News - Tips On How To Prepare For Season 3 Reloaded Warzone 2 Zombies


Today we're going to be discussing a little bit about the season 3 reloaded update that's just around the corner, and we now know exactly when it's going to be. Not only are we going to be running through everything that's going to be coming with this reloaded update, but then I'm going to give you guys some tips on what you can do to get yourselves prepared.

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PlayStation, and PC. With thousands of great reviews on Trustpilot, you guys should definitely check them out. Be sure to use code RG at checkout for 5% off your entire order for a limited time only. So finally, our season 3 Reloaded update is just around the corner, and we know exactly when. When it's going to be hitting and we're finally getting some new content in Zombies, we take a look at our battle pass.

Here we have a classified section that is available to us in 12 days, which is going to be May 1st, which lines up just about right with our other seasons in between the times that we've had in between our reloaded updates. I know we've discussed this on the channel already, but I'm going to quickly summarize: what's going to be coming with the season 3 Reloaded update?

Just to catch some people up to speed, we take a look over here at what they posted on the Call of Duty Vlog post. We pretty much have four main points of interest. Of course, we're going to be having another story, Mission, and in this one, we're going to be pretty much rescuing Dr. Jensen from the dark ether.


We're also going to be getting a new dark ether Rift, which we now know is going to be taking place down at the hydroplant and alaza, and of course, just like with all of the previous dark ethers, this is how we are going to be unlocking our three new schematics. We're going to be getting the dead-wire detonators, which are going to apply dead wire to not only your launcher ammo but also to your lethals and tacticals.

We're going to be getting the golden gas mask filter, which is basically regenerating the gas mask, and we're also going to be getting the sergeant foray, which is going to make you invisible to those mercenaries, or Le blend in with them. Lastly, we are also going to be getting a new warlord, called The Rain Maker.


Now this guy is apparently an expert in explosives, and he's going to be held up on that little island that's just across from the mansion. I don't know about you guys, but I find the Warlords to be probably the absolute least interesting part of Modern Warfare Zombies. At least that's just to me personally, like, I really wish they would just take out all this human AI and actually give us some more zombie bosses that would be nice now.

That roughly does kind of sum up what we're going to be getting for the reloaded update. Now, of course, there's going to be a lot of other things that we're going to be doing along the way, like there's going to be that little Easter egg quest where we're going to have to collect the items in order to open up the dark ether, and then we're going to have to do something in order to upgrade those items.

We could go on inside and try to get these schematics. Now I have a couple of things that you guys can do just to be kind of prepared for doing this. The first thing that I can tell you guys to do is try not to use any of your schematics that have a 3-day warranty. Cool down a couple of days before this update launches.


If you have a couple of those few extra spare items built up in your stash, then yeah, that's cool, but I would suggest just saving these things because we don't really know how difficult they are going to be once we get them. Definitely, having things like some golden armor plates and an ether blade is really going to help you guys out when we're trying to get in here.

Another thing that I can really highly advise you guys to do with our last new dark ether is that we didn't have to go in and get another new Elder sigil. If you had an Elder sigil in your stash, you should just be able to walk up to the new dark ether portal, put that Elder sigil in there, and go in and try to get the new schematics.

So hopefully that could save you guys a run without having to go in there and do the regular dark ether. You can just go in there into the Elder right off the bat and hopefully get yourself or some of your buddies those new schematics. Also, usually whenever we get these new updates, it takes quite a few runs before we officially get everything done, so what I would advise you guys to do is build up a nice little stash of legendary ether tools so you can have four or five of these things built up and ready to go on launch day.


If you have the schematic for the legendary ether tool, it's going to make this a thousand times easier, and you can craft the legendary ether tool every 24 hours. So what I would advise you guys to do is, just a couple of days before the update goes live, try not to use any legendary ether tools, but make sure you craft one every single day and just throw it in your backpack and save it.

Trust me, you guys can get by on just epic and rare ether tools just fine as long as you're using the right guns and the right setups. Another thing that also never hurts is that if you have a scorcher and if you have the depth perception perk, what I would advise you guys to do is act immediately.


When you start the match, just go straight into the red-tier zone. With the depth perception perk on, it's going to make seeing those ether crates through walls really easy, and you can actually find those legendary ether tools and those crates out there. Of course, you could do this without the scorcher, but the reason why I would say bring in the scorcher is because a lot of times I think people don't be finding these things out there just because they end up getting out there a little bit late, especially lately with how overrun the red zone can be there.

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