News - Is This Gun Really That Good Warzone 2 Zombies. Easy Legendary Loot


You know, guys, my stash was looking a little low on some of those legendary items. But really quick. I need to give a huge shout-out to today's sponsor. If you guys are looking to unlock the new MW3. Camos such as Interstellar, or Bor Alis or possibly even play in some bot lobbies or get all the best schematics and Modern Warfare Zombies then be sure to check out Mitch Cactus but the biggest and most reliable sellers with heaps of brand new offerings for rmw, 3 with completely safe and legitimate services for Xbox PlayStation and PC with thousands of great reviews on trust pilot you guys should definitely check them out be sure to use code real g at checkout for 5% off your entire order for a limited time only, as you guys can see we did come in here with a legendary ether tool plus a Flawless Crystal and that Maga holding I wanted to get this M16, as absolutely as powerful as I could get it just so I could see what everybody's been talking about and man I'm not going to lie when I first sh it out on a couple hvts inside of the second tier Zone I wasn't completely impressed, but when I finally decided to take it inside of the red-tier zone, yeah, that's when I can finally see where this thing is shining.

You guys can see right here that we just absolutely tore through that mega-abomination. I think it only took us probably about 15 seconds; it just handles all of these red-tier zombies really nicely. With that Mega holding, you're going to be looking at 660 rounds, which isn't really the greatest, but it's not that bad either.

I would definitely imagine that if you guys had an epic ether tool on here, it'd be doing really well as well. Next up, we ended up getting an hvt on a Mangler here inside of the red tier zone, and it handled this guy pretty damn well. It's probably not the fastest that I've seen, but definitely way faster than a lot of the guns in the game right now.


This guy also dropped me two refined crystals, so I definitely can't complain about that. We ended up getting an HVT on a disciple, and this guy was a little bit of a pain in the ass, but not really just because of him, just because of the overall amount of zombies that I had to deal with. This guy went down in just about the same amount of time as that mangler, maybe just a little bit more after we were finally able to get this HVT.

Done with, I decided it was finally time to go inside the dark ether. Not only do I need to put some things back in the stash, but we can also test this thing out just against the dark ether zombies and then also against that hvt, in there usually those hvts. When we get in there, you have a little bit more health than the ones that we see out here.

Yeah, that M16 actually looks really nice. I'm glad that this thing's finally getting a little bit of love, especially since it was just so bad in MW 2. I don't know why they seem to like doing that to our iconic weapons; they seem to like taking our most iconic weapons and just making them complete trash.


I'm looking at you. Ray Gun We grabbed our first contract here, and surprisingly, we ended up getting something else that wasn't a damn Mega Abomination; I always get those things. We ended up getting a Mangler; this guy actually went down surprisingly fast, and he gave us some really damn good loot.

We ended up getting a legendary ether tool, we got that blood burner key, and we ended up getting an elder sigil. Too bad for our first pullout of the contracts in here. I'm definitely happy with that. Now it's off to our second contract, and yeah, I definitely stopped at the top of this ladder to take a bite of my pizza.

You can't just be sitting there, and I'm smelling it and gaming, man. I'm just going to eat it now that we're over here in our Outlast contract, and I was definitely sure to bring a sentury gun in here ever since they buffed up this dark ether. It takes a little bit more than a few contracts out in the ass to get this one done.


You're just way more overrun with a lot more zombies in here, so a sentry gun will definitely help you out just a little bit. From everything that I can tell, so far this gun has not struggled, doing anything that I've put it to the test too. We were able to farm a bunch of contracts out in the red-tier zone for a long time.

We did a bunch of HVTs. Plus, I ended up doing some weapon raid stash contracts and everything else. I handed the red-tier Zone zombies really well, and now it's handling these dark-ether zombies no problem; they might have been overrun just a little bit from time to time, but hey, we actually unlocked the spinal husk camo too, so we're just a little bit closer to that bioluminescent.

I'm also going to be putting together another list of the best weapons to use after the reloaded update, and this one just might make that list. Keep an eye on this weapon, for sure. The only real two downsides that I see to this M16, in total, is going to be that it does have a little bit slower movement.


You can build it out to have a little bit more of a faster movement, but overall, it is just going to slow down your movement a little bit. I did pair it with the VR11, so I did have a little bit of that extra speed boost wherever I went. The second downside that I can see to this M16 is that even with the mega holding, we're only holding 660.

Like I said earlier, that's not terrible, but it's also not the greatest. If you know exactly where all of the ammo crates are, then it's really not that bad, and you can get by that. We got this one done, and after struggling for a little bit to get inside this reward Rift, we got a Maga holding, and we got another Elder sigil, so I'm definitely going to be taking those.


Now it's time to go get our last contract done so we can get the hell out of this dark ether, and if you guys still don't know where anything is inside this dark ether. I'm going to throw up a map up on the screen right here and shout out to MWZ and Hub. They do amazing work. I know that the majority of Modern Warfare zombie players already know exactly where everything is and all that, but there are quite a few people that don't, and I still see comments all the time of everybody saying.

You know, either they haven't been in here yet or they're still struggling to find things. That's honestly why we put together all of these articles. Not only do we just love zombies and we love playing the game and making informative articles and content for you guys, but it is also just really cool to see all those comments that are just like.

Hey, you guys' articles really help me out, or, you know. I was finally able to do the red worm. Solo, or I did the dark ether Solo, or all that stuff because of you guys helping me out. Like that is such, that is such an awesome feeling, and it's a really cool thing to see now. Don't get me wrong.

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