff but whether or not that actually breaks it into being usable, well we'll see anyways the SMGs the ram 9 we saw a decrease to the Sprint to fire time a buff there the amr9, saw the same thing a buff the Rival 9 saw handful of Nerfs were it increase the Sprint to fire time decrease the near to medium damage medium damage and lower torso lower arm and hand damage multipliers the HRM 9 Striker 9 Striker, wsp 9 and wsp swarm.

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All had an increase to that sprint to fire time again, a buff on that, making it a little slower to draw. The only adjustment to the shotgun was adding the Long Haul 50 and Wolf Call 300 muzzle attachments to the Modern Warfare 3 shotgun, so that one, I'd say, is neutral. It's just a change in something that was added, but it doesn't affect anything in particular.

In terms of base weaponry, the lmgs were the tack of Valvare Saw Nerfs, where it increased the sprint to fire and aim down sight time and also decreased the neck damage multiplier and decreased rate of fire for the 762 and 556 belt magazines, and the Bruin saw decreased the aim down sight time, just making it a little bit snappier.

The r mg from Modern Warfare 2 saw Nerfs to the Sprint to Fire and aim down sight times but increases in Buffs to the neck damage multiplier upper torso damage multiplier and leg and foot damage multipliers, marksman rifles and sniper rifles basically got Nerfs across the board nothing really positive here out of these ones the MTZ Interceptor saw decreases to handful of those damage values plus increase the aim down sight time just making it slower overall, and then the snipers are the xrk stalker KV inhibitor and SPX 80 saw increases that aim down sight time while the SPX 80 ended up getting an increase to the Sprint to fire time as well the handguns of the tier and the wsp singer saw a little bit of a buff but those were more so attachment based the snake shot ammunition getting an increase the minimum damage range.

Modern warfare 3 gameplay changes in season 3

Modern warfare 3 gameplay changes in season 3

Which is interesting and the akimbo wsp Stinger saw an increase to the rate of fire now additional things in regards to Modern Warfare 3 outside of just those weapon tuning values, we actually saw a little bit in regards to gameplay changes for, perks, equipment and a couple of other things at its base one thing that you'll see not only just in Modern Warfare 3 but also carried over into war zone is some additional ads idle sway adjustments here allowing for more predictability, in sway pattern we saw some season 2 introduce a bunch of those changes here but it's continuing and building on that so it should be a bit more precise a bit easier to control and honestly just not as annoying if you're looking down your scope and just seeing that sway back and forth but one of the big things is that it decreased obstructive VFX, while firing MW2 weapons to align with the MW3 standards.

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That's what they say in the patch notes, but in a call with some of the developers here, basically, that comes down to. Hey, we're removing more of that muzzle flash, so that's definitely nice here for whatever reason. Infinity War just had this affinity for insane muzzle flash that was just insanely intrusive into your gameplay experience that you couldn't see.

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