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act iv story countermeasures in mw3 zombies

All right So basically, we jump into this season to reload, and I got to say, man, I'm absolutely impressed with this new map, the new dark ether. The new Rift environment is absolutely beautiful now. When I say this space, it is actually way better than the original dark ether because of all the castles and everything like that.

So right here we got the blood burner key, and we got the drum and cup, which I believe is going to be the item to actually unlock the dark ether permanently. So this is a new act four story mission and kind of measure, so we're going to be heading to the new dark ether, which you guys saw in the beginning of the article.

We're not going to show any games in the red zone, so stay with me right here, you guys. So first things first, we're going to get a dog because we need the dog because he's going to work as a decoy. Also, we're going to go ahead and pack-a-punch our weapon to level three, so if you guys see the pack-a-punch machine on this side of the building, pretty much just glide to the outside of the map and then climb up, and pretty much you'll be able to get there and avoid every single zombie.

blood burner key

Now, basically, the reason I like bringing the dog is that if you guys don't have the dog bone or the dog schematic or anything like that, basically go ahead and get the chunks of flesh. By the way, look at this man; we actually got a bounty right before we actually headed to the dark ether. It was a mega abomination, and he was right here by the new storm by the new Rift that you're going to be going for the permanently dark ether, so the crazy thing about this mega abomination man I just cannot believe that he was over there the rift dropped right in front of me when I threw the thermite and then I almost burned myself but anyway man so right here we're going to be heading to the new, dark ether Story Mission this is the mission you're going to be doing now right here obviously this gu actually sent me an invite I did join them now I'm going to go ahead and mention that if you are going to be doing this solo is a few things that you guys do need to bring Wish by the way I will be dropping another article doing, more in depth or you know tips and tricks on how to actually complete this Mission solo but on this game play right here I'm going to show you guys pretty much the whole story Mission how do you complete it.

call of duty modern warfare 3 zombies

Solo or with somebody. And it's pretty simple, but later on there will be a few challenges if you're doing this solo, but if you guys just see this game play, you can kind of see how it's possible to still do a solo, so first things first, man. I'm just impressed with this mode. I'm just impressed; with the whole area, it's pretty much lower level, and it's not, you know, climbing and being inside buildings like the other ones, so this one is going to give you a better chance to actually stay alive, so I'm assuming once you unlock the main door for this area, you're going to see a lot more zombies than what we see right now.


Obviously, since we're doing the story, it's going to be easy at first, but you guys are about to see how crazy this is going to get. But first things first, when you come in here, follow that symbol once you go to that symbol. Just activate the contract; that's pretty much all you're doing, which, by the way, the guys I'm playing with pretty much picked out of the contract, and now all you have to do is escort the ACV.

By the way, the main thing is that if you're doing a solo, I would just put a sentry gun or two in, so bring a sentry gun. Another thing I want to go ahead and mention is that I was just looting. You know, I try to go through different buildings just to see if I see anything. Do not waste your time, you guys; you're not going to see anything.

Right here on the story Mission, you probably will see something that wants you to unlock the actual, you know, dark ether area, but as far as the story Mission, you're not going to see that much stuff on the buildings. This device is right here. Once you do this, this mimic comes out, and I was just like, It's actually cool, so right here we're going to go ahead and shoot it down, and we actually defeat him.

dark aether

One thing I will say is that if you're doing this solo, doing it with a group is going to be a lot easier, so all I'm saying is that if you're going to do a solo. I do recommend you running the WSP Swarm, especially once you get to the end. I'm not going to spoil you guys because it is going to be a boss at the end, obviously.

That's how you get the drop, but having 200 rounds on this weapon when that boss is constantly coming at you. Having this W SP SW with 200 rounds and 400 rounds on each man comes in handy, so definitely have this weapon and also make sure you guys have these perks specifically. We're talking about the de-out for that critical hit damage to the dragon for extra health, and then you're going to have speed cola to be able to reload, stamina to be able to run fast, and then obviously Tombstone just in case you die, so this is the only reason why I like running these perks specifically.

dark aether tips

And again I would recommend, as far as the ammo mod and she have the brain Rod because that one's going to give you the extra zombie if you shoot a zombie or if you shoot a dog or any kind of you know enemy you're going to have somebody as decoy once again so okay so now we get into a serious thing right here so once you come in here you guys you're going to have to do this infested stronghold which is absolutely, huge this is one of the biggest infested stronghold that I've seen now I will mention that if you're doing this infested stronghold by yourself is definitely going to be challenging but still possible to do now what I would recommend is doing the top floor and then right after that do the bottom floor now you're going to have to go through every single store every single room because.


I don't know if this you know egg or whatever you call them, are going to be like on the same spot they might rotate I'm not sure but all I know is that it's so many and they all hiding in different location that you're going to find, yourself in here actually being in this area a lot longer than what you think and you don't want to die so if you can have a extra mask or at least bring a durable mask it would definitely help you out now as you can see right here this mask right here switches from green to durable so I think you got to time it to as soon as it turn purple you can go and pick it up now I was standing there it was not switching for me but for a split second, it does look like it was switching so I'm not sure that's a glitch or that's supposed to happen again doing this solo.

How to Complete The New Act IV Story Countermeasures in MW3 Zombies. Today we going to be looking at How to Complete The New Act IV Story Countermeasures in MW3 Zombies for the Season 2 reloaded . I appreciate all the support lately. Thanks everyone.
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