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Modern Warfare 3 ranked play finally got a major update after feeling like we were forgotten about for most of this year. We did get some new maps recently, and I played those on my second channel, but it just wasn't a big enough update to keep me locked in. I hit Iridescent. The first season, but once I hit Crimson last season.

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I kind of just took the season off after that I hit iridescent in war zone which was pretty fun as well but after that there seemed like nothing to do so I kind of just Pub stomped people on Fortune's keep and now on rebirth Island but with this new update we received five new guns that are now unbanned, in ranked play and they are all very good in different ways I spent a day yesterday testing them out in game and I figured out what the best classes are for each one and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that each weapon had its own use what I mean by that is there's certain maps that each weapon's going to play better on or certain teams you're going to go against that you're going to want to use something else against for example one team you may want to use the HRM, as your submachine gun while another team the ram 9 might be a better option and I'll go into detail in this article on why that would be now let's start by making things easy we're going to categorize, these as submachine guns.

Flex weapons and assault rifles as a lot of you may know there's certain roles for professional players in the Call of Duty League there's SMG players who usually just use whatever the main SMG is then there's a flex AR, and a main AR the main assault rifle user is usually going to hold Lanes, sit back on a head glitch with a pre- aim up and try to hold angles so that players can't run around the map doing whatever they want something that I wish some ranked teammates would do for me whereas the flex, usually would have a separate weapon or a faster AR that you can still use from a long range to help out your main AR holding those angles but for certain Maps or certain teams you're playing against you might want to get a little bit more active on the map and move around a bit more that's where a flex assault rifle comes into play but we haven't really seen one since Black Ops 4 that's because the pros decide to pretty much ban anything, that's relatively, good in the flex option because they claim it's always going to be too overpowered.

And honestly, they're usually right, but I think in this game things might be a little bit different, so now that we know what the categories are and what the roles are for these weapons, let's talk about the SMGs.

Ram 9 and hrm9 vs rival 9 class

Ram 9 and hrm9 vs rival 9 class

And if the Rival is even worth using anymore , then, for starters, of course, the Ram 9 and HRM 9 are the two new SMGs that were added to the weapon list, with the Rival being the one that pretty much everyone has been using all year due to the fact that that's what the pros are using. Even though it has been nerfed since the beginning of the year and it has received multiple different updates, it's been the only gun people have really used all year, aside from sometimes the striker or the WASP swarm.

When comparing the ttks, with the Rival, the HRM, and the ram, we can see that out to 10 m, the Rival is in second place behind the ram 9, with the HRM being very close, but then once you get beyond 10 m, the Rival 99's ttk drops off quite a bit, and although it has a better ttk technically than the HRM after about 20 m, this doesn't matter much because you're using submachine guns to get up close and personal; you're not looking to take 20+ meter fights will they happen, absolutely.

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But not very often especially on the new maps like Rio and Vista, things get even worse for the Rival when you factor and Sprint to fire looking at the ttk chart when factoring it in the Rival is now just tied with the RAM and the HRM, is actually on top all the way up until about 15 M and after that the ram becomes the best one this should already kind of paint a picture for when you would want to use the HRM, versus the RAM and it kind of tells you everything you need to know about the Rival now of course if you want to copy what the pros are doing then stick to the Rival but if you're trying to rank up and you want to use the best potential weapons for you make sure you're paying attention to these charts so what this chart's basically telling you is if you run into someone with the Rival 9 and you have the HRM, 9 and you guys are both sprinting to the middle of the map until you run into each other the hrm's ttk is actually significantly.

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Faster than the rivals because of its handling speed meaning you're going to finish sprinting and pull your weapon up and aim and shoot, well before the Rival is going to be able to and while it's only a few milliseconds of a difference in a game like Call of Duty that's all it takes so clearly we should just be using the HRM, and that's the end of that now hold on now let's not move so fast let's factor in one head shot into this ttk chart and let's see what it looks like now the ram 9 absolutely, wipes the floor with the competition when it comes to getting one head shot so I would say a higher skilled player will do better with the ram while a lower skilled player would do better with the HRM, this is also factoring in Sprint to fire speed with a head shot so all in all to make it very easy on you on what to select obviously, can use either of these classes that I cooked up and see which one you like more and that's of course what I recommend you do but if your aim is really good and you're able to hit a head shot in most of your gunfights.

best classes ranked play mw3

Pick that, Ram 9. I've also found that the Ram 9 is a lot better from a distance, and I base that on the visual recoil mixed with the recoil pattern, so if you're up close and personal, the HRM is a great option. If you do a little bit of both, the ram is even better, but either way, if you're able to hit some head shots, the ram is the best SMG in the game currently.

And where does the Rival stack up? You may wonder. It use it if you want to be like the pros I guess if you need a rival class make sure you go check out one of my last articles that I made on it but right now the HRM and RAM 9 loadouts are on the screen make sure you give them a try now the HRM that's on the screen I didn't put the thorn Barrel on that one because I didn't think it was worth it in game what I found out was that the thorn Barrel on the HRM, is what leads to the ttk charts and the handling speeds that you see right now so make sure you add the thorn Barrel to your HRM if you're going to use it you can try it without the barrel that's what I did and it was still really good but it's definitely better with it at least statistically , next up let's talk about the main assault rifle option that was added in the hoger 556.

New Top 5 Classes in Modern Warfare 3 Ranked Play Best BP50, Ram9, Holger 556, MTZ 556 MW3 Ranked. In this video, we'll explore the effectiveness of the BP50, Ram 9, Hrm 9, Holger 556, and mtz 556, providing you with the best class setups for each weapon. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to MW3 ranked play, these setups will give you the edge you need to dominate the battlefield.
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