News - The Best Class For The Bp50, Holger 556, Ram9 & More Warzone 2 Ranked Play



Call of Duty has added five new guns to multiplayer ranked play, including the BP50, the Hogga 556, the MTZ, the Ram 9, and the HRM, which is three assault rifles and two SMGs. You're going to be able to get your hands on it and try it for the first time in rank play this year. We're going to be kicking off with the BP50.


Today Again, if I'm going to whiz through these for time, you guys are going to get through this as quickly as possible, so feel free to screenshot them if I you know if you want. If I'm going too quickly, feel free to screenshot or pause the article. But the BP has the long, heavy barrel here for its gun kit control bullet velocity, range recoil control, fire, and aim stability.

We then have the z35 compensated flasher muzzle again for that stability, horizontal rle control, and firing aim stability. We then have this Dr6 ham stop, which is basically to keep it a bit more mobile; it's a little bit better movement, quick radius speed, and faster strafe speeds. And then we have the first, 4 grip tape, which again is just for the recoil.

This is a massive attachment you're going to want to have on this gun to be able to be versatile at all ranges. And then finally, you have the MO-40 stock again for that little bit of gun control, but it also has the plus side of ads speed, aim, walking speed, and recal control, so it's a little bit of an all-around attachment that you're going to want to use on this gun.

This gun is perfect at medium to long range; it does keep it, and you know, it is unbelievable at close range as well. I honestly won't be surprised if there's four of these on each team because it is that much. A versatile gun, it does fall off a little bit at longer ranges, which is where we're going to have , the 556, and the Hogga.

Holger 556

Holger 556

So on the hogga, you're going to want the C-cous six-match barrel again for that bullet velocity recoil and gun kit control. Zen 35 compensated barrel muzzle Sorry for the exact same reason you'd had it on the other gun.

It's vertical recoil, horizontal recoil, and aing firing aim stability is just top notch with that mle. You then have the Dr6 hand stop to add that little bit of mobility. You've got the movement speed. Sprint fire speed ads, which are straight speed, and then the actual general ads, speed, so you can aim in at your opponent; it's a lot quicker.

Then we have the adle stock, the RB adult assault stock, which is what we used to use on the MCW as its metac class, but now we're using it on the hogga. It again just makes you not know it shoots completely straight with this attachment; it's really nice, and then you have the optic of your choice, whether it be the Slate reflector or the MK I reflector.

It's completely up to you what you want to use here, but this gun is a beamer. I mostly see this being used for the stiff AR roll where you're really rotating early, sitting back at the spawns, or you're holding those long lines of s and s. It is slow; it's not very maneuverable compared to the BP50 or even the MCW, but it does absolutely dominate those longer ranges.



We then move into the MTZ 556, which is a little bit of a closer-range sub. This is your proper true flex sub, where it's going to be really good at medium to close range, but we're going to have the MTZ clinch Pro barrel for that bullet velocity damage range.

adaliz Sway and fire and aim stability: this just makes sure the bullets go where you want them to, especially in those longer ranges, then have the cases break and muzzle, which again is just to help. The recoil control out a little bit, making sure you hit your shots, the Bruin 24 assault grip, which is for the gun kit control and fire stability, and then the MTZ Marud stock for again gun kit control and vle control, so you can see this setup is purely built for recoil; it still adses really quickly at 235 milliseconds, so it's really versatile, and then you have the Mark 3 reflector optic just to finish it off, which, as I say, you can use whatever optic of your choice you like, but this is my personal favorite as it stands right now.



Ultimately, we have Ram 9 , which is probably going to be the sub that is used in this. In this sort of game play here, well, in the new season, sorry or after this update, shall we say, on this we're going to have the L for flash hider for its recoil control and gun kick ability. You do have negative ads, but that is factored out by the other attachments on the gun.

First off, the DR6 hand stop. Again, you got the ad benefit; you've got the strafe speed benefit, as well as the frint SP feed and the general movement speed with this gun. Feel free to check it out. We then have the rear grip of the Retort 90 grip tape, which again is purely for the fact that you want to control that recoil while you're streaming.

You have a little bit of stability here as well, so this is just going to make sure your bullets are hitting exactly where you want them to. We then have the Recon comb, which again adds that little bit more mobility you can Sprint to fire is far quicker; fireing stability is a lot quicker, and your ad speed is a lot quicker with this as well, bringing the ad speed to about 240 milliseconds, only slightly quicker than the MTZ, which is a bit baffling.

Then have the HSV, Hvs Sorry 3.5 Pad, which is only there to help you shoot your gun straighter; it's got gun kick control, recoil control, aim idle, sway and fire, and aim stability as well. There is the ram 9; this is probably going to be the majority, like this is going to be the sub that's used most over the Rival; the other sub HRM doesn't quite stack up to this, but this gun is an absolute.



Beam. Next, we have HRM here, which, personally, I don't think is going to be used at all.

You have the Princeps long barrel, which adds really good bullet velocity and range, so you can really shoot at long distances. It's a really nice attachment to the gun. The purify muzzle break is just to help with that horizontal recoil. Brewing basting angle grip to assist more with recoil control, the SW, and steadiness the fire aim stability aim and older's stability, although it doesn't say anything to do with recoil, your bullets go a lot more center to the center of your screen because of these idle stability and steadiness attributes this attachment has.


Then have the PCS 90 assault grip, which is increasingly used to help the gun kick control. You're going to know this gun absolutely is a nightmare to hold to control, so you need all the attachments to help you get the gun cck that you can get, and then finally, you have the hatchet light stock, which, you know, has a little bit of negative gun control recoil control here.

With the addition of three new ARs and two new SMGs, I thought I'd give youa class setup for each! Give these a go and fry! Enjoy.
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