News - This Is Like A Cheat Code Warzone 2 Zombies Op Loadout For Season 3


I figured that we come in here and test it out today, and I'm talking about Theo 4. Now traditionally, Theo is a semi-automatic rifle, but you can put this thing into full auto, and apparently that's what they're saying is shredding. I appreciate everybody who stops by the article today. We just hit 15, 000 subscribers.

I have a huge goal of 20K that I'm trying to hit by the end of summer, and so far, you guys are just absolutely killing it. We're going to be jumping into everything about this, so, really quick, I need to give a huge shout out to today's sponsor, Dam Mods, for sponsoring today's article. Whether you're tired of getting shadowbanned on War Zone or you really want to unlock that bore Alis Camo and Modern Warfare Zombies, Dam Mods has completely got you covered.

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Use code Ghost to check out for 5% off your entire order. BEC is coming in clutch because of this thing, I'm not going to lie, and I was pretty impressed. I remember using this thing a little bit back in season 1, maybe a little bit in season 2, and it was pretty good, but it wasn't quite like this, so we're going to be bringing in a legendary ether tool today and a Flawless Crystal to toss on this thing, and isn't this just one of the sickest-looking blueprints?

In the game, a combination of the glowing green and the purple just makes it look really good. We first tried this thing out on a few HVTs inside the second-tier zone, and it handled them decently well, but it wasn't surprising. At first. I was kind of a little bit worried that this thing wasn't going to do so great once I went into the red tier zone, but I'm really happy to say that once I finally got out here and actually got all my perks.


I was very surprised. The very first thing I did was end up getting this HVT on this mangler here, and it handled him pretty fast. Then I just wanted to see what it was doing against these tier three zombies, and yeah, these guys are just getting instantly deleted. I wanted to come over to this bridge and just test on this Mega Abomination, but apparently there was a huge swarm of zombies over here, plus we had a mimic.

I think a Mangler, and other stuff, but it was a good time to just test it against all of them at the same time this Esso was just completely holding its own. Actually, I was really surprised by this battle rifle. There are definitely quite a few MW2s. Guns that are just absolutely cooking this season on top of dealing with all of these other zombies and those mini bosses and everything we had the mega Abomination behind them, and watch how fast we melted this guy.

This was a weapon that I almost completely forgot about, and it's awesome to see that it's acting like a top-tier weapon right now, especially if you guys got that magga holding to throw on this thing, you'll be absolutely unstoppable. I don't know; I was really loving that M4 for a minute, but I don't know, guys; this just might be a little bit better.


I would even go so far as to say it is a bit better. The only downside to this is that you do have a little bit less ammo, like with the M4; you're going to have well over 1, 000 rounds, and it's very powerful, so it's going to be a very viable and comfortable gun for a lot of people to use, but if you're looking for something, that is just incredible.

Hard hitting that's just going to deal with anything that you need to, whether it be the mega Abominations or the other bosses, yeah, this thing's definitely going to have you covered if you just want to farm like HVTs. Out here inside the red-tier zone, this thing's definitely going to do it for you.

I can't believe that hellhound actually put me down right there. Like, that's just crazy coming up here. You guys are going to see that I decided to take on this Mega Abomination down by the gate, and this is going to give me a little bit more clear shots at him. I'm not going to deal with well too many zombies, anyway, getting him way, you can just see the health just fall off of this guy.


I love it whenever we find guns that are capable of doing this. Really, is it just a good way to test out these guns? But we can also be finding, you know, ether tools or those crystals and stuff along the way. It's always nice whenever we find guns that can deal with these guys quickly and easily, as you're going to see here.

After I finished this guy, I ended up just backing up over the bridge, and there were zombies and hellhounds and everything just coming after me, and I'm just instantly deleting. Everything I got to say, I definitely think right now this is one you guys should try out. I also brought in an elder Sizzle, so I couldn't wait to go on into the Elder Dark Eternity and try it out there.

Hopefully it does well, because I don't think we have any more of these. I might have one left in the stash, but from what I've experienced so far, I'm very confident this thing's going to handle itself just fine in there. The only thing I'm a little bit worried about is that the dark ether for me lately has been a little bit buggy, and by a little bit, I mean a lot.


I know I mentioned this a couple times in my previous articles, but it just keeps like stuff like this keeps happening to me lately when I go into the dark ether, and it is just a little bit infuriating. I've been getting stuck on the P&M missions. I've gotten stuck to The Ether extractor contracts, each time whenever you get stuck to these things you can't do anything or move until the zombies end up putting you down and hopefully, you have a self reses but if it ends up happening multiple, times then you know you're just ending up kind of screwed plus I've had the hvt.

Contract glitch out on me several times now whether he's been falling underneath the map that's happened on me twice he's also gotten stuck inside of a building where I couldn't do any damage to him whatsoever, he was just glitched out and then there was another time that he blew up on his own and I guess that one was all right cuz I didn't have to kill him but still it is just very frustrating.


Whenever you go through like an entire hour and a half to go through these rounds and build up a bunch of really good loot to do all this, hopefully we can end up going in here without any issues and get some good stuff. I mean, I have some really high hopes, man. It's been a really good day. I mean, it's been a really good time to be a Modern Warfare Zombies player, and I'm th

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