News - The Ram 9 Is Still Meta Season 3. Best Ram 9 Class Setup Warzone 2



Yo, today we are using a Meta Ram 9. You cannot miss it. This thing was going crazy today. We did drop the nuke. Here what's going on, Sergeant G? I hope everybody's having a great day.

Ram 9 class setup

We're going to get straight into the class setup, The first attachment we're using here today on the Ram 9 is going to be the barrel, the speedway, and the V5 short barrel.

This barrel is going to give a lot of recoil control to the weapon. This is a pretty fast-firing SMG. So you are going to have to try to get that recoil control on a bunch of these attachments, and this one right here does a crazy amount to it. It is going to bring down the range a little bit, but this is more of a close-quarter map weapon anyway, so that's not going to matter too much, and speed is going to go down a little bit as well.

best class setup modern warfare 3

The second attachment we have here today is going to be under Barrel Cura. With three vertical grips, this grip is going to also provide more vertical recoil control. I would say that it's more important to have vertical recoil than horizontal recoil, so the horizontal going down is not a problem.

Vertical recoil is what you are focused on, so this is a really, really good attachment. Ad speed is going to go down a little bit in the third attachment. What I want to say is very important. I was having to reload a lot with this weapon with the 30 round, so throw on the 40 round. Even if you have the 50-round, you could try that out and see if the gun feels good.

I think a 40-round is the nice little sweet spot, so that's what we were using here so we don't lose too much mobility in handling. The fourth attachment we have here is going to be the Honker 5 stock pad. This pad is going to do even more recoil and control. There are a lot of attachments we have on today, which makes this thing absolutely beam, and the ad speed is going to go down once again.

best modern warfare 3 ram 9 class setup

It's not going to matter too much; the ad still feels really good on this weapon. The fifth and final attachment we have here is the sensor mass grip tape rear grip. This rear grip is going to give you some accuracy, which is the Flinch resistance. If someone shoots you, it's not going to kick your weapon up as much, and then the ad's movement speed will go down a little bit, but honestly, if you'd like to switch this attachment out, you can try out the RoR 90 grip tape.

This one might be even better for you for the recoil control, so you can definitely slap that on if this one's not working out, and that is going to do it for the five attachments on this weapon. As we go into the firing range, we can see how it is in action. As you can see, it absolutely beams the first two.

The third one might be a little bit of a problem, but you can tap fire on that one if you have to. Most of the time, you're going to be using this on a close-quarter map. We also have a backpack of R pistol stun grenade frag grenade on ammunition box scavenger gloves, which this combination is going to allow me to keep getting ammo if needed.

A lot of the time I go on streaks, I need ammo, so I have both of these on-cover sneakers so we can get around the map silently. EOD padding so we don't blow up a grenade, and that is going to do it for the class setup here.

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Ram 9 nuke gameplay

Let's go, and Get right into it; this mic is crazy. PE and I got it, but I just got that one with ease, which was super easy. This gun is so good. What the freak I've been missing, out this gun is amazing like Kazi What's going on? Look at them all; everybody wants them. B You know it's very unfortunate because they're working so hard for B flag and win the game, but I got the nuke, so they automatically lose when I call it in.

I don't even have to wait until we unlock the magazine. 40 round you only get eight extra, bullets it doesn't work in game for some reason I got to like wait till the game, over best SMG right now this thing is so. Itav jaas Yeah. I know a lot of people like that one or Jack Glass. I said, Jack, what the fre, whatever fre it's called.

Wait, I got to remember to call my new G too. The game is about to end. I'm going to make sure I keep an eye on that, trying to get as many kills as possible before the game. Holy freak, I love it. Dang, I choked 100. The feeds were insane right there; it's a nice little 94 and 8, [__]. How did we just lose?

We're higher than them. How did we lose if we're higher? I don't [__]. Make no come on, man, make that. Make sense, dog. He's tweaking; he doesn't know that the nuke makes us automatically win. That's funny, .I love,.

the RAM 9 is STILL META in SEASON 3! Best RAM 9 Class Setup Modern Warfare 3.
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