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Story breakdown part 1

Story breakdown part 1

You've got some explaining to do. Or someone close to him is continuing his legacy, and he or someone close to him still holds very high standing in the US government. Jansen then immediately seeks to help Renov stitch up his arm, and while this could simply be an app ploy to stay in his good graces.

act 4 cutscene

I think it more so showcases to the audience that while she is untrusting of him and is upset about being kept in the dark about everything, she still cares about him on some level and in this situation. That she has been put into that he is one of the only people she can actually view as an ally you have to keep in mind that whilst deadbolt is our protagonist faction in Modern Warfare Zombies Jansen is still technically in custody here meaning she doesn't really have anyone she can outright trust, this is the CIA we're talking about after all whil jnon continues to men Reno's arm he begins to flip through the tablet at which point she addresses him directly stating that he was a part of reum to which he responds yes Janson continues to press for answers asking what exactly happened to them renov responds recounting the events of forsaken which saw Maxis, head back into the dark ether sacrificing herself to save everyone as she trapped The Forsaken in the containment chamber and renov explains how the group planned to save her he then drops a bombshell by revealing that recum had actually all failed to save her obviously this has huge implications for COD 2024.

Black Ops go of War Zombies as it seems to be direct confirmation of a major potential story beat in that game that probably by the end of that story line they all perish. Sacrificing their souls to these ethereum canisters that we see in the underground bunker underneath the hotel in Zakhan, that we see in the Modern Warfare Zombies intro cutscene, but this information also carries implications for the current game as well, especially with everything we've heard thus far with the entity.

black ops gulf war zombies

Obviously, we already had a connection between the two VI items we collected in season 1's main quest, for example, not so Fluffy's color, which is Samantha Max's dog, but now we have an even greater connection as it seems like the entity itself, which many have speculated could be Samantha Maxis. May at the very least be directly related to her.

call of duty

I've speculated in private articles as well that the entity could be a reflection of Ava Johnson herself, but what if this entity isn't exactly one person, but it's some sort of culmination? Of many that's always a possibility as well it could be the dark ether taking influence and cloning elements from different people such as Samantha and AA who knows all speculation, here this is particularly interesting when considering all the connections we also have between the entity and Jansen with her having dreams of the entity since she was a child judging by her age this roughly would have been around the time of when GF war zombies takes place in the '90s or just after this also calls into question janson's involvement in all of this how is it that someone with all of these outside connections to The Entity, has by coincidence fallen into the situation that she has and ended up intertwined with deadbolts it really reinforces, the idea of shady of forces like that of Eddie or possibly even Samuel.

His son was at play, sort of guiding all of the pieces into place like a massive game of chess. There were seemingly so many years ago that we keep seeing them pop up in the story of modern warfare zombies. It seems to imply that the rec room heads are playing a much bigger role here than we currently realize, that despite being dead, they've caused a massive ripple effect, whether this means they may be incorporated in the story in the future, whether those ethereum can have some sort of bigger importance in terms of Rick Tof's plan, something to do with Project Janis, or maybe recum could be resurrected in the future, or something, after all, if Rick Toffen was successful in resurrecting his son Samuel, who could have potentially.

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Ravenov has been watching ava since childhood.

Ravenov has been watching ava since childhood.

This isn't even the first time Renov's age has been called into question, as in numerous radios, even going back as far as pre-season. Deadbol members made note that they couldn't figure out how old he was and how strange it was overall, and this likely has big implications. Why is Renov not aging properly?

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