News - The "new" 1 Holger 556 Class Warzone 2 Season 3. Best Holger 556 Class Setup - Warzone 2

Best holger 556 class setup mw3

Best holger 556 class setup mw3

In this article, we're running it back with the Hogre 556. Here in Modern Warfare 3 season 3, I was able to drop two nukes in the same game on Gro House, a brand new DLC weapon with a class setup. I know for a fact that you guys can tear it up, so if that sounds good, feel free. Turn those post notifications off, and without further ado, let's go ahead and build the class, Setup.

All right, let's go and create the absolute best and fastest-killing hog, 556. Class, this is going to be somewhat of a War Zone SL, Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer setup. I think a lot of you guys are going to enjoy it now that we are starting off with the muzzle on this build and we are going to be returning.

The VT7 Spirit Fire Suppressor is a great attachment to run on an AR if you can actually use it and have the setup be viable. We're bumping up that recoil control bullet velocity and range, and we are going to be removing ourselves from the radar. Overall, a great attachment to use on the Hoger 556.

best gun mw3

Allowing us to get their spawn, build a quick and easy streak, and also take people out from long ranges. Definitely equip it for this specific loadout. We are not going to be running a barrel on this setup. We're skipping over all these barrels on the hog. Typically, they do not help it out as much as I wish they would, so we have some free attachment slots now.

Believe it or not, we're skipping over the underbarrel on this setup as well. We're not running the brew and heavy support grip. We're not going to go ahead and rock the ftech ms98, hand stop, or extend the Phantom 5 hand stop. Instead, we're jumping right over to the magazine, and we're going to run the 40-round magazine, so we have pled and we take out multiple people at the same time.

best holger 556 class mw3

I was able to drop two nukes in the same game, and that was because of the 40-round mag coming in clutch. Get this a go on this long range and also, you could say, aggressive hoger build as well. We are going to be rocking a RAR here, and the more 20 is going to be absolutely amazing. This is going to be a staple attachment.

On 99% of Hoger 556 setups pumping up that recoil control gun kick control and much-needed flch resistance, this is going to be a weapon you can use at mid-range. Constantly push SMG and other AR players and win because we are going to be maintaining our accuracy because we have less Flinch. Now to go ahead and help that out even more, we are going to run a stock, and the RB additional assault stock is phenomenal on the hog, further bumping up increased gun kick control and recoil control.

You're going to absolutely love this attachment on this assault rifle because we want to be as accurate as possible. We are not running a barrel or an underbarrel, so this is going to be very important to use, and then finally, we are going to run an optic. No, we're not going to run the Jack glassless; we are going to maintain that ad speed, so we're going to be using the Slate reflector.

best holger 556 class setup modern warfare 3

This is going to be a nice attachment to the Hoger 556. Luck, this weapon does have low recoil, so we can go ahead and swing without running the jck glassless. Once you jump into the fire range, you're going to see this class setup is nasty because, like I said, we do have a relatively fast fire for a setup that has an extended mag, and obviously we are going to have a controllable recoil pattern with a relatively fast reload speed without the use of the mag holster.

For the main part of the setup, we are going to be rocking the core 45. You can rock the Core 45 or the Retti; both are phenomenal. I was tearing it up with the core 45. With the conversion kit, you have to run the conversion kit on this pistol. We're rocking the 40-round drum we do have on the so-skeletal vertical grip we have on the Colossus suppressor XS version on this specific class setup, and we are running the X arcade that stock courtesy of the conversion kit, bumping up more gun kick as well as recoil control.

Now do not forget to rock bitions. Box scavenger gloves, covert sneakers, a bone conduction headset to hear footsteps and gunfire a lot easier, a ghost TV camo to keep us off the radar, and the communications vest that comes. In addition to being so handy on Grow House, the map I got the double nuke on is literally a lifesaver, letting you know people are there.

Every time you kill somebody and run over their body, the hogre is returning.

Holger 556 mgb nuke gameplay mw3

Holger 556 mgb nuke gameplay mw3

Play, all right, let's get busy with the Hoger 556. We're at Grow House. This is actually my first time playing this. bad, you know what I'm probably going

Modern Warfare 3 - Best HOLGER 556 Class MW3 MW3 HOLGER 556 Class Setup that has NO RECOIL and INSANE DAMAGE in Modern Warfare 3 Season 3! This HOLGER 556 MW3 Class Setup is NASTY in Season 3 MW3! Hope you enjoy the video and make sure to have a wonderful rest of your day.
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