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Waffles is here today. I'm going to be showing you how to get a new weapons case from the new DMZ map on Ash something or other island; I actually don't know the name of it right now while I'm recording the article. But before we jump in, there's a really important tip to start with that makes life a lot easier.

As you can see, I now have four people in my party. The way that I did that is that I downed them, and they then pleaded for help, which gives you a really easy way to just invite them in once you've already killed them. So I already killed them. So I already killed them. So I already killed them.

So I already killed them. So I already killed them. As you can imagine, this means that I have four people trying to go through this castle instead of three. The next thing you need to do is go into the castle area, where the yellow weapons case is on the map. Destroy This turret now is going to be able to shoot you through some walls, so be super duper careful about that, but once you destroy it, and I'd say semtex is really good for this.

ashika easter egg

I'd also say things like strong grenades are useful; there are also cameras around the castle that are good to destroy so that it doesn't know where you are at all times; you'll see those with a red highlight, but once you destroy it, you can hack it by Holden. Square, and Square. That's going to open up this area; you can see it says it's a locked space on the screen just there.

That's why it's saying that it was previously locked; we unlocked it by hacking the Wilson, now, this doorway often has loads of enemies in it, and that's why I threw some text a second ago just as a precaution. And there is also another claymore just here that you can wall bang. It might take you a few tries to shoot it on the left side of the beam, but you'll be able to wall bang that there's also sometimes another prox mine inside, so just be wary, and then you're going to notice that there's a laser that belongs to a Sentry turret, as you can see, though you can just run behind it.


Okay, get to bonking; that sounded weird. You can just try it, meleeing it, and you can then make your way up these stairs. Now there'll be a riot shield that tries to greet you sometimes. You can just beam their legs, as I just did, and life is really easy. Then there is a trip mine that you can defuse, and you can keep working on destroying the other enemies that are inside this room, including another Riot shielder, but bear in mind they do have a trophy system; they've actually got two trophy systems, so you can't just pass loads of stun grenades straight away; you will need to take out the trophy first if you want to do that, or you can just try and get the drop on the enemies before they see you.

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Now, sometimes you don't kill that right shielder right away; in that case. I recommend using a semtex; if you don't have a semtex, a really good idea is to spawn in with the semtex, and then if you've used it already in your game, use your Munitions box before you go into this top room because, you're pretty likely to find another sort, of field upgrade of some kind in here because there are loads of crates that you can loot, as you can see I'm doing right now, and loads of money that you'll get, but use your field upgrade before you go in because there are loads of crates that you can loot and loads of money that you can loot, and loads of money, and you can loo I would also say that where the weapons case is, it's a good idea to turn off the alarm.

There's a diffuse alarm button just where I'm standing, but don't accidentally pick up the weapon case when you're defusing the alarm, because it's very easy to do one accidentally and then want to do the other, so be really careful. As soon as you've grabbed the case, you need to be on high alert for enemies that are going to be poking around in this building trying to take you down because obviously they're alerted to your position now, okay?


You can go out the way you came, and it's just going to make life easy. You can just jump down to basically make things a little bit faster, but you more or less want to track the same path that you originally took. One thing that I'd say might be a good idea is if you think that there is a gunfight happening with an enemy team, you may want to just drop the weapons case, and by doing that, it's going to mean that the enemies are no longer alerted to your exact position; they're not going to know that you actually grabbed it in the first place, but they're not going to know exactly where you are, and that's just going to give you a little bit more room to maneuver to fight back against them, because if they've got the case in your hands, they could just beam you through the walls, like it's really that straightforward and multiple teams.


Well, try and do that to you while you're extracting with the case, because that is your number one biggest threat while you're doing this, honestly: just getting away from other players. So as soon as you grab the case and get downstairs. I'd look for where your nearest exfil is, and I'm going to show you a little route here that you can run, which makes life a little easier, a little bit to get out obviously, because the extracts won't always have the extracts in the exact same places, but it makes life a little easier just so that you can avoid having to, like, basically go through the main entrance and thus attract the attention of enemies, which are very often activatable.

UAVs like the ones I showed you just there, which you can grab from the enemies, and that will mean that you get a little bit of an advantage over any enemies that are in your area. But if you follow the route that I'm taking now, you can then get up onto the roof and just parachut from there, which gives you a massive burst of speed, and people won't expect you to be able to do that when you've got the weapons case.

Alternatively, if you bought a vehicle here, I'd recommend hopping in the vehicle and getting out of there as soon as possible. Now, if you choose not to take this route that I've just taken, you can, for example, do things like use these repels to get up onto the roof, but you may find in your game that it's just easier for you to go this way.

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At all times when you're just running around like a headless chicken, you might find that there are juggernauts just hanging out okay. So even though you've cleared the compound itself, that doesn't mean you're out of harm's way from AI. Like, you might be completely focused on enemy operators, but AI are still going to be present, so be super careful.

The easiest way to get weapons cases on the new MW2 Season 2 DMZ map ASHIKA ISLAND.
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