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This is an Easter egg guide for you to get the new schematics in Modern Warfare Zombies. To begin with you need to go into the games menu and select your act 4 Mission and if you've only got the first one unlocked, that's the season 1 content so you need to do that first but you now want to do the second, act four mission, and once you've selected that and loaded into your game it's going to direct you towards a quest which it's basically going to guide you through and hold your hand through but don't assume that you can just skip forward in the article here because you're going to need to do some other objectives in that area as well and for the record also if this doesn't work for you finish the act four mission and then go back in the next game and do these extra side quests but for the purpose of making it nice and concise.

I'm just going to explain it all at once, so before you go in. I would recommend that you don't bring in something like a ray gun because it's going to be useful to have bullet weapons here that can use AATs. That's an alternate ammo type, and it's also going to be useful to use a weapon that can get a head shot easily.

Just because of some of the tasks that we are about to try and complete, you don't need to be crazy powerful though because this area that we're going to teleport into is only going to be at World Tier 2, so you don't need triple pack gold rarity; save those for later instead when we're farming our Elder sigils to get those new schematics, so assuming you have like Pap level one or something, enter into the new Rift that has spawned in the north side of the Tier 3 Zone.

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And once you go through that rift, you're going to be in a new area of the dark ether that we haven't previously explored. When you run forward from that spawn point, you're going to see a ship, and the first thing that I want you to do is kind of hook around the side of the ship here to this patch of rocks that you can see in my gameplay here.

climb onto those rocks and then use them to mantle onto the building, and then turn around and mantle up onto the side of the ship. Then run along the edge of the ship here, and you'll find an obelisk, which you need to interact with. It's going to spawn a circle around you, and you need to melee zombies while they are inside that circle.

You need to get melee kills, and now it's going to drop your instakills. And there are going to be some periods where you're out of Instagram and you're still just in the circle, like, What the hell do I do now? Just survive you'll get a new instakill in approximately 30 seconds, and then once you've got enough melee kills, you'll get an audio prompt, and you'll get an item from the Obelisk, and you can move on to the next one.

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Obelisk 2 is by the soccer field kind of area; it's in the northern part of the map, and this one works very similarly except instead of getting melee kills, we're going to be getting head shots here, so get a bunch of head shots in the circle, and once you do so, you will get another item to pick up, and the third and final Obelisk is going to be down in the bottom right-hand corner of the map in I8.

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That's the grid square and this one's a little bit tricky to find because it's surrounded by fog but it is in there I promise you and when you activate this one it's going to require you to kill zombies with a specific alternate ammo type that the ground around you is going to dictate, and if you don't have the aat that you need don't panic there's going to be a little metal plate that you can go and interact with and that is going to drop an aat on the floor for you to pick up which will mean that you'll be able to get the kills corresponding to the aat that the game is requesting of you at that time cycle through the aats, get all of the kills, in that Circle and you'll get your third item from the Obelisk now that's the last Obelisk item but that's not done for, the general Quest that we need to do here so now you can just follow the game's prompts to escort the ACV.

Find Fletcher in the SPO-ridden area, escort him out, and then take down a boss at the end once Fletcher escapes. That boss is going to drop you your final item, which you need, and this one's going to be different from the others because this item is going to be gold whereas all the previous items were purple, so we're now going to go through the process of upgrading all three of the purple items so we can use them to unlock the dark ether, and then we can do our schematic farming method.


Now, I'd also really appreciate it if you guys could farm some subscriptions to my channel while you were watching the article here, but if you'd rather just like the article instead, that's all good. So assuming you have three purple items and one yellow, you need to spawn into another game, and we're going to go through the upgrade processes for the purples first, so you'll have a pair of gloves that'll be one of them, and for those, you need to go to the boxing gym at the bottom of the Zaran Suburbs.

It's inside a building, and you simply need to go into the center of the gym and the center of the boxing ring and hold square there to deposit your item, and you'll then see one of the punching bags start glowing. You need to melee that a bunch of times, which will make the other punching bags glow.

You need to melee those as well, and then it will spawn a zombie in for you to melee to death, and once you do that, you'll have your upgraded item, and you'll then see one of the punching bags start glowing. You need to melee that a bunch of times, which will make the other punching bags glow. You need to melee those as well, and then it will spawn a zombie in for you to melee to death, and once you do that, you'll have your upgraded item, the first of three.


The next one is a little bit more fiddly, I would say, so we're going to go to the graveyard. On the right-hand side of the map for this one, if you go to this specific patch of ground, you'll be able to deposit your purple item, and it's then going to spawn in a couple of zombies with different sorts of glows on them, and each of these zombies needs to be killed with a different attack.

So you need to go to the center clock tower, which is going to start glowing, and you need to use the same mechanism that we used earlier on with the OB blisks to interact with a metal plate to drop yourself an AAT. And then grab that aat and use it to shoot the corresponding zombie, and obviously if you're shooting a zombie and it's not taking damage, it means you're using the wrong aat, so I'll pick up my napon burst aat.

How to get NEW SCHEMATICS in MW3 Zombies S2 Reloaded! Blood Burner Bike, Mags of Holding, another one I forgot.
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