News - How To Get More Legendary Aether Tools Warzone 2 Zombies Easy Guide


Today we're going to go over all the different ways and everything that you can be doing to make sure that you never run out of legendary ether tools again with the season 3 Reloaded update that's just around the corner. Not only is this going to be easier than ever, but you're going to be able to store more of them than ever.

Sometimes I really think these things can be way easier to come across than some people think. We just hit 16, 000. We're going to jump right into everything, guys, but really quick, I do need to give a huge shout out to today's sponsor. If you guys are looking to unlock the new MW3, camos such as Interstellar or Borealis, or possibly even play in some bot lobbies or get all the best schematics and Modern Warfare Zombies, then be sure to check out Mitch Cactus.

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First off, if you guys don't have the legendary ether tool schematic, that should be the very first thing that you're focusing on if you're still kind of confused. You're going to get the schematic from defeating the red worm boss fight. This can actually be pretty easy to set up, so the very first thing you're going to want to do is come down to this building here, and it's going to show you exactly where all of your USB Locations are going to be spawning; if you have the scorcher, of course, it's going to make this way easier, but you can just do it by running around in vehicles.

Once you get used to where all the locations are, it starts becoming really easy to go around and collect all four of your USBs. And once you get all four of them, go ahead and pull up your tack map. Look to where you find The Ether, Storm, and then just on the outside of it, you should see two ammo crates that are right next to each other, and that's where your boss fight's going to be spawning.


Now is going to be your time to get yourself completely geared up. I would say get a couple cents and guns. Get yourself a couple of self-revivals. Make sure you have a golden gas mask if I didn't say so already, especially if you guys plan on trying to attempt doing this solo. Make sure you bring in the VR11.

That's going to be your best bet at defeating the red worm once the ether storm finally starts moving in and it actually covers those ether extractors that are down at your boss's fight location. That's when you can go ahead and insert those USBs, and once you insert all four of them, the red worm's going to spawn.

All I can say from that point on is good luck, but for real, just make sure that you're constantly moving. Go ahead and set down your sentry and guns, and keep an eye on your gas mask. Make sure that it doesn't break. You can refill it at those Ammo Re stations right there. Make sure that you have decoys equipped so you can distract some of those zombies, and be sure to turn a few of those zombies with the VR11 to keep them off of you too.


If you guys don't get it on your first try, just go ahead and do it a couple more times. I guarantee you that you will eventually. Now that you have the legendary ether tool schematic, this thing is going to be really easy to farm up because you can craft it every 24 hours if you have a little bit of self-control.

What I would advise you guys to do is, for a couple days in a row, just go ahead and craft one and throw it inside of your stash. Start making a bunch of runs with either rare or epic ether tools, and I guarantee you that on your runs you're going to end up finding either more legendary or epic ether tools.

If you follow these steps. I know that there's going to be a lot of people out there that don't play Modern Warfare Zombies every single day, but if you have that legendary ether tool schematic, if you don't plan on playing Modern Warfare Zombies for the day, you still want to keep just building up that stash with the absolute best stuff.


Just log out for 2 seconds. Craft that legendary ether tool. Throw it in your stash and then log off, especially with the reloaded update that we're getting. In just 4 days, we're going to have up to 20 slots in our stash, so you can end up storing a bunch more of these things. I'm going to let you guys in on a little secret: the number one way that I find legendary Ether tools more than any other way is just by finding them in crates inside the red tier zone.

My two favorite things to pair up together when I go out and do this are going to be the scorchers. And of course you got to have that DEP perception on so that way you can see those ether crates through walls. I cannot tell you how often I'm just walking through the red-tier zone and when everything else is looted.

I'm catching these crates through walls just because people don't see them. I used to have a little bit better look with this next one than I have recently, but you can still shoot those ethers, and nine times out of 10, they are going to end up dropping you an ether tool or harvesting orbs, which I do believe is the correct term for it.


I remember back in season 1 and even in season 2, these things had a way higher chance of dropping me legendary ether tools. I used to get them like that all the time. Noway, it does seem to be a bit rare, but hey, it doesn't hurt to check and throw this map up on the screen right here just so you guys know where all of the harvesting orbs are going to be spawning.

Of course, the ones in the higher-tier zones have more of a chance of dropping you those legendary or epic ether tools. You can also get legendary ether tools from killing Mega Abominations. More often than not, I end up getting crystals from these things rather than ether tools, but it is still possible.

I know this last one may come as a huge shocker to everybody, but just farming contracts inside of the red tier zone and also inside of the dark ethers will have a higher chance of spawning legendary ether tools than doing anything else. Yes, I have gotten them inside the second-tier zone, which is definitely really rare.


Also, going back to one of the first things that I mentioned when I was talking about crafting the legendary ether tools and just kind of farming them up that way, these things only have a 24-hour cooldown, and with our new update that we're getting in just a couple of days, we're going to be able to reduce the cooldown timers on our schematics.

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