News - Activision Is Killing Their Own Hype Yet Again. Warzone 2


It's probably the biggest update we've had in the War Zone era. All that being said, the hype has not really been there for season 3's multiplayer. I mean, people are excited about War Zone because, of course. All the comments basically looked like this: Imagine how well the game would be doing if they ditched engagement-optimized matchmaking.

What's that matchmaking is still the same, so nothing of value was added to the SL change. It's sad that the extra effort from the developers is completely pointless. With SCAS matchmaking in the game, who cares about matchmaking being totally Modern Warfare 3 could be the top five cods of all time if it weren't for the awful matchmaking, so on and so forth.

That's nothing new; we've talked about that to death here on the channel. It's one of those things where skill-based matchmaking is so prevalent that it could be the topic of virtually every single article I make, but I try not to make every single article about our skill-based matchmaking. But I think the proof is in the pudding when it comes to the player count.

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We got that report from Charlie Intel recently saying that player counts are up for Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone as compared to Modern Warfare 2 last year, but looking at Steam charts, which is the only verifiable way we can look at any sort of player count, it looks like the player count has gone down consistently every single month since December, which makes a lot of sense.

I mean, that's when the game first comes out; that's when the hype cycle is at its peak, and then in January. February, and March, you know, we're talking season 1 and season 2 things like that aren't as crazy. As for the initial launch of the game, well, in season 3, they really seem to be trying, so it's definitely good news.

Overall, it's good news that they're trying to add a lot more to the Cod multiplayer experience. Typically, everything is all about War Zone, but getting six maps and then four guns, new perks, and things like that is going to shake up the Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer. It's going to make it more interesting for the people that are actually sticking around and playing, but for other people, they're just kind of done with Modern Warfare 3.

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I know a lot of people, including myself. I'm not playing as much as I used to, that's for sure. I mean. I cover the news. I cover the updates. I cover everything, but I'll tell you what, man, after getting Interstellar and then going through season 1, you know, halfway through season 2. I just kind of got bored, if that makes any sense, like I don't really feel like I have much to really grind for or work towards.

Within Modern Warfare 3, basically. I just go in and try to experience the new guns and the new maps, and then I have to deal with the matchmaking system, and then after like half an hour or maybe an hour of playing. I just feel tired. Does anyone else get that? I'm mentally exhausted dealing with the matchmaking and cod, and I go play a more relaxed game.

You know, I do like the weekly challenges. Having all that is fantastic, and the camo reward for season 2 is actually pretty good. The aftermarket parts are kind of hit or miss depending on which ones are good and which ones are bad, but having that stuff in the game is cool. I do enjoy that aspect of it, but then it really comes down to.

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I play just enough to do the challenges and unlock the content, and then I don't ever actually want to play with the content because then I have to go deal with the matchmaking even more, which sometimes honestly is okay, like not every single match is as sweaty and crazy as humanly possible, like the other day I was playing my first match and every person on the other team was using an MCW, or the Rival 9, like we're playing the Vortex playlist.

We're crying out loud, and everybody is just slide-cancelling bunny hopping around with the two best guns in the game, like it's freaking ranked play. I literally just left. I don't know about you guys; like, stats have been thrown out the window. For me and Cod, I don't care anymore. If I get into a lobby and the other team's really sweaty and my team isn't as sweaty as theirs, why sit there and fight it?

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I just leave, which is kind of funny because, again, they had that entire thing, like, cooperate, your teammates, you'll win more games. Nobody actually cares about doing that anymore, and it's your fault. You're the reason why people don't care anymore because they know the matchmaking is rigged against us, so at that point, if you get into a super sweaty Lobby, just dip on out, and they're even talking about in their skill-based matchmaking blog post about how it's bad when people back out of Lobbies how it messes up the matchmaking and it ruins the experience for other players, which is why they put skill-based matchmaking in the first place.

What about decent people? What about above-average players who are just tired of having to sweat every single game? We backed out too. Where's the matchmaking algorithm for us? We're the people who are actually backing out more. Like those lower-skilled players, they probably don't give a [__]] anymore because the matchmaking caters to them so heavily, so they're not the ones backing out nowadays.

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It's that you're above average for good players who are backing out of matches because the matchmaking is specifically designed to screw them over. Right, where's our matchmaking update? Where's our protected bracket activation? I don't see any of that stuff happening, but you know. I back out of that super sweaty match for my very next match, which I used the footage of in my last article, but my very next match is as simple and easy as can be.

They must have realized something like. Man, he's going to keep backing out until he has some fun, so I guess we might as well put him into a normal lobby where he can run around with this goofy blueprint for the M4 and try and get footage for his article, like this match was super chill. The people on the other team weren't that good.

The people on my team weren't that good. I mean, look at the score right here. Like have the carry and we're barely even winning, and we end up losing. It was just ridiculous. New levels, new challenges, battle passes, all that crazy stuff, bringing back things like the Aikimbo models as an aftermarket part, like they're doing a lot with season 3, they really are.

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But a lot of that just gets crushed by the matchmaking within Cod, and a lot of the hype definitely gets crushed by the matchmaking in COD, to the point where I'm not even sure how many people are actually excited about season 3 because they know, yes, there are new maps they may want to play on, and there's going to be a couple new guns bringing back the Moors sniper rifle, for example, from advanced warfare.

One of the biggest updates ever is coming, but the hype isn't quite there thanks to Activision.
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