News - The New Warzone 2 Zombies Announcement Has Some Good. And Some Bad


Triarch just finished a dev call with YouTubers, giving them exclusive access to a bunch of new info about what's coming in season one of Modern Warfare zombies, so we're going to be talking today about sigils, we're going to be talking today about how the dark ether Rift works, and we're going to be talking about all of that sort of stuff except for the fact that Treyarch didn't invite me to the call.

Yeah. I can't believe this is still going on, and a lot of the time this sort of thing doesn't really bother me that much, but in this instance, there's no official source also sharing the info, so I have to wait for other YouTubers to share the info, and I'm just like. I don't get it transparently.

They also invited a bunch of people out to Sledgehammer last week to play season 1 early. Wasn't invited don't get it. I'm fairly confident I've posted more zombie articles than any other YouTuber. Since this game's come out, I've been posting one to two articles every single day since launch, and still, I'm just being salty.

It's just awkward because I want to cover the news, but the news isn't going to be out until other YouTubers. Especially for someone jumping in today, let's say level one; they haven't played the game at all yet and will have to grind through so much content to get to that cool thing that's the cool new feature in season 1, so I am very much in favor of this decision.

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I think that making a standalone. The mission is really good. It also comes at the beginning of all of the missions in Act 4, so you'll then have other stuff to do after you've opened up the dark ether Rift, but you don't have to grind through absolutely all of those kinds of individuals. Bitty missions collect five sims and get 100 cryo kills and all that stuff just to get the story content, which again is a change that I'm really in favor of because of Acts 1:3.

I think it was actually really unfortunate. That I had to chew through, so much of those itty bitty fetch quests in order to get the story stuff, and it meant that because those aren't replayable as well, the people that wanted to see those cut scenes as soon as possible and the people that wanted the story content as soon as possible ended up not being able to take their time with the rest of the content there as much as they would have liked myself included so two really positive changes to kick off here, so driftor.

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He's also shared some zombie info from the call an hour ago, so driftor has shared that the content that they're adding in Act 4 and just generally in season 1 is supposed to set the bar for what we should expect for postlaunch content going forward. Obviously, we haven't had a chance yet to really get an understanding of how much support we expect Mon Warfare Zombies to get now that the game is out, but this is meant to be the kind of rough level of stuff that we should be able to anticipate going forward, according to driftor.

Obviously, he's done his best to cover the news here, but as is always going to be the case with this sort of thing because there's no official blog post on this information, it's kind of Chinese Whispers a little bit here, so, sorry, that's just the way they're marketing it. Drift, all did also mention that they are reworking the XVs because, as it stands right now, they are not the XVs.

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Nobody liked that, and Treyarch is aware that they're working on it, and in season 1, the way it seems like it's going to work is that there's just going to be more zombies again, which is really important, and they've made some other changes to increase service ability so that that's possible. For example, there was a patch a few weeks ago where they reduced the number of zombies that spawn on top of buildings just so that there are fewer zombies overall on the map so that they can really focus on those ground spawns.

And spawns for xils, so there are going to be more zombie spawns at xils, again, which is good news, and they're also reworking the final xfill. It sounds like they're just going to put a load more zombie spawns in for that final xfill because, as it stands right now, there's like nothing going on there.


The final X fills are totally dead, in my experience. They are very boring. Maybe you get a bunch of zombie spawns, maybe you don't, but either way, it just sort of feels a bit flat, and that's something they're going to work on, and they're also going to be trying to add more higher-level enemies to those xils.

not just the final xfill but just xils in general, so we can expect to see some mimics, manglers, and stuff show up for them as well, which isn't the case currently, so that's also good news now, as I predicted. The sigils in Modern Warfare Zombies season 1 are basically going to work the same way as building 21 key cards.

There are a handful of people that have talked about this on Twitter so far, but basically, the way it worked in Building 21 is that you would do some kind of objective, some kind of contract, some kind of mission in order to get yourself a Building 21 key card that would then be a one-time use where you could load into Building 21, do your stuff there, and then you'd go back to the regular map and keep playing to get more key cards to get more spawns into Building 21.


The same logic is being applied here to the high-threat zone, so that's the Tier 3 zone. You're going to have to do tier three contracts in order to get yourself these sigils, and when you use a sigil, that is what essentially is consumed to get you into the dark ether Rifts in the first place, and you'll then have 30 minutes to do your objectives within the rift before you have to xfill.

However, there is another layer to this, which is that there's not just a base-level, single-level Rift; there's actually varying difficulty within the Rifts, so to sort of chain things together here, if you do a tier-three contract, you can get yourself a Sigil, and you can then go over to one of those gates.

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The gates that Drifter talked about in his article are the triangular things that we saw in the trailer. You go over to one of those that's going to teleport you into the dark ether, and then you're going to have 30 minutes in the dark ether to do more objectives, more contracts, etc. But you could get an elder sigil from those contracts and from those objectives, and elder sigils mean that you can then load into the next version of the dark ether tier 2 if you would like a hard mode of the dark ether, but that's only accessible if you have one of these elder sigils, which you can only get via that kind of nested daisy chain of objectives.

So that's cool. I mean, so that's cool. It sounds like they're trying to really appeal to players who want a hard challenge in the mode. The fact that you have to get them from Tier 3 in the first place already speaks to that, so that's positive, but there is, admittedly, one negative that does need to be called out here.

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