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Here we have a crazy MTZ 556 class setup for pubs or rank play. One of the best guns in rank play right now that you got to try. We did drop a nuke in today's game. We'll show you a couple of clips right here before we get into the class setup. Show that right now.

Mtz 556 class setup

All right, so here today we're going to get into the MTZ, 556.

The first attachment that we are rocking on today's weapon is going to be the Mark II reflector. I use this on literally every single one of my assault rifles. If you have a better reticle for yourself, this is a personal preference. Go ahead and throw it on. The second attachment is going to be the MTZ Cinch Pro Barrel.

This barrel is going to give you a very crazy boost to all of the things on your range, so you're definitely going to want to slap this on for those long-range gunfights. In these maps, the third attachment talks about every single article for my assault rifles. I throw this on every single time the z35 compensated flash hider muzzle.

best class setup modern warfare 3

This muzzle here is going to help tremendously with your recoil control. This gun shoots pretty fast, so having anything boost your horizontal and vertical recoil is going to help tremendously with this weapon. The fourth attachment we have here is going to be the x10 Phantom 5 hand stop under Barrel.

This is another attachment that will help out the vertical recoil, which is more important than the horizontal. Your horizontal will go down very little; you're not even going to notice it, and you'll have a booster recoil gun kick handling speed going to get some of that back accuracy. It has a little bit of a downgrade, but nothing that really matters to you.

Our fifth attachment we have on here is the 50-round drum. This is strictly for pubs because I like to get a lot of kills in One Clip, and you're going against a lot more people in pubs than in 4v4, a rank play. So if you are playing rank play, go ahead and take this off and go over to rear grip and slap on the Bruin tr24.

Assault grip: this will give you even more recoil control to help you out in rank play. Here in the firing range, you can see the MTZ, 556. Without further ado, let's go and.

Mtz 556 nuke gameplay

Mtz 556 nuke gameplay

Get right into time. Great start, great start. If you don't want your thumb stick to feel barely any higher than it is right now, the grips might be your best option. I personally think they're good because you know you don't want your finger to slip off the thumb.

Reload; that was a very freaky situation to be in. We might get another one, boys. Well, there it is, man. What a great day! What a great day! I'm dead. I may go back and forth, Double. One just has to make sure I call my nuke in so the game isn't ranked using MTZ and BP50. Ranking might be a different story because a lot more skilled players are there, so I would really need to see how these guns do in rank play, but honestly, that holder 556 might be a crazy competitor if that is a gun that is in rank.

I think I saw a cat using it; it looked like it could be really good. I'm getting executed

best class setup mw3

the NEW BEST MTZ 556 CLASS SETUP for MW3 RANKED PLAY Best MTZ 556 Class Setup Modern Warfare 3.
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