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We are just over 24 hours into season 2 reloaded for Modern Warfare zombies, and not only did we already open the new Easter egg dark ether Rift for the sigils and Elder sigils, but I just figured out a method to keep your tombstone. While going into the dark ether, there's a bunch of benefits that come with that.

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Dam Mods has a five-star rating with thousands of reviews. Now you're only going to need a couple things: a sigil or an elder sigil. A scorcher and the ability to pack and punch it, so I recommend bringing a crystal, and then I also recommend bringing a tombstone. All the other items are up to you; that's just what you want to duplicate and keep in your tombstone, but it doesn't matter; you can bring an insured weapon; that doesn't affect it.

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Also, Deco grenades, knives, etc. All work great as well once you have that sigil or elder sigil scorcher. Pack-a-Punch Crystal head on into the match when tombstoning. The first thing you always need to do is break down any existing tombstone you have if you want to set another one, because it will cause problems if you leave one up and then try to reset a second one, so make sure to drain all the items from there.

Also, if you just go in one round and duplicate normally, you can use my article up here to do that, and you can never lose your items. Always keep the same ones now. I always recommend keeping one sigil in the tombstone and on your person, so that once you've duplicated them, you can bring in a second sigil the next time along with a tombstone scorcher.

Flos ethereum crystal, so that way you can just always rotate and never run out of sigils. Never run out of scorchers, and never run out of ethereum. Crystals. Now, as long as you have a thousand Essences to activate the portal, you'll be good, but I recommend just running a couple contracts if you have more, especially if you already have a scorcher.

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If you already have a scorcher with any level of Packa punch, running Bounty contracts in tier one or tier two is extremely fast and easy if you need a little more essence. Then make sure to either drink a tombstone that you brought in or go buy a tombstone from the soda machine. You're then going to go to F5 at this location in Tier 3, where there's going to be a portal.

And you're going to use the same password we've used in the past, which is regular U, up arrow, and then in backwards, Q. You normally activate the portal, but don't activate that portal yet because you want to practice this next technique a couple times before you actually activate the portal and spend Essence, so let's get into that head-up to the giant tornado on the top of Tier 3.

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If you haven't unlocked this portal with the four new gold Easter egg items, watch this article here or down in the description first so that you can unlock this portal for yourself. I did it solo, and it's a very detailed, simple guide so that you can unlock it as well. You're going to go to where you can activate the Elder sigil and start charging your scorcher, then right before you launch, activate the scorcher and hold that button down so you're actually activating the air charge up one more time.

Parachute quick cut, and you're going to do your 70% charge on your screen here to the Superman. Wait a little bit; you're only going to do about a 50 on the screen here, which is a little shorter. And if you do it right, you're going to glide right into the area where the portal is. That's what you're looking for.

Now practice that a few times without activating the portal or voting yes until you're comfortable with it. Now let's do it for real. Now head back to activate the portal. Make sure to clear out any zombies before they get you, as Tier 3 has been buffed quite significantly. Then you need to do the U-up arrow in backwards Q, activate it, and take.

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Now what I like to do is just a quick two, charge, and then you pull your suit to go into the Superman kind of mode mode. It's actually faster to do two and then do the 70% if you're trying to move forward than it is to do three going all the way into Superman, so I do the two charge now, so two boost should get you.

There, pull your shot. This is the new dark ether, and we're going to start charging. Then, right before you actually boost, hold F or the key to activate the elder sigil. Get the second boost by pulling your shot quick, cutting it quick, and getting your first 70 charge to move forward. Wait a little bit now, do a slightly lower charge of about 50, and you should coast right in.

If you look at the time where the vote is, you want to get it right about 9 or 10 seconds into the portal, then turn to your right. I switch to my Juggernaut to sprint a little faster, and I typically vote closer to 1 second. Here, you're trying to get in at about six. I think we get it. I think we get it.

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I think we got it: die die, yes, load screen. Now you've made it into the dark ether and your tombstone is already set, so what that means is that you can use any item in your inventory right now and it won't affect your tombstone. Notice though that you do lose your perks, but you still have all your weapons and everything else that comes with that, so I'm actually just going to go straight out to the xfill here, but in reality, you could run all the contracts here, you could get the schematics, and do anything you want because whatever you successfully Expo with won't affect the tombstone that was already set when you went out of bounds and died, so this is a great way to collect the new schematics without having to lose that tombstone and the essence and all the items that you have in that, so just go and hit the xill like this, and boom, rift, complete.

Now sometimes you're going to get a screen like this. I used to get it last season as well. Notice that the music still sounds correct, so don't worry about it. Everything is still successful, even if you have schematics. They will still unlock here, but remember, this only proved that I can get into the dark ether while dying.

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We haven't actually confirmed that our tombstone is still there or what's inside of it, so let's go back one more time to show you for sure that those same items that I left the map with are still in my tombstone. Therefore, this is a valid method. You can see our insured weapons still there, our tacticals, our lethals, etc.

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