News - The #1 "fastest Killing" Mtz 556 Is Insane Warzone 2. Best Mtz 556 Class Setup Warzone 2


Everything in this class is insane. Let's get straight into it so to start off this class setup obviously we got the MTZ 556 like I said and obviously we got the core 45, now we got Sim shot because Sim shot's going to come in super clutch and I always recommend having it on at all times and then we got thermite as well now thermite is also going to come in clutch if you guys are watching the gameplay in the background you guys are going to see how thermite comes in clutch more than once it's actually really nice to have and then obviously a Munitions box if you're not running a Munitions box the core 45 which I like to pull out the core 45, a lot I like to pull that out in most close-range gunfights and you guys are going to see in the background here I pull it out a lot this game okay the core 45 is crazily overpowered.

But there's a problem with it. It's a pistol; it runs out of bullets fast. You're going to need that mini box just to make sure that you can have as many bullets as you possibly can for this weapon, so make sure you guys have that on. It's going to be nice. I'm not going to say it's super needed for the Mt.

TZ or anything, but if you're staying alive a lot, which I went on a crazy gun streak this game play, you're going to need that mini box; it's going to come in clutch all right now. There are so many times in the gameplay in the background that I want you guys to pay attention to. I should have died so many times, but I just survived and survived, and I don't even know how it happened.

best mtz 556 build

I didn't know the game before this; I went like 38 and 30, so this game was actually crazy. Now we have assault gloves. Assault gloves are really nice. I will also say: It might be a little too OP with pistols, and when I say a little too OP. I mean like it works a little too well that you're sometimes when you're jump shotting with the pistol you're missing some shots cuz it's too fast, it's way too quick, and stuff if that makes any sense, so the assault gloves definitely use it if you want.

I like it, but it's not mandatory. You don't need it per se for this class. I just like it. I run it in every class, so I'm keeping on for that reason. There's so many people that run around this game without covert sneakers on; they sound like elephants; you just know where they are; make sure you're running the covert sneakers okay; and then obviously the ghost TV camo so that when enemies do calling UAVs and stuff like that, you're not seen; you're not; nothing's happening; you don't have to worry; and then the infantry vest, and that's going to be nice because the infantry vest gives you like that increased tactical sprint duration and stuff, and it reduces, reduces.

best mtz 556 class

Reduces the refresh time for that tactical sprint, so you guys can actually get back to sprinting around quickly now that the core 45 is the actual class setup for it. The underbarrel is going to be the XRK Edge BW4, hand stop, and this is going to give you aim walking speed; it's going to give you movement speed; it's going to give you ad speed; and it's going to give you sprint to fire speed; it's really fast and it's really nice; you're getting 6% movement; you're getting 9% Crouch movement speed: 9%; ad movement speed: so you can strafe left and right really quick; your ad speed: 6%; and your sprint to fire: five.

Now, these might not seem like the highest numbers ever, but it's a pistol; it's already fast, so that's really nice to have. Then we got the 40-round mags because you want to have that on for sure, and then we got the XRK. Ipv2, conversion kit, and this is great because once you hit R1 or R2, whatever you guys used to shoot, once you hit it.

best mtz 556 class mw3

I recommend using every single attachment that I have for this gun. I recommend you guys use it as well. Okay, don't use anything else. Use the exact same class you guys are going to like. The first attachment, and we need this one because we're going to be focusing on ads and stuff after the first attachment, is the Jack BFB.

Now this is going to give you that gun kick control, that vertical and horizontal recoil, and it's going to give you all that nice stuff that you really need. 55% recoil gun kick, 20% horizontal, and 35% vertical, so it's really good to have. Definitely nice to have; his gun is pretty much a laser, at close mid-range and even long range.

It's not too bad now. The barrel that we're going to throw on is going to take away some recoil control, but it's going to give us a lot of speed that we need for this class, and that's the MTZ, Vldl. 3568 barrel it's a long name. I think it's the first barrel you get anyway, so I wouldn't worry about it, but it is a long name.

best mtz 556 class setup

All right now, you're getting ads, you're getting Sprint to Fire, and you're getting Sprint speed. You're getting 2% Sprint speed, 1% tactical Sprint speed, and 7% ads. 8% sprint to fire You're losing 3% horizontal and 5% vertical, so not the best, but, in all fairness, it's a fast attachment, and we need that because the Jack BFB is going to make you a little slower, but also the 50-round drum is going to make you slower as well.

Now, you can use, obviously, the 30-round mag that comes with this gun, but I recommend the 50-round drum. It's nice you get a lot of bullets; you don't have to spend so much time reloading, and in all fairness, you're losing 12% ads and 2% sprints of fire. But it doesn't feel like it in the game.

best mtz 556 class setup mw3

Your ads are actually still pretty quick, so I wouldn't worry about losing that much, and it's just that it's still overall really nice to have. After that, we got the Jack glassless optic for precision sight picture obviously and firing aim stability, which is really nice and actually gives you that, but it does take away a lot of people don't realize this the Jack glassless optic does make you a little slower in terms of adsing, which is all right cuz we got the assault gloves on if you jump shot and stuff.

Your ads are going to be up anyway, but it does bring down to ads by 2%, so it's something, but it's really minimal that I wouldn't even worry about it all too much, and then finally for the last attachment. We got the Rival Ace grip, and now the ads on this one are really nice. The Sprint of Fire on this one's really nice, but you also get movement speed, which is great, and you get AIM walking speed, again, which is great.

Now your Flinch resistance goes down 33%, so when you get shot at, you're going to Flinch, but it's going to be so easy to control that I wouldn't worry about it, and your recoil gun kick is up 5%, as well, but I wouldn't worry about that as well. Now the movement speed is 4%. The ad movement speed is 4% as well, and then the ad speed and the sprint of fire speed are both at 4%.

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