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Recoil pattern

Recoil pattern

So I've already covered a Max Damage HRM 9 here on the channel, and I mentioned that I prefer the much more fast-paced builds. I still stand by that, and I just got asked to make an update. Max Damage Build: That's why we're here today, and I think I have made some improvements.

Best class setup

It's definitely a little better on the mobility side of things, so because we are focusing on damage range, you are going to want to control recil because this thing is fairly decent at medium range, and that's why we have the folding stock for kick control, fire aiming stability, and overall recoil control.

best class mw3

You're going to get 9% through the gun kick and 14% through the horizontal and vertical recoil control, along with the much-needed fire aiming stability. So for a magazine, I have 50-round drum preferences. There's not much to talk about. You can go with the 30, the 20, or the 50. If you end up going with the stock 30, what I would recommend doing is chucking on something like a laser sight or even a rear grip for the underbarrel.

I'm going with the Kimura spheric; vertical grip is definitely a different one here, and as you can see, we're gaining recoil control, gun kick control, movement speed, and aim walking speed, so this is the attachment I was kind of talking about in the intro where I was talking about mobility. I'm going to hide my camera so you guys can see what exactly we are gaining here, and it's quite a bit like we are gaining 7% to the gun kick.

8% of the vertical recoil control along with a ton of mobility—I mean, 8% of the overall movement speed 17% of the Crouch movement speed and then 10% of the ad movement speed, it is no slouch overall for the muzzle. In the purifier muzzle break, normally I would go with the Zen compensator here, but I really wasn't trying to sacrifice any more aim-down sight speed, which is why I chose it.

best class setup mw3

With this particular attachment, we're still getting horizontal recoil control along with fire-aiming stability. The only thing we're not gaining is the vertical recoil from the Zam, but more or less, this does do the same thing. I just did not want to sacrifice any more aim-down sight speed. The final attachment to maximize your damage range is the prps long barrel, which gives it that grow iron sights and a good amount of damage range.

At that, it's a 25% increase, bringing the effective damage range up to 18.6. That's better than some assault rifles in this game, overall, to be honest, and then we also get 30% added to our bullet velocity, so as always, there's all of your attachments on the screen if you guys wanted to or needed to copy these down.

I already said I was definitely more of a fan of the fastpac style of builds because of my personal play style, but I see why some people would want to, you know, make it a good medium-range option and kind of slow it down a bit. There's the rest of the loadout, and as always, if you guys needed to copy that one down, let's jump over into a game play on honestly.

Probably my favorite map, Rio. We're going to Rio, and Greece. My permanent go-tos absolutely love those maps to death. Let's get into.

Hrm-9 gameplay

Hrm-9 gameplay

So I've already made something like a Max Damage or Damage Range Type HRM 9 build. But I wanted to do it again, and I wanted to kind of speed up the mobility here, so it's one attachment. Really, it's under Barrel. The underbarrel is like the big change in the builds here, and it really does make a massive difference in terms of aggression and mobility—you name it, I think you guys can figure it out.

Rio is a good choice for this because we do have some medium-range style. Maps: medium-range style Maps: medium-range-style gunfights Ene don't, his name is Bum Hunter, and he is the actual bum, so he found himself homie, using an RPG as his primary weapon, talking about bum. Time, so I'm having a little problem with my slide button.

best hrm 9 class

Here, it's putting me in some predicaments where I feel like I should win some gunfights. Not the end of the world, just going to have to be easy on the gunfights, you know, game-friendly. Don't shoot it; it had a little bit of everything. I was getting fried a little bit. I was getting streaks.

I was dying of streaks. Then lock it in the new GG's , ,.

MAX DAMAGE SMG Build in MW3 Season 3! Best HRM-9 Class Setup Modern Warfare 3. Timecodes.
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