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In this article, I'll be showing you how to do multiple kinds of Tombstone glitches that are not yet patched, and they work on console and PC. I've also got unlimited point glitches to show you, and there's even a method in here to upgrade weapons beyond the point that's normally like the max for how much you can upgrade it, which is essentially like giving it a pack-a-punch tier four.

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The entire time, so that's W on your keyboard or just like forwards on the stick, and you need to pull your parachute. Once you hit the very top of your flight path, that's before you start descending, and that's when you want to pull it instantly. Cut the parachute and hold the trigger again and copy what I'm doing in the game play here you're going to shoot you're going to free fly forwards again you're going to then pull your parachute out you're going to cut the shoot you're going to hold the trigger again you're going to shoot you're going to fly forwards again Etc, and that's the scorcher Superman next we have unlimited, ammo and for this we also do need a scorcher case so for step one we need to just have a weapon equipped probably something with high damage usually I would use the Lockwood if you've got it and to begin with here we're going to shoot most of the primary guns ammo out right we're just going to get rid of that ammo and we're not going to reload, once that's done go to your inventory.

And look at which slot the scorcher case is in. Okay, so remember that slot in your mind. We're then going to equip the scorcher, turning it from a case into a weapon. We're going to drop our primary weapon, pick the weapon back up, and once that primary weapon is back in our hands, we're going to open our backpack again.

Hover over the slot where the scorcher case was before we used it just a second ago, and you'll notice that your Primary Weapons magazine is going to start autofilling, just like the scorcher, and so you can see how this would be pretty crazy powerful, right? It's just going to auto-regen that ammo, but it will stop working if you manually reload, so the way to reset it is just to drop your weapon on the ground again, pick it up again, and then hover over the scorcher slot to redo the glitch.

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It only works if you never use the scorcher, so once you fire the scorcher, you can't activate this glitch again. Just as a heads-up, next there's a glitch to bypass the vault door. We'll be using the scorcher for this once again, so start off by heading to Shaheen, Mana, and through this whole glitch, it can get a little wordy.

So just really make sure that you're copying what I'm doing in the game play, but go through this little opening in the water; it's going to lead you to the vault Easter egg itself, like that vault door, and normally you need to do a whole bunch of work in order to get it open, but we're going to get in a different way, so near the water entrance or exit.

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I guess if you're inside now, walk up next to these two blue barrels and against this light here, and then face the exit, like face that waterway that you came in from, and pull out your scorcher. And charge it and while you charge it hold forwards or W and you should basically end up stuck in the ceiling here which sounds alarming but don't worry now face towards the middle of the tunnel, and do the same thing again charge up your scorcher hold W, and we're essentially going to try and do this to sort of reposition, and if you like me you'll see that like it didn't turn left towards the middle of the tunnel when I did this so I instead shot a second time looking, straight, and ended up Landing inside the tunnel wall and so to fix that I shot towards the tunnel and I made it onto the top of the ceiling so it might take a little bit of fiddling here to make this work but once you're on top walk towards the Vault and if you go prone.


Just here, you can access a lot of the loot now one of them is a mimic as you know but you can kill it doesn't matter, and then once you're all done you're going to need to follow my path here that I'm showing you in the gameplay towards, the swimming pool, here you're going to have to jump up into the water, and it's not super clear but don't worry just keep pushing and then start swimming and stay on the path I'm showing you here and it might pull your parachute out for a split second don't worry that's normal that's not a sign that you're going to die or something and then just continue to this wall and mantle out of the pool and that's glitch done you've bypassed the Vault and gotten yourself a bunch of Loot next we have an XP farm glitch, which they tried to patch in season 1 or they tried to tweak in season 1 and that's what actually opened this glitch up to be possible so basically, it used to be the Outlast, contracts were like the best thing for farming XP, right cuz they just keep infinitely spawning zombies and it was great but then they changed it so that eventually.


It would stop spawning zombies and you would just tick progress up to 100% completion, the glitch though is that if you wait until exactly when I'm canceling the contract in my gameplay here so around the 95, % Mark zombies aren't going to stop spawning so long as you stay near the area meaning you can shoot from outside the building so long as you don't roam too far away from the Outlast location, and so you are going to be able to just continuously XP farm even though the contract is gone and you'll be able to level weapons like crazy fast this is insane for weapon leveling and camos and stuff like that next up it's Tombstone, time so we're going to start off with an unlimited points glitch.

You're going to need Tombstone for this; that's probably obvious. Also, you need to play co-op for this one in particular to work, and playing with a full squad will give you a whole lot more money, so step one is just to get some money in my game. Here, I got 30k, just as a starter, and my teammate Joey Conway also got 30k, and we also each got Tombstone.

The next one of us is going to give all of our money to the other player. We're just going to drop it all, and if that other player is going to pick it all up, then that other player needs to down themselves. They need to, like, hold b or hold circle or whatever to just bleed out, and then they need to complete the plea for health help animation.

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You can do this on your controller on the d-pad; it will basically give you the option on your screen to play for help from nearby squads, right? You need to do that, and then only after you've done that plea for help are you going to revive the person who is down. Then you're going to swap positions, so previously your teammate dropped all their points and then died right now.

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