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Mw3 multiplayer season 2 reloaded content

Mw3 multiplayer season 2 reloaded content

Welcome back to a brand new article. Today we got our season 2 reloaded blog post, and that's what I'm covering here on the channel. Also, expect another article to go up later today. The first thing that the blog post goes over is the new remastered 6v6 map, and that is going to be Do's house. They provide a new photo that we haven't yet seen, and that's pretty straightforward information.

We already knew about this, but the next thing we have is a new playlist and map variance. This is going to be the Vortex Decay Rum Limited Time Mode. They provide a brand new photo. This showcase is one of the opera skins we've seen in the past; it looks like it's Satan's Quarry, the same map we've had in the past, but this is just a new marketing photo.


It says the eldri, realm within the vortex, expands with the addition of airborne, skid grows alongside tetanus spard, and Satan's Quarry drops into the Vortex Decay rum playlist to compete on the new map variance across TDM. Domination kill confirmed and a hardpoint look for the vortex Decay rum in-game event arriving later in the mid-season and detailed under the new weekly challenges and events near the end of this article, and then they mention the new map Airborne, they showcase a different set of photos, and this is going to be the remastered version of Terminal.

And then they show Skid Grow different angles of that as well, and that's going to be the remastered version of Skid Row. Those are the new maps that we will be receiving after jumping into the new modes. The first one is called Bounty, and it says you face off against enemies in TDM-style mode, where players have unlimited lives.

cod mw3 season 2 reloaded

The first team to reach the elimination-based score limit will win, and Bounty, however, the biggest layer on each team will be designated as a high value. Target, the high-value target on each team, carries a flag that is highlighted for all to see and awards extra points when you eliminate them, and then the photo that they showcase right here is just an example of that, and that's a brand new operator skin that's going to be coming in.

Then we have Jugger MH, and they provide a photo of Warhammer 40K, so as we predicted, this is definitely going to have to do with the Warhammer crossover. It has a pretty long description; it says prepare for heavy combat as players Slug It Out as imposing juggernauts class in Space Marine skins inspired by Warhammer 40K, fully viewable in third-person perspective for the entire match occurring across Kil confirmed in Domination modes.

When a match begins, you drop an ultramarine-inspired Juggernaut clad in Ultram Mars Vengeance, power armor, or as a blood Angel Space Marine in case in balls wrath power armor. This armor skin offers the same capabilities as Juggernaut Recon Killstreak, and every player comes equipped with these ornate and advanced protective suits.

You're here to battle for possession of the OHK. The one hit-kill melee weapon, which they have confirmed, is the chain sword in the center of the map. Grab armor from fallen enemies, pass back up, and aim for the head to inflict even greater damage. In this mode, all players will display a health bar over their heads, so you can better coordinate with your teammates to focus fire on the weakest link in the fight and use height to your advantage.

Millennium the Fearsome Space Marines of the Warhammer. Universe are ideally suited to stand toe-to-toe with multiple juggernauts. Players who purchase the Tracer Pack Space Marine bundle will receive the Ultramar. Vengeance, and Ultramar balls. Wrath Blood Angel Recon Juggernaut suits, and killstreak skins permanently as a part of the offering.

So in this limited-time mode, you get to play with these Juggernaut skins for free, but if you want to keep them forever, you will need to purchase this bundle. It'll include two Juggernaut skins as well as two operator skins. The operator skins are the ones without the masks on, and the bigger ones are the Juggernaut skins with the RI shield and stuff.

New zombies season 2 reloaded content update

New zombies season 2 reloaded content update

Going on to the zombie side of things, it says right here. New Story Mission, they provide some photos; they also did provide a trailer, which we'll talk about later on, but this is what they showcase for these photos, and it says the story continues for Operation Dead Bull in the reloaded update.

The dark ether is closing in again, bringing new enemies with the ability to confront the anomaly and enter the dark ether once more. Operation Dead Bull is tasked with investigating the new Aly in the next zombie story, Mission Terminus, who is becoming Boulder and has followed your squad into the dark ether.

Lean on your expert guide. Raven is off to assess the situation. Defeat the mercenaries and survive the dark ether, and then they provide once again. Yet another photo. You can clearly see that this is a portion of Al Mazra pretty much remastered. They said that after completing the new story mission, a fresh, dark Rift experience awaits.

cod warhammer event

Keep your eyes open, follow the cryptic clues, and complete the time task to unlock access to the river gate. Once inside, complete challenges and survive to earn coveted rewards like the blood burner key and more. Then we jump into the new warlord, which is Carries. They provided another photo.

They set up a deadly and elusive chemical warfare specialist. Carries is set to challenge even the most prepared squad. Those brave enough to face her will find her in the killhouse at the Orw military base. Come prepared and approach with extreme caution. Expect her fortress to be well defended by soldiers; snipers, turrets, traps, poison gas grenades, and gas masks are highly recommended.

The fortress is only the first hurdle inside a new gas compound spread throughout the facility that disrupts multiple sensors and thermal weapons. Scopes, once it's time to face carries, be ready to engage not only against her load of ballistic weapons but also her signature poisonous smoke screen and other bioweapons.

Then they talk about the new schematics and provide new photos. The first one is the mags of holding; they don't show a photo. In this one, it says skip the reload and pull ammo directly from your weapon ammo stats so you can keep pumping out damage without needing to stop and fill up again, and then you have the blood burner key, with which the key just activates and brings the car to you or the motorcycle to you, and then you have the vr11, wonder weapon, and that's pretty straight forward.

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