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Mw3 ranked play hrm 9 class setup

Mw3 ranked play hrm 9 class setup

Here are the top five new metal weapons to use for Modare 3 range play. Number five is the HRM 9. If you're confused, five new weapons are being tested for the next week in Model 4 3 range play, so I got you the best class setup. Subscribe if this helps you out, and this SMG puts down a good amount of damage with high bullet velocity, but it's in the number five spot because its recoil isn't good until the end of your mag.

The best class is here; we're going for the princeps and long barrel for bull velocity and range; this makes it even better to the point of 624. For the bullet velocity, the only real reductions are in the hip fire spread going over to the muzzle. We're going to scroll down to the purifier muzzle brake to work with that horizontal recoil.

If you notice the recoil pattern, it initially jumps pretty far to the left before straightening out over time. This helps with that initial jump going over to the underbarrel. We're going to scroll all the way over to the Chira, RN3, vertical grip for gun kick control, and vertical recoil control.

This does make the horizontal recoil control a little bit worse, but since we're already benefiting from it with a purifier, you might as well throw this on over here. For the rear grip, we're going to use the PCS 90 assault grip for even more help with that gun kick control and firing aim stability, and then for the stock, we're going to go with a hatchet light stock for aim down sight speed and aim walking speed.

With a slight reduction and recoil control, this gun is not my favorite; you need to stay tuned for those, but those who would benefit most from using it are mouse and keyboard players and mid-range SMG players due to its high bullet velocity and range. With that being said, we're moving on to.

Mw3 ranked play ram 9 class setup

Mw3 ranked play ram 9 class setup

Class number four is the RAM 9. The Ram 9 SMG is the best of the two SMGs being added, and it is fast. The best class is here. Initially. I thought we'd put on a barrel for the bull velocity and range, but after testing it in the firing range, this doesn't impact the number of shots needed to kill at close and medium range, so we're going to avoid the barrel, and together, we're going to go to the muzzle.

Scroll over here to see the purifier muzzle. Break the muzzle of choice for SMGs. To help with that horizontal recoil control and firing stability, your bullet velocity is still 460, which is about the same as the Meta Rival 9 class, so this gun can still hang. Going over here to the underbarrel, we're going to choose the Dr.

6 hand stop this all-around attachment, God, because it helps with everything and really only hurts your aim, walking steadiness, and hip fire spread, so there's no reason not to use this under Barrel. Now, scrolling over here to the rear group, we're going to choose the retort. 90 grip tape for firing aim stability and gun kick control, with the only con being aiming auto-sway up.

Next is the comb; we're going to choose the Recon comb to help with sprint to fire speed. This gun is already fast, but this makes it that much faster, and the main reductions are in aiming Idol Sway and aim walking speed, so this doesn't impact your aim or mobility that much. And now, for the last attachment, the stock, we're going to go with the hvs, 3.4, pad to further help with a gun kick control.

aiming Auto-sway firing aim stability slows you down a little bit, but it's worth it in the long run. Use this class if you are rushing in people's faces; you're hyper-aggressive if you're up close. This class performs super well in close quarters because of the high fire rate and good mobility, so some of you are really going to.

Mw3 ranked play holger 556 class setup

Mw3 ranked play holger 556 class setup

Enjoy this class, and now for class number three, the hogre 556. This gun is going to be the new go-to for SND because it does have three-bullet potential if you go for a head shot, and the best class is here.

Starting with the barrel, we're going to go with a Cryos 6 match for bullet velocity range, recoil control, and gun kick control. It's going to slow you down just a little bit, but it's worth it. While this gun does do a lot of damage downfield, its bullet velocity is not that high, so you need all the help that you can get, especially since we can't use ammunition and types in competitive situations, so this barrel is a must-have just to bump that bullet velocity to 762.

Going over here to the muzzle, we're not going to use the builder or the purifier for the same reason. I just mentioned that we don't want to make the bullet velocity any worse. We're actually going to choose the cas's break; this essentially does what the purifier muzzle brake would do, but instead of harming the bull velocity and range, it makes the aim-down sight speed a little bit worse, and we're already posted up with this AR, so that's totally fine for the underbar.

We're going with a DR6 hand stop for the same reasons as we've mentioned before: it helps speed up the gun, and it doesn't really have a downside. Going over here to the optic, we're going to choose the Mark II reflector right here for better precision down range, and then the last attachment at the stock is going to be the RB.

Addle assault stock for recoil control and gun kick control, and the best people for this class are accurate AR players who can hold Lanes; if you don't miss with this gun, you literally won't lose, and the insane headshot multiplier only adds to that.

Mw3 ranked play mtz 556 class setup

Mw3 ranked play mtz 556 class setup

And now for , class number two is the MTZ. In my opinion, this is the best gun being added to MW3 range play. Use this class here. Starting with the barrel, we're going with the MTZ clinch Pro barrel for bullet velocity and damage range, which makes it very competitive at 8815. This is a faster AR, but the more help that you can have with your bullet velocity, the better, and the only downsides to this are hipfire and attack stance spread and a little bit of aim walking speed, which we're going to help later going over to muzzle because that bullet velocity is so good we're able to put on the purifier muzzle.

Brak, as we were talking about earlier, is going to reduce that bull velocity down to 750, which is still competitive in the AR category, especially, like I was talking about earlier, how this is a faster AR class anyway. Up next, under Barrel, you guess it is the DR6 hand stop to make the gun a ton faster, especially with the strafe speed.


Scrolling over here to the optics, we're going to go to my favorite, the Mark III reflector, for better precision. We're not going with a rear group this time, but we are going with the stock, the MTZ Marauder stock, which is over here. This is going to help with your recoil control, both horizontal and vertical.

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