News - Top 5 Best Weapons Warzone 2 Zombies Season 3 Op Loadouts


With completely safe and legitimate services for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, and thousands of great reviews on Trustpilot, you guys should definitely check them out. Be sure to use code G at checkout for 5% off your entire order for a limited time. The very first weapon we're going to be looking at today is the SO14 from Modern Warfare 2, and this thing is a slapper.

I can't believe I slept on this one so long. Now apparently the key to the sauce with this thing is that when you put it into full auto, it's just going to be deleted. Eating everything in front of you handled Mega Abominations. Really well, and it even handled the Elder Dark ether really well, and that's why it's going to make the list here today.

The load out's going to be up on it, and it's going to turn it into more of our number five spot. Now coming in at number four on our list is going to be the retti. With the conversion kit, this little pistol, once you put the conversion kit on it, it's going to turn it into more of a little SMG.


Hybrid, and this thing is a little demon now. What inspired me to try this thing out was because it was so OP in the war zone at that one point in time, and now, so I figured, you know what, let's try it over in zombies. I am very glad that I did this thing, just absolutely. With zombies in the red tier zone, we were able to handle the Elder Dark ether really well, and it just deletes those Megas in seconds and handles HVTs.

In the red-tier zone, no problem. The movement on this thing is excellent. Yes. I do know that the retti did just receive a pretty big Nerf because of how powerful it was in the war zone, but I came in zombies and tried it out after the Nerf, and it seemed to be doing just as well as it was before.

Still, this thing is absolutely amazing, especially if you have a magga to throw in here. Hands down one of the best weapons to use in the game right now. If you have that conversion kit, go ahead and slap it on there and try it out. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Load out's going to be up on the screen right here for this one now coming in at our number three spot is another weapon that kind of blew me away.


My life has changed. I'm talking about the X13 Pistol. I knew the second that I tried this thing out inside the red tier zone that it was just going to be rid ridiculously; op, these zombies were just instantly getting deleted, plus we got some hvts that were just instantly gone. It handles those megas really fast.

The only major downfall with this weapon was going to be the mag size. I just found myself running out of ammo quite a bit. As long as you're constantly picking up ammo from zombies and you know where all the ammo caches are, you should be okay. That is really my only downside to this weapon. The movement is absolutely amazing; it feels like you're running almost without a gun, plus it's just snappy as all hell, and it's powerful, like really powerful.


I definitely feel like the pistols are dominating this season in Modern Warfare Zombies, because a lot of them are just absolutely shredding. This little pistol is definitely one that I think you guys should try out, and just like the retti, once you put that impact point barrel on it, it's going to turn this thing into more of a little SMG, pistol hybrid absolutely insane guys load out's going to be up on the screen right here for anybody who wants to try out this one.

These next two were actually incredibly hard for me to pick. I wasn't sure which one I wanted to put in the first slot or which one I wanted to put at number two, CU. I just feel like they're both so equal. As good as good, I mean, if not, one can be a little bit better at some things than the other, but coming in at number two is going to be the Stinger, pistols in a Kimbo.

Now, these guns have always been some of my favorites here in Modern Warfare zombies. Ever since the launch of the game, I've loved running these things, but just recently, in our most recent update, these things actually just got a buff, which now makes them incredibly insane. When it comes to those Mega Abominations, like you could see with that one right there, we deleted that guy in under 10 seconds.


I would almost go to say that these things are almost as good as the flamethrower. Was at least for deleting those Mega Abominations, and they're really good at taking down hvts, handling zombies in the red tier zone, and the Elder Dark Eternity, as we did have a legendary tool in these clips here, but you can just throw on an epic, and I guarantee you these things are going to handle just as well, just absolutely amazing little pistols.

I remember back when everybody was loving the swarms. I actually favored The Stingers over the Swarms, even back then, but right now these things are insane and you need to try them out, but up for those is going to be up on the screen right here, and we're going to be getting into our number one slot.

Right now, coming in at our number one slot is going to be the new FJX. SMG, this little SMG, is crazy. It's not going to take a legendary tool; you can come in here with a rare or an epic and just get this thing popping up a couple of times, and it's going to be handling almost anything you need to.


There's a lot of competition between this guy and The Stingers when it comes to killing those Mega Abominations. I would even almost give it to the Stingers. I think the Stingers delete the megas just a little bit faster, but this fjx handles everything really well, maybe just slightly better than The Stingers, which kind of just gives it an overall better feeling, and I have a feeling that more of the community and more Zombie players will flock to this SMG more than anything, even if it's for nothing, just its straight-up ease of use that's going to just override everything.

I think when it comes down to looking at how good a gun is in this game mode, there are so many more factors for us to look at than just how powerful it is. I guess that should be one of the main factors, but there are a lot of other things that we should be looking at when we're looking at these weapons, like how big the mag size is and whether it has good movement.


Does the weapon feel snappy, and does it have good accuracy? Yes, power is definitely one of the most important things to look at. I think that we should be weighing in a bunch of other factors as well. If it were just sheer power, I might even give this one to the Stingers. But I think because everybody's going to love this one and just because it is so comfortable, easy to use, and just as good as The Stingers pretty much got to give the number one slot to the fjx, guys, this little SMG is definitely amazing and is one that I think you guys should definitely try out.

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