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Modern Warfare 3 season 3 starts tomorrow. We're getting the return of Rebirth Island, brand new DLC weapons, and much more. So jumping into the first-class setup, we have the SVA assault rifle. This gun has very low recoil and a very fast fire rate. Starting off with the optic, we have the Jack glassless optic.

This is going to be the primary optic scope that I use for a lot of these class setups, and the reason why I love this one is because it reduces the visual recoil when you're firing. I think that's honestly one of the biggest issues with this game. A lot of guns have visual recoil, and it can really mess you up when you're in the middle of a gunfight.

So I love this because it's a very clear optic sight but also reduces that visual recoil coming in with the barrel. The STV Precision Barrel This is probably the best barrel out of all of these for the SVA. It's going to increase that aiming idle sway, but most importantly, increase the bullet velocity and range, the gun kick control, and the recoil control.

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You lose some ad speed and some hip fire, but that's not really too important when you're advertising a lot with just an assault rifle next up for the muzzle. The Zen N35, Compensator, is genuinely the best muzzle in the game. You're going to be seeing this on probably all of my class setups for sure, but it's amazing because it shortens the radar ping, so when you shoot, you're not going to be showing up on the radar for as long, but then it also increases the vertical and horizontal recoil, and lastly, it increases the firing aim stability.

This is definitely the key to so many weapons in this game. Next up is the underbarrel. The Brewing Heavy Support Grip This is what a lot of people are rocking right now in kind of the meta underbarrel; in multiplayer, it increases gun kick control, aiming idle sway, horizontal recoil, and firing aim stability.

This is a really amazing underbarrel that's going to increase just that recoil control and make this thing an absolute laser. Next up for the magazine, I threw on the 60-round mag, but you can rock the 45-round mag. Honestly, both of these are perfectly fine, so it's kind of up to you. If you run the 60, you're going to have a slower 8s speed and spring-to-fire speed, so it's really up to you overall, man.

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The SVA is such an awesome weapon. Look at that low recoil; it is definitely a must. Use AR right now in MW3; if you're not using it, you're definitely missing out. Next up, we're going to be taking a look at the wp9, or submachine gun. This is one of my favorite SMGs because it is just so versatile and can do whatever you want.

Starting off with the optic once again, the Jack glassless optic. I am not a huge fan of the iron sights for this gun at all; they're just really clunky; they're not the best, so this gun definitely needs an optic sight. Next up for the barrel, we have the WSP. Reckless long barrel, this is going to increase just that bullet velocity and range, but the reason why I love this SMG is because it's so good for medium and long ranges but also could do very well in those close quarter combats.

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As you can see, you get amazing increases in the range right here, so this is definitely the best. The barrel next up for the underbarrel is the DR6 hand stop. This is a really awesome attachment because it increases that aim walking speed that ads speed Sprint to fire speed and movement speed. It's going to be great for handling and mobility, making the gun just a little bit faster, which I really liked next up for the magazine.

Throw on the 40-round mag, or you can also rock the 50-round mag once again; it's up to you, but if you're rocking the 50-round mag, you're going to have a little bit less movement speed, ad speed, and sprint to fire speed, so honestly, it's whatever you want. And lastly, for the stock, the WSP, Classic Factory stock, this is just going to increase that gun kick control and recoil control, so it's very good for those medium and long range engagements.

Look at this recoil control: minus 9%, recoil gun kick minus, 22%, and minus 31%. A massive buff overall, man. Just such a fun SMG. You guys are definitely going to like it, but also, with those longer ranges, you can actually hit those shots, so definitely try out this gun if you want something more of just like a versatile.

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SMG AR Hybrid: Next up, we're going to be taking a look at the HRM. 9, and this weapon has been taking MW3 by storm, not only in multiplayer but also in war zones. Starting off with the barrel, though we have the Thorn 90 barrel, this is going to increase that hitfire, which is really good and something that you should use in certain situations, but it also increases those ad speeds that Sprint to fire speed and Sprint speed in general.

It's going to really help out with mobility, accuracy handling, and such a fun SMG to use, but you have to make sure you're staying within a close distance to the enemy. Next up once again for the muzzle, the Zenn 35 compensated flash hider I don't think I need to break this one down anymore. This is definitely the best muzzle to use out of all of these.

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There's so much in this game, but we always just go back to the Zen N35. Next up for the underbarrel, we are actually rocking the X-10 Phantom 5 hand stop. This is going to increase that sprint to fire speed, that ad speed, but also, on top of it, the vertical and gun kick control, which is honestly a huge bonus for sure.

We're mainly using this thing for, of course, that handling and also just that recoil control. Next up for the magazine is the 50-round drum. I feel like this gun has a very fast fire rate, and you definitely need the 50-round drum. You're not going to run the 20-round mag at all, so definitely use the 50, and finally, for the stock, the hatchet, and the light stock, this is going to help out with that ad speed that aims to increase walking speed but also that movement speed once again, just increasing mobility and handling.

The reason I love this gun so much is because it feels like a true SMG. It's going to have a very fast fire rate and a lot of recoil to manage, but at the same time, it's so fast that Snappy has great hipfire spread overall. If you are just looking for that core SMG-type-style game play, this is going to be your gun.

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Next up, we're going back to Old Reliable, and that is the MCW. And going into season 3, this is definitely going to be the main AR that you want to stick to. Starting off with the optic, you already know the Jack glassless optic. This really helps out that visual recoil, and I do like the iron sights for the MCW, but I feel like when you match the MCW with the glassless optic, it really helps out that visual recoil, and I absolutely love it next up for the underbowel, the 16.5.

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