News - Ultimate Guide To Warzone 2 Zombies Season 1: Everything You Need To Know (new Schematic Farm Boss & More)


R waffles, here's everything you need to know about season 1 of Modern Warfare 3: Zombie, and this is going to be a bit of an ultimate guide. We're going to cover all the new stuff and showcase a lot of it in the article today, so if you're excited for that, drop a like, and we'll get straight into it.

There's a new act four mission that you can access by scrolling over acts 1 to 3, like you need to kind of tab along in the menus here, and when you go into that, it's going to allow you to select a mission called Bad Signal. Now this actually kind of leads you to an Easter egg quest, and it's quite complicated; there are several stages to it, and there are different rewards if you'd like to do the quest itself.

I'm just going to show you a little bit of what's inside the dark ether and show you the rewards. The dark ether itself is gorgeous; it looks absolutely amazing, and the aesthetic is fantastic. And inside the dark ether there are various contracts that you can do, and there are also some secret bits and pieces as well, such as an ether nest that's kind of buried under the map, and it doesn't tell you it's there, and you can get a key out of it that unlocks a secret door, and all sorts of stuff.

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Now some of the rewards that you can get from doing that main quest Easter egg are the Pack-A-Punch, level three schematic. And the Gold Wrench schematics, which weren't available in the pre-season 1 period of the game launch, but those have now been added to the game so you can farm those from doing those high-tier objectives.

There are also a handful of new classified schematics, and these are as follows: There's the gold dog bone, and that gold dogbone is going to spawn in not just a tier three friendly hellhound but actually a tier four friendly hellhound, so it's going to have even more health; it basically never dies; it's amazing; it's going to be able to revive you; and it will also take down zombies for you as well.

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This means that you don't have to actually do the dog quest in your game; you can just spawn it in at any time, which is phenomenal; and there's also a gold armor schematic, and this. I think, is probably the biggest reward out of everything I've ever seen in zombies. It's so good because it pretty much means that you can just stop thinking about armor ever again; it auto-repairs for you, and that doesn't mean you consistently have to keep doing the animation to put PL in it; it just recharges.

Over time, it's even stronger and more durable than regular three-plate armor would be, so this schematic is crazy powerful and is definitely worth grinding through that Easter egg to get, and the schematic is also on a two-day cooldown similar to the ray gun and the W, so if you've got it off cooldown.

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I really recommend stacking up on those because they're just so damn useful, and this is the last new classified schematic, the gold ether blade. This is incredible. Weapon that basically boomerangs, between zombies when you throw it at them and it's insanely powerful and it's just a hell of a lot of fun to use as well so combined with the gold dog bone and gold armor, it's going to make your escapades in the dark ether a lot easier and also just any time you spend in zakhan that's going to be much easier as well now on top of those there are somehow even more schematics, that have been added so one of them is the scorcher schematic which wasn't available again before season 1 came out and you can also get weapon cases for the VR, 11 as well which is a new wonder weapon it works by turning, a zombie that you shoot into a friendly zombie in this game and if you shoot it at an enemy Merc it will also turn them into a friendly zombie sort of like how brain rck would work except there's a slight, twist with the vr11 and that's that if you shoot a teammate, with it it's going to give that teammate a boost like it's going to buff that teammate so they're going to be super powerful.


While that vr11 burst is still active on them, it's always been a bit of a love-hate-wonder weapon. Now another reward that you actually that you actually get for doing that Easter egg that I mentioned is the geode blueprint for the MCW, which looks like this, and this is unlocked about 2/3 of the way through that Easter egg, so you don't have to do the absolute full thing and do all of the farming in order to get it, and it's also a guaranteed drop, which is nice, so if you get that far into the egg, you will get the blueprint, and I think it looks really pretty as well, and it's also on the MCW, which happens to be the gun that I first used to take the worm down, so it's got a special place in my heart, so I'm glad that it's a blueprint for that weapon.

I think that's awesome, and speaking of blueprints and weapons, there's also a new flamethrower, Aftermarket, in the battle pass, which is so nuts. I was just driving around the map at one point, and I just saw flames erupting from over a hill, and I was like, I have to see what this is like. Is this a new enemy type or something?


No, it was just a player just tooting their horn into the air. That's great, so it's called the A14. Now it would be crazy for me to have talked about all these weapons and not talked about some of the stuff that you can use them on, so there's no new enemy types technically in this, but there are two new boss fights, okay, and those boss fights are both worm fights, so the first worm fight is going to be part of that main quest Easter egg; it's inside the dark ether.

And it's a pretty awesome fight because that worm is really damn tough. It's a very WR boss, so very difficult to take down, but it's the sort of thing that if you have Sentry circuits, it definitely makes it a lot easier, and also, if you bring randoms into your game and you make sure that they've got good weapons as well, you kind of donate some charitable points to them or something, it makes your life a lot easier, so that boss fight is fantastic.

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I think that's a really great experience, and also, just combined with the dark ether aesthetic, it's really going in a good direction for what zombie boss fights should sort of aim for. I think, but there's actually another boss fight in the main map, which is pretty crazy because it's essentially like a world boss that other players are going to be able to help you with even if they're not in your party, which is different from how it's been in previous.

Missions and acts, so for example, the defeat zakay worm is something that if people aren't in your party, they can't spawn in with you to fight, whereas this one is in the middle of the actual zakhan map, so there are USB cards that you can find in various locations from these sort of UAV towers, like if you play DMZ, it's very reminiscent of those, but you go over to the UAV tower, activate it, and then it will give you a little USB.

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