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R waffles here. Welcome back to another list of tips, tricks, and secrets that are going to make your life a lot easier in Modern Warfare 3: Zombie. Today we're going to be focusing on the dark ether. First of all, we've got a tip to make your life so much easier when you're doing the most notoriously difficult contract in the dark ether, the ACV.

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This one can go wrong for a variety of different reasons. You can glitch it out by picking up two bunnies at the same time, and then the ACV never spawns. You can accidentally despawn. The ACV by dropping a juggernaut, care package on top of it and the zombies can just destroy it really easily and especially if you're doing an elder sigil in the dark ether and you're in tier five you're going to have multiple Mega Abominations, spawning in and trying to take you down while you're doing it and it's just going to be a bit of a pain so I'm going to give you a little combo of tips here to simplify things a bit number one when you first get to the ACV you'll often have a megabomb spawn in there and I would not bother killing that megar bomb and instead, just activate the ACV and Scoot away from it and the megar bomb will chase you but it's okay because you'll be able to put a turret circuit into the Sentry that's just around the corner and that Sentry will then beam the Abomination down for you and you don't have to waste any time focusing on it but that's not the main tip here the real juice comes from the knowledge, that the ACV.

Running over zombies that are in front of it doesn't actually cause it to take a whole load of damage. It might look like that's what's happening, but if you pay attention in your game, you'll start to realize that the ACV mainly takes damage from the back, so you can focus your fire on the zombies that are chasing the vehicle.

I'd also recommend putting a turret on top of the ACV facing backwards, so it can continuously shoot into everything that has spawned behind and is still trying to catch up to you. A bonus tip here is that Kazmir is insane. Powerful for stopping zombies from attacking the vehicle, and especially on that third section where you're waiting for the rocket to blast out of the ACV, if you've got stock of like four kazmers, it's going to mean that the zombies are occupied the entire time, and you'll be able to complete this really easily.

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Next up, did you know there's a way that you can pretty much instantly get Wonder Weapons in the dark ether without really doing that much work? So there are different keys and locked doors around the dark ether, and this is a method that you can use to get three keys super duper fast once you finish the Outlast contract.

Go down this little well, this kind of hatch that you've got here, into this well, and you'll enter the underground area, and then you can find a key just resting here on this box, then take the rift, just here, and fly to the towers connected by the floating vehicles, and you'll want to follow exactly where I'm doing it in the game here.

Land on this tower, pick up the first key that's just in the corner here, and then do a little bit of parkour. You may need to wait a moment for the floating stuff to rearrange itself, but do a little parkour to the other tower, and you'll pick up another key. You can now use those three keys at the corresponding locations.

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The key name will refer to those locations, and from those locations, you can get free Wonder Weapons and free powerups. This next tip is a little shortcut you can use to prevent you from having to do loads of strenuous labor unlocking attachments on a weapon that takes you forever and is just really painful to do, so all you need to do is spawn in with a friend and have them drop you whatever OP weapon that you want to use with all the attachments on it, and then when you xill, you'll be able to xill that weapon as a contraband weapon, and they'll just be able to spawn in with that weapon again as their insurance weapon.


There's other stuff here related to this too, like if you've got people in your lobby who are talking in text chat, people are generally very helpful in this game, and so if you ask if anyone has any spare schematics, there's a good chance that you could just get some free loot for doing no work. Another friendship-related tip is that the friendly hellhound or dog will spawn in the dark ether if you have had one previously, in the ukan portion of your game, and it will do so even if it previously died or disappeared.

So it's really worth getting a dog at some point in the match before you go in, and it'll get upgraded when you go into the dark ether 2, which will make your life even easier. Now, this tip's really fast, but it's going to prevent you from being really slow. You see what I did there, so when you grab the ether extractor, a lot of people kind of run around aimlessly in the downstairs Courtyard area trying to figure out how to get up the stairs, but there's actually a shortcut you can take.


Just run over here where I'm going in the game playay, and you'll be able to repel up, and you'll be on the rooftops right away now when you're doing ether extractors. Kazmir once again are super useful, and I know some people will say well I actually want to spend my money on jug suits instead of Kazmir but a suit is 10K a Kazmir is 5K and you can stack two Kazmir in one slot and I just feel like the Kazmir are more versatile like you can use them for ether extractors to Chuck them just next to a rocket and then very quickly do the rocket and it's done or to then save them for later if you've got open air there and use them during the acvs scort whereas The Jug suit is a lot more limited, and sure it helps you take down Abominations but like I've already said I think that the Kazmir might just be a bit more useful there now I've seen a lot of people debating what the best weapon in the game is I've got this whole.

Gameplay Showcase Video on the Lockwood shotgun, including all of the best attachments for it. I've been carrying people through dark ether runs to give them schematics. Take my free loot. I've still had a lot of comments saying that the tier akimbo is really good despite the fact that they did get Nerf, and so I'm just giving you a heads up if you're tired of that Lockwood.

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Despite the fact that it's so crazy powerful, the tier akimbo is still a valid choice, as is the WASP swarm. Just make sure that you have Deadshot when using all these things, because it's going to make your damage much better. Now, to go back to the ACV escort real quick, you can actually use vr11.

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