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This time tomorrow, season 3 kicks off, and with it, we'll have a bunch of new content, but one thing that I wanted to touch on is something that's important for today, and today only leads into tomorrow. All those may be unearned items that you didn't get around to. Today we're taking a look at and breaking down the specific items that you should be aware of ahead of season 3 and what you should perhaps prioritize if you're looking to earn anything in particular with limited time left.

With some of these sorts of events and items going away at different times throughout the next 24 hours or so, it's important to know those kinds of things, so drop your thoughts as we go along. If you're new and would like to stay the DAT with all things Moder Warfare 3, War Zone Season 3, along with other FPS content, I'd love to have you finally.

But anyway, let's jump into it. For seasonal refreshes, there's a few bigger ticket items and a few things that you might not exactly consider. We're going to try and touch on all of that here in this one for the big ticket stuff, obviously the stuff that you're going to immediately.

What happens to your unearned battle pass items in modern warfare 3?

What happens to your unearned battle pass items in modern warfare 3?

Lose out on, or rather, know you're going to lose out on, is the battle pass, but is there anything in particular that returns after season 2? anything that's gone for good whatever the case let's take a look at that the items that will return in some capacity, after season 2 are your base weapons, aftermarket parts and operators to some degree that one kind of has an aster on it we'll touch on that in a second and then what's gone forever are any blueprints, uniforms, zombies bonuses smaller items like emblems decals calling cards and such and if you care about them at all the season 2 reloaded update actually brought along a universal camo that will go away forever if unearned as well things like your weapons those are going to head over into the Armory unlock system as we've seen can happen with all of the Season 1 weapons most recently those being the ram 7 HRM 9 storm Ender xrk stalker and the tack of volvie, all those can be found in there checked off if you have them available for unlock If you haven't, the same will be said about the current weapons of the Ram 9 BP50.

SOA subverter and the Soul render after market parts There's one from the battle pass that was seen in the classified reloaded tab with a soul render that'll go into the armory unlock system and then your operators. These usually go away, but often times you'll get bundles returned for the operator later on in the next season, the next two or three seasons, whatever the case, where you can use that operator, but you just usually won't have access to that default operator skin, as when they were introduced, but you'll be able to have those operators in the future or the potential of them. That's where the aster comes into play with that because it's just something that's added in later on down the line, but anyway.

What happens to your unearned weekly challenge items in modern warfare 3?

What happens to your unearned weekly challenge items in modern warfare 3?

Other things outside of your battle pass that are big ticket items for the season at large are your Weekly Challenge Rewards. We had eight sets of weekly challenge sets for Modern Warfare 3 this season, and along the way, you ended up earning six aftermarket parts: one weapon and one weapon blueprint.

Now those aftermarket parts and the SOA subverter and base weapon will be returning after season 2 again, making their way into season 3's content, and then what's gone forever is well, the two things of the rotten Inferno camo, one of which I think is probably one of the best camos we've had in Modern Warfare 3 to date, so if you want that one, make sure you complete all your weekly challenge sets, and then that Rook blueprint for the HRM 9 is going to go away forever as well, that being the week 8 weekly challenge set reward.

Not the overall reward, but again, as mentioned with the battle pass, the weapon of the S SOA subverter will end up being the weapon of the SOA subverter, and the six aftermarket parts will go into the armory unlock system, so just like the battle pass aftermarket part, you can end up unlocking these via scoring points by completing daily challenges or winning multiplayer matches.

Staying alive in war zones and such, and also every three contracts you complete, ends up earning you a point in zombies as well, so it's a very easy way to end up getting those sorts of things. It's not going to be anything too tedious or stressful when trying to go and get those after the season ends here, but just know that the functional things will be returning here in regards to challenges and just simple unlocks, but the cosmetics. That's where stuff is going to end up deviating a little bit, but now let's talk a little about some of the less thought-out but still relevant items to the season as a whole and things that will be going away that you might want to take advantage of before the time.

The early removal items before season 3's update in modern warfare 3

The early removal items before season 3's update in modern warfare 3

Runs Out ranked play is a big one across both Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer and the ranked mode there as well as the war zone.

Resurgence-ranked, you can end up getting certain things like calling card uniforms, and in some cases, right now, for the multiplayer side of things, the CDL R sets with it a camo associated with your rank placement. That's something that you might want to hit a certain rank before the season ends up finishing up.

Maybe you're right on the cusp of leveling up into a higher skill division, but that's one thing that you're going to want to make sure that you do before one 1 a. M pacific; 4:00 a. M eastern; 9:00 a. M in the UK, the season 4 rankings wrap up before the season actually refreshes, and by a decent amount of time, as well as the other stuff we'll touch on here to round out.

this article is really only like 1 hour before the season updated itself but this is one of those things that I want to touch on for sure because again it goes out and completes overnight, so you very well may think I can get a little bit of grinding done in the morning or something but that won't be the case so if you're looking to either hit any sort of placement Rewards or anything like that or you're looking for your kills wins kills and assists or top five placements or any of those other actual inseason rewards that you can earn along the way and it's not the season end placement rewards, you'll just want to make sure you do that a little quicker, then maybe say the rest of these other items you have a little less time by comparison. But that said.

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