News - Best Way To Get Schematics While On Cooldown. Warzone 2 Zombies Tier 3 Farming With No Gear Guide


Are you sick and tired of booting up Modern Warfare 3 zombies going to that schematics crafting menu and seeing that they're still on cool down it's the worst feeling in the world some of them have like 3-day cooldowns what's going on there it's outrageous, but today I have a solution to that problem that's also, going to allow you to farm all the schematics in the game and we're going to be doing that going from basically having everything on cool down all the way to having a much more fully fleshed out load out so this is like 15 articles in one and if you like 15 articles in one, then drop a like on the article and we'll jump straight in so through the vid we're going to be playing multiple games and doing different things in different games to really maximize our chances of getting all of the schematics that we need while relying on those cooldown schematics, as little as possible so for this first game we're going to have a minimal load out nothing fancy No Gold Wrench none of that stuff so for this for our insurance weapon we're going to put on the rgl.

We're going to put throwing knives and decoys into our equipment slots ether shroud for our field upgrade unless you're playing C in which case healing or is fine and if you've got any sort of like spare, stuff off coold down that you can use here so things like maybe The Jug perk or Quick Revive just for the faster health regen, maybe PhD would be really useful to have and just like a Pap tier one Crystal, like the basic boring ones that you can Farm pretty easily in the game that's enough like we don't need T three armor here we don't need self- revives we don't need anything crazy with our score streaks or whatever we're assuming that we're going in pretty much naked now in the match there are going to be kind of two phases, we're going to have our pre- tier three phase.

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And our tier three phase itself, so to begin with, for this pre-tier 3 phase, we'll spawn in and run towards the nearest delivery cargo contract. On the way there. I would keep an eye out for any points Rifts that you find, but otherwise, just head straight to the contract, and grabbing the contract and completing it is going to do three positive things for you: number one, it's going to mean that you've got a heavy vehicle to use for the rest of your game; number two, you'll get some early game money to spend on a PhD.

Assuming you didn't already spawn in with it, like I said. I've assumed that you've spawned in pretty much naked here, and number three is that you've got a good chance of getting a self-revived Out of That Wars Rift if you're playing solo, so that's a nice little slot filler as well. Once that's done and you have your vehicle, you can do a couple of little mini-objectives to get your loadout filled up.

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If you don't have a large backpack and you don't have a two- or three-plate vest, I'd suggest doing a Merc Camp first to get yourself a two-plate vest. The RG is great for cleaning up Merks, and then once you've done that, you can do a Merc stronghold super easily as well, or if you've already got Tier 2 armor and you want to sort of skip some steps here, you could just spend your contract money on a mercenary stronghold key card and then go through and do that super quickly.

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Once again will absolutely clean up all the marks that attack you and that'll give you a guaranteed, three plate so we're getting locked and loaded here really fast at the start of our game with regards to the large backpack I wouldn't stress about it too much early on because we can just buy that later with 10 grand so hold your horses on that one but definitely look for a medium backpack as you roam around, because they're fairly common in the world now at this stage with a couple of little bits and pieces completed, and that initial contract if you still don't have PhD for whatever reason maybe you spent the money on the Merk key card I'd recommend doing one tier 2, deliver cargo and this will give you a vehicle refresh as well which can be quite nice and then you can just head straight into tier three and buy PhD.

From wonderf rather than having to find the actual PhD machine around the map and it's just stress you don't want that and we're heading into tier three now anyway so you can double dip here so now that we're in the tier three zone we're going to make sure that our rgl is pack-a-punched, just to tier one do not pack-a-punch it any higher you don't need to it's a waste of points for now and like I said if you had one of those basic tier one Pap crystals earlier then that's even better but because the rgl functions in a really unique way when it's at Pap Tier 1 we are going to do contracts that are specifically, suited, to the rgl.


And so the rest of this match is going to be very different to what we're going to do in the next match which we'll talk about in a couple of minutes so the best way to navigate through tier three while running around is basically to shoot anything in front of you and stun them for a couple of seconds throwing knives will one shot and you'll be able to reick them up again which is really nice but it will take two on Armored zombies and if you miss it can get a bit awkward so just stunning them is usually, going to be the better bet now similar to our Tier 1 and tier 2 zones now that we're in tier three we're going to be looking for deliver cargo once again because it's just so damn fast to farm once you grab it run down this ramp jump off the little ledge here and throw a decoy, away from the garage doors.

And then hop in the LTV should be very easy. You can obviously use the RGL to stun stuff if you need to as well, but the design should be fine. And then, as long as you keep left on the road here, and there are multiple routes, but I like this one, and you dodge the zombie spawns so that your vehicle doesn't get too broken, you should be able to drive straight into the massive horde of zombies at the end and complete the contract and grab your rewards.


Now in order to loot that Rift I'd really highly recommend throwing another decoy if you have one just because sometimes it can get a little bit sketchy but if you don't have any you can kill zombies with throwing knives, and you can stun them with the rgl as well but I wouldn't try and kill them with the rgl here because again we're only really bothering to Pap it to tier one right now it's a utility weapon after all so just very quickly stun maybe chck a throwing knife or two Loot and get out of there running up the hill into the main Courtyard area where there's a weapon stash contract often and you'll also be able to refill your ammo to get more decoys and throwing knives if you do have a weapon stash fantastic, it's super straightforward to do this you can just drill the safe and then hop up on this ledge here as quickly as possible.

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