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Best bp50 class setup mw3

Best bp50 class setup mw3

In this article, we're taking a look at the new Pro Player BP50 setup. This is going to be a phenomenal build if you're looking to run gun and dominate at any of all ranges. Turn those post notifications off, and let's get into it. All right, take a look at the new absolute best and fastest-killing BP50.

Class, this is a perfect build if you're looking to run a gun and absolutely destroy at close range. The pro players built this properly now for the first attach. We are running a muzzle and taking a look at the cus break. This is going to be a nice choice, improving horizontal recoil control as well as firing aiming stability on the BP50.

This is amazing. This AR has a very weird recoil pattern. This attachment, along with some others, is going to be completely smoothed out, making this a very easy to ous weapon at any and all ranges. We can outgun a lot of MCW users with this class setup. Now, what we are also running on the BP50 is a barrel; typically, we actually skip over the barrel.

best bp50 class

On the BP50, builds are good, but the lower 9-heavy barrel is going to be a phenomenal choice. Improving everything we need to improve on this weapon, we have increased bullet velocity in range gun kick control, recoil control, and firing aiming stability, which is going to be huge. Remember, when I set this weapon down, it does have a weird recoil pattern.

This, coupled with the cass's break, is going to completely smooth that out. Make sure this weapon is an absolute laser beam. Now we are running an underbarrel, and in typical Pro Player fashion, we are going to be utilizing the Dr6 hand stop to improve that close as well as mid-range performance with bumped-up aim down side speed, aim walking speed, sprint to fire speed, and more movement speed.

best bp50 class modern warfare 3

This is going to be a running-gun yet long-range assault rifle build you can use to punish a lot of MCW users as well as SMG users. Now we are going to be rocking an optic on this setup, and I do recommend going ahead and putting on the Slate reflector. This is going to be a nice choice on the BP50.

By giving us a clean optic picture, we can point and shoot and forget about it. The recoil is going to be very minimal with all the attachments we have already equipped, and finally, we are going to be rocking a stock on this setup. I do recommend running the heavy stock here to improve additional recoil control as well as gun kick control.

This is definitely a great attachment to wrap up this class setup, removing a lot of that annoying side-to-side Wobble the BP50, which does have Once you jump into the fire range, you're going to see this is going to be a nice build because, even though we have nothing but recoil-control attachments, we have fast ads.

The ad's straight speed is nice, and like all of my builds, the recoil control is going to be very manageable, and that's saying a lot because the BP50 typically has hard vertical recoil if it is not built properly. Now, for the remainder of the setup, we are taking a look at the retti. This is going to be fundamental to all of your setups, with the conversion kit transforming it into a submachine gun.

We are rocking the 50-round drum on this class setup. We have the SL skeletal vertical grip and compensated flash, which is going to be amazing, and we are also rocking the Slate reflector on this build as well. Do not forget to equip Munitions Box scavenger gloves, covert sneakers, and a bone-conduction headset to hear footsteps and gunfire a lot easier, and we do have a ghost to keep us off the radar.

The company's vest is going to be mandatory. The spawns are so bad in this game. This is going to pretty much give us a 24/7 UAV. Every time you kill somebody, run over their body; they're dropping radar. Beacon is letting you know exactly where people are. You're going to be going crazy with the communications vest couple with this B50 setup.

Give it a try if you're trying to utilize a pro-player build in public matches you guys enjoy. Let's get into.

Bp50 mgb nuke gameplay 1 mw3

Bp50 mgb nuke gameplay 1 mw3

It's all right. Let's get busy on departure with the BP50. This is definitely one of my favorite maps. I'm not going to lie, man. This is probably one of the few DLC maps that I feel play right on this game; spawns are not the best. There's a guy lying down. Spikes are not the best, but.

You know what I wonder if I wonder if I EMP him when his [__] To work in a perfect world, that's how that would work, but I don't know if this is true. I don't know if the realism is going to kick in because, in all reality, in a perfect world, thermal should stop working right now. Advance U is exiting the AO secar updated move to, the on back it, compromised secure the area, what my, God all right Let's get busy with the pro BP50 setup.

Bp50 mgb nuke gameplay 2 mw3

Bp50 mgb nuke gameplay 2 mw3

I'm not too sure why I don't have a camo on here, because I know for a fact I equipped a camo on this class, but whatever rotates over here, this is actually a ridiculously good setup because it has mobility and less recoil than I really thought it was going to have, especially given the fact this is a pro build.

Now, I do know a lot of the pro builds are going to be kind of oriented around speed agility as well as a mixture of recoil [ __ ] a mixture of recoil control but this is really good. I mean, they're kind of helpful, but at the same time, I think he was stunned because I saw a couple of those guys kind of running

Modern Warfare 3 - Best BP50 Class Setup MW3 BP50 Best Class Setup MW3 Season 2 that has NO RECOIL and INSANE DAMAGE in Modern Warfare 3! This Best BP50 Class Setup Modern Warfare 3 can REPLACE the MCW and HOLGER 556 in MW3! Hope you enjoy the video and make sure to have a wonderful rest of your day.
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