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Best hrm 9 class setup mw3

Best hrm 9 class setup mw3

In this article, we're taking a look at the new no-recoil DLC God Gun, the HRM 9. This weapon is incredible. When you build the right setup, and there is a right setup, I know for a fact that y'all can tear it up. I was able to drop a nuke. All right, and in this article, we're taking a look at the absolute best and fastest-killing HRM 9 class setup.

This DLC weapon is phenomenal if you're looking to build a long-range submachine gun that's still effective at close to medium ranges. You can run a gun and outgun AR players with this. Now for the first attachment, we are skipping over the muzzle. We're running a different attachment; it's going to take its place, but trust me, this is definitely a smart move.

best hrm 9 class

Now we're going to be running a barrel, and we're going to be rocking the Tacker Turn 7 suppressed barrel. This is phenomenal going ahead and bumping up our recoil control gun kick control and removing us from the radar, making this a fantastic submachine gun if you're looking to run and gun and take people out at close range, medium range, as well as longer ranges.

This is also going to go ahead and alter the iron sights, giving us some of the cleanest. Optics optics: in game now, because we are not running a muszle, we are going to run an underbarrel that's going to complement the barrel, and we're going to be rocking the FTE MSP 98 hand stop, which is going to smooth out that recoil pattern, giving us increased aim walking speed, vertical recoil control gun kick, as well as movement speed.

Everything we need on a submachine gun build that's going to help us out at close range, medium range, and long range, we have locked in with this attachment; it is phenomenal. Now, because we are not running a muzzle also, we are going to be running a magazine, and the 50-round drum is phenomenal because the fire rate on the HRM 9 is quite fast.

best hrm 9 class modern warfare 3

The cons are going to be irrelevant because it's going to be super important for you to be able to take out multiple people at a very fast rate, especially if you are going to be running and gunning. The last thing that happens is running out of ammo, having to reload, and losing a gunfight. Now we are going to be skipping over the optic again because the iron is some of the cleanest in the game when you are rocking the Tacker Turn 7 barrel.

Now we are going to be jumping right over to the stock, and the folding stock is going to be a great choice. This is a good attachment because we are also going to be bumping up that long R potential with recoil control, gun kick control, and firing aiming stability, so we can go ahead and go full auto across the map without having to worry about a thing.

best hrm 9 class mw3

This is a fantastic attachment to the submachine gun. Again, the cons are going to be irrelevant, and for the last attach, we are going to go ahead and complement all the other recoil controlling attachments. With the PCS 90 assault grip just to go ahead and bump up more gun kick and recoil control, here's a good attachment again to go ahead and CET everything that we're trying to do with the submachine gun, and that's going to be removing recoil and building an SMG.

AR hybrid once you drop with the firing range you're going to see here. This build is incredible because we have quick ads, some of the cleanest iron in the game, a fast strafe, and controllable recoil. You have to go ahead and give this build a try if you're trying to accomplish it. A submachine gun AR hybrid now from in the build we are going to go ahead and take a look at the core 45, we're going to be rocking its conversion kit which is going be transforming this into a submachine gun and we're also taking advantage of the 40 round drum we have on the SL skeletal vertical grip we're going to be rocking the Colossus suppressor XS version and we are going to be running with the X arcade Dynamic prison stock which is going to be bumping up even more recoil and gun kick courtesy of the conversion, kit now do not forget to run mici's box scavenger gloves covert sneakers bonej headset to hear foot and gunfire a lot easier and also goes to keep us off the radar and because this is still a submachine gun setup the comm's vest is incredible allowing us to have essentially a 24/7.

UAV: Every time you kill somebody, run over their body, dropping radar. Definitely, do not sleep on HRM 9. This submachine gun is incredible, and it's definitely a deal swap you should use if you have not unlocked it already. So let's go ahead and get into the game.

Hrm 9 mgb nuke streak mw3

Hrm 9 mgb nuke streak mw3

plays, all right. Let's get busy with HRM 9. This is a fantastic submachine gun DLC weapon that has very little recoil. You can build a couple of different setups with this gun. You can build like a running gun or a no-recoil build; they even have a setup that has an integrated suppressor on the top.

Arrow, which is super, Effective got a flank going over. Theimer on, sometimes I feel like there really is skill-based damage because it's like, bruh, get real, you know, it's like I'm drilling you with like five six bullets close range. I know it doesn't take that many to kill with this gun. Incoming, we got this one in the bag. GG should have been a nuke for real.

Hrm 9 mgb nuke gameplay mw3

Hrm 9 mgb nuke gameplay mw3

All right, let's go for round two. We got

Modern Warfare 3 - Best HRM 9 Class MW3 HRM 9 MW3 HRM 9 Class Setup that has NO RECOIL and INSANE DAMAGE in Modern Warfare 3 Season 2! This Best HRM 9 Class Setup is META in Season 2 MW3! Hope you enjoy the video and make sure to have a wonderful rest of your day.
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