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Here is that all of the zombie content in season 3 is coming at the midseason update about a month away, rather than at the start of the season on April 3rd. There are four main things being added in season, and they are as follows: The first is the continuation of the dark ether story, and specifically, we are going to be needing to save Dr.

Janssen, so they say an unknown force of disturbing power has its psychic tendrils wrapped tightly around Dr. AA Johnson the doctrinal has been lured into a new region of the dark ether under this malignant influence. Strike teams from Operation Deadbolt have converged to assist Sergey Renov as he attempts to locate and rescue Dr.

Jansen from the unknown. Your expertise in surviving and escaping the dark ether is required. The time has come to explore a new part of the dark ether and get Dr. Jansson ready for another dark ether gate hunt. First of all, I just want to say that I absolutely detest the way that was written.

It seems like the time has come to explore a new part of the dark ether and rescue Dr. Jansson, and we are gearing up for another dark ether gate hunt. What did you read this before posting it? Call of Duty also. It's wild to me that we're now referring to these as dark ether gate hunts instead of the usual terminology, which would be Easter egg hunts.

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Call of Duty—that's what you're meant to be putting in the game—Easter eggs. God damn it, I'm getting a bit ahead of myself. You know, asking for an Easter egg in zombies. I mean, come on, be serious, people. They're not Easter egg hunts anymore; they're dark ether gate hunts, specifically.

Jeez, now they've got a separate bullet point here that says additional unlock. Quest a third Rift, and more. This third dark ether Rift is just as ordinary as pasted to; again, who wrote this? It's just as ordinary as the past two. Okay, expect a series of unlock objectives focusing on finding and attuning several relics, allowing access through the gate.

Okay, so you're telling us that it's the same as the stuff that we've already seen. Fine, accomplish these tasks to step into the Ethereal Voidscape and face the Terri Ying Horrors lurking within, claiming valuable rewards. If you survive, squad up and help Operation Deadbolt continue to contain the onslaught of the undead.

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Naturally, you're also here to complete activities and contracts, discover arcane secrets, and secure some highly classified schematics. Naturally, you'll also hear, and yes, this is what the blog post says to complete activities and contracts, discover Arcane secrets, and secure some highly classified schematics.

Why is that in there twice? Did nobody proofread this? It's fine, though it's whatever the skybox of the new Dara area looks like. So there's that, and then they list out the new schematics. And those are as follows: You've got dead-wire detonators. If you are still shocked at the impressive electrical damage the dead wire ammo mod inflicts, then you might want to employ the dead wire detonator and attach it to all of your explosive weapons, including lethals and launchers.

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The golden mask filter, which is a prized schematic with a shiny hue and an impressive long-lasting effect, will help you gain a self-regenerating effect. Mask for the rest of the match. This comes in extremely handy for surviving zombie strongholds, any surprises in the Rifts, and finally, the Sergeant's Beret.

Your outcomes no longer need to be terminal when dealing with Zak's hired guns. Simply don the Sergeant's beret to disguise yourself among the Merks and summon a trusty MC bodyguard who shadows you to the end, so, I mean. Are those going to be things that people really grind for? Of a dead wire detonator, or perhaps of a regenerating gas mask Are you super excited about a regenerating gas mask?


Like, what are we thinking here, chat? Are we hyped, right? Are we fired up? Are we going to be grinding for these? Hey, is Milo on his phone? I realized I forgot to mention something; this is not actually it. All the schematics we thought we were going to be getting this season are somehow lower than expectations because, basically, for a long time we have been under the impression that certain schematics would be being added to the game, just like for a long time we've been under the impression that certain Warlords would be being added to the game and certain perks would be being added to the game now, obviously.


Treyarch is under no obligation to actually add these things in just because we imagined that they would be coming right just because we saw a snippet of them. Something in the code, or we, got an idea of I don't know like something from some pre-release asset or something in the beta files or like whatever right just because those are there doesn't mean that they're guaranteed to be in the game but we've been anticipating that there would be another schematic in here and we've also been anticipating that at some point they would maybe be considering adding something like widow's wine or something like that and yeah no sign of it which is interesting and it makes me wonder are those being held back for future Seasons, now and does that mean that the content in future Seasons that would otherwise have been planned, is being reduced and so they're needing to use this season's content to fill the next season, or is it that those things were actually never coming in the first place and we were just wrong like, totally possible that we were just wrong like very much so but it makes me wonder you know like I'm always interested in hearing more about the sort of behind the scenes the cut content the plans that never came to fruition.

The factions and all those sorts of things, right? I'm just naturally curious about those things, so the fact that here there is still schematic stuff that we haven't seen yet that might be coming later but also might just be never coming at all now is like H. Why, like, give me the Goss Call of Duty?

Tell me more anyway. I'll go back to the rest of the article. Now there's also some Prestige and Camo stuff, so they say unlock new prestige calling card challenges at each level of prestige reached and select up to five challenges to track, including any from across the game, and then on the camos front with four new weapons comes over a dozen new unique camo challenges to grind through.

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