News - Warzone 2 Zombies: Secret Tips You Need Season 1. Insta Kill Bosses & More


In today's article, we'll be covering special ways that you can pretty much instakill manglers, you can take out disciples much more quickly, we'll be doing a trick to get 10, 000 points from one contract, and we'll even be instakilling the Storm Caller boss, which is one of the strongest enemies in the entire game, and it takes literally 1 second to do.

It's crazy, so if you're excited for all that and more, then drop a like on the article, and we'll get started. So we all know that one of the best ways to get money early in your game in Modern Warfare Zombies is to do contracts, and I'm about to share a method that's going to get you 10, 000 points for one contract completion.

This is essential because if you're trying to farm rare schematics, if you're trying to farm Wonder Weapons those sorts of things and especially if you're trying to do this as a solo player, you need to spend as little time as possible in your game on that setup and money-earning process. Bounty and boom, you get 10K instead of five.

That's a huge difference you're making. Pack-a-Punch for free, basically, just by being a little more tactical. When you wrap those contracts up, thanks to Warlock Sster for sharing that tip next up if you want to take a break from the Tier 3 contracts. And you actually just want to chill out in the game for a bit without zombies attacking you.

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You might think that you could just swim in the water or something or hide on a roof, but zombies will throw meat at you and prevent you from getting the rest that you so desperately crave. However, a bowl of cereal has suggested that there is actually a way you can avoid all the zombies in the match, and that's simply to climb to one of the tops of these yellow cranes.

There are a few different types of these around the map, but if you find one, the zombies will simply never attack you up there, and you'll be absolutely safe for as long as you need to be safe. Now it's time for a bonus tip. I'm going to combine the last two tips together. We've got the Tier 3 Zone, and we've got these Safe Haven crane areas.

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I'm about to show you how you can teleport into the Tier 3 Zone and hang out in Tier 3 without any risk of stuff attacking you, and you can then parachute. From this little Safe Haven, I'm about to show you like half of the Tier 3 island in the space of like 15 to 20 seconds. It's great, so first of all, you're going to need to go to a portal entrance location.

These can be found in a dozen areas around the map, but I'm going to show you an example. Just here inside this tunnel, the location for this is D1, it's in the railway tunnel, not the road tunnel, and another potential entrance is in this hotel. In this grid square, it's on the top floor of the hotel, in the room furthest along the corridor, but regardless of which door you choose to use, you're going to go up to the door itself to cause all of the runes to spawn, and then you're going to shoot the following three symbols, and be careful to make sure that they light up as you do this.

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This is your first symbol. This is your second symbol, and this is your third symbol, and when the three are lit, you should then be able to run up to the door itself, hold square to spend 1, 000 points, and open up a portal. If you go through that portal, it's going to transport you to this hidden little hideway, inside Tier 3, that you can use to plan your next move and parachute in to complete your next objective.

The next tip is something that I honestly didn't really believe when I first heard it because it's just a bit OP in my opinion, so when you're jumping into a game with the mindset that you want to be as fast and efficient as possible so you can grind schematics, for example, in that match, you're probably making certain decisions.


To make yourself faster and more efficient, an example of that we've talked about already in a previous tips article was spawning in with no second weapons so you can just swap to your hands and run a lot faster without a weapon, and that's all well and good, but some people run into this issue right where they get to tier three they start doing those contracts, but just surviving in that zone is really damn tricky, especially if you're running in there without armor and things along those lines, and those dogs are yapping at your heels, and there's a super Sprinter that's just always really annoying, and you're sort of.

Between wanting to have a weapon in your hands so you can shoot that dog behind you and not wanting the weapon in your hands so you can run faster to get away from the dog, it's a bit of a catch-22 situation, but I actually just have a solution to that problem that means you get the best of both worlds, and it's throwing knives.

You can use these bad boys to one-hit kill any base-level enemy such as a dog or a regular zombie in Tier 3, which is absolutely insane. Because you can then retrieve the throwing knife, and you basically have infinite ammo, and you can hold multiple knives at once and restock them from ammo caches like this is Bonkers, which is so powerful.


Definitely give these a try the next time you're booking a flight straight to that Tier 3 zone. Now, throwing knives and knives have a lot in common, so let's do a melee tip now, shall we? This one comes from BMAN. So obviously, when you're running around with guns in the mode, you can drop them to teammates, and it's no big deal; that's totally fine, but sometimes you're spinning the box and you get a weapon that would be perfect for a teammate to grab, and it just feels like it would be easier.

If you could just have them take it out of the box, and it turns out you can actually do that too, you just have to spin the box to get a weapon inside it, and then while that weapon is descending, back into the box, melee it, and it will become available for other players in the map to grab. Next up, we've got our method for pretty much taking down manglers instantly.

This is such a freaking OP; it's crazy, and it's kind of related to a trick that used to work in Cold War Zombies as well. In fact, at one point, I'm pretty sure I had the world record for most damage that anyone had ever done in Cold War Zombies in one hit, and I got that using this trick like it is Bonkers.

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How effective it is, so when you find a Mangler, we all know that I think that if you attack its arm and you blow that up, then it makes The Mangler a lot weaker, like they're very susceptible to taking damage on that rocket arm, but what many people don't know, but what you now do is that if you melee that arm, especially if you're using something like a corit, or a Tona, or some other melee weapon, it will take out The Mangler in, one or two hits usually, and here's a couple clips of me doing it.

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