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In this article, we're taking a look at the new No Recoil Hogre 556 Clap. If you're looking for a setup that can outgun the MCW as well as the bass B Give this a try; it's incredibly effective here in season 2. Turn off those post notifications, and let's go ahead and get into the class, Setup. All right, take a look at the new absolute best and fastest killing hoger (556), class here in Modern Warfare 3 season 2 relo This is still a solid AR, and in my personal opinion, it can compete and outgun a lot of MCW users.

Now for the first attach, we are going to run a muzzle, and we are going to be returning to the VT7, Spirit Fire suppressor. This is a fantastic attachment on the hog, bumping up recoil control bullet velocity damage range and completely taking us off the radar, so we get by the spawn and build up a quick and easy streak to get that MGB nuke.

If you're trying to go ahead and dominate lobbies, make sure you guys have this equipped. Now we are going to be running a barrel on this build. This is going to be both a close range as well as a long range setup, so the churro 6 match is going to be a great choice, bumping up our bull velocity, range recoil control, and more gun kick control.

best holger 556 class mw3

The cons are going to be irrelevant because this is going to be a long-range setup that you can use to outgun a lot of MCW players, so make sure you guys have this equipped on your class setup now. For any long-range setup. I do recommend running an underbarrel, and the Brewing heavy support grip is going to be great, smoothing out that recoil pattern, allowing us to have increased gun kick control, aim out of sway control ability, horizontal recoil, and firing aiming stability with the Hoger 556.

Overall, this is a great attachment to this AR, making everything a lot easier to get done. Now, because this is a long-range setup and optics are going to be mandatory, and the Jet glasses are going to be the OB of choice, going ahead and not only bumping up our firing aiming ability and giving us a clean optic picture, but we're also going to be mitigating a lot of that visual recoil, which does make long-range encounters a little bit harder to go ahead and win.

With this attachment, you are going to be dominating. Very easy across the map, and then finally we are going to run a stock on the setup, and I recommend running the RB adal salt stock just to go ahead and give us a little bit more recoil control and gun kick control on the Hoger 556. Overall, a solid setup you guys cannot go wrong with.

best holger 556 class setup modern warfare 3

Once you jump into the firing range, you're going to see here that this is going to be a very effective weapon at longer ranges. We have respectable ads. And like all of my long-range builds, there is literally going to be zero recoil. I'm the plug for the no-recoil loadouts. For the remainder of the setup, we are going to be utilizing the Core 45 with its conversion kit.

best holger 556 class setup mw3

We do have this equipped because we're going to be transforming it into a submachine gun. We are going to be running the 40-round drum in this class setup because of the skeletal vertical grip we have on the Colossus suppressor. XS version, and we are going to be running the X arcade dynamic position stock, which is going to be great for bumping up that gun kick as well as recoil control, and do not forget to run Munitions box scavenger gloves covert sneakers bone conduction headset to hear footsteps and gunfire a lot easier and go to keep us off that radar, and the comms vest is still going to be good on a long range build because every time you kill somebody or this says that you are running a pistol at close range and you run over their body, you're going to be notified where people are at, and that's going to be super helpful when keeping yourself alive, definitely do not sleep on the hoger 556.

In many ways, it is better than the MCW. I think a lot of us will enjoy it if we're trying to go ahead and shake up the meta, so all that being said, feel free. I got an MGB nuke; let's get into it. All right, let's get busy with the hoger on the dome. I did not think Dome was on the playlist, but hell.

Yeah, target area

Modern Warfare 3 - Best HOLGER 556 Class MW3 MW3 HOLGER 556 Class Setup that has NO RECOIL and INSANE DAMAGE in Modern Warfare 3 Season 2! This HOLGER 556 MW3 Class Setup is NASTY in Season 2 MW3! Hope you enjoy the video and make sure to have a wonderful rest of your day.
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