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Modern Warfare 3 ranked play just received its biggest update yet they decided to add five previously restricted weapons, so now there's five brand new weapons that you could use in ranked play, and I have the best class setups for all of them. With all that being said, let's get into the first-class setup.

I think it's safe to say that out of the five brand new weapons they've added, the BP50 is probably the best one, statistically speaking. I'm pretty sure it has the fastest time out of any of the other ARS, so my first attachment here is the DR6 hand stop, so I can get a massive increase in mobility.

Really, no surprise here; it's what a lot of people use on their MCWs. For our muzzle, we're going to be using the pure fire muzzle break, and this gives us a massive increase in horizontal recoil control. That's exactly what we need on a weapon like the BP50, where it has more horizontal than vertical recoil.

bp50 mw3

I then threw on the lore heavy barrel, where I get a massive increase in bullet velocity range, making it kill a little bit more quickly at longer ranges, and on top of that, we get better recoil control. My next attachment is a rear grip. I did the trust IV grip tape, which just gives us another increase in recoil control, and then for the stock, we have the Moe 40, so we get AIM walking speed 8s spe, which is great, and then on top of that, more recoil control, so now it's mobile, it already kills quick, so we don't have to worry about that, and it's incredibly accurate, so if we take this to the firing range, you're going to see just.

How, I mean. This is probably what everyone's going to be using, yeah? super easy to use kills incredibly quick honestly it's probably going to get banned very quick next we have what I'm personally most excited to use the hoger 556, so just like our bp50 I have the dr6 hand stop just a massive increase in mobility it just makes it super quick and snappy so you can get those first shots off for the muzzle We are doing something a little bit different.

bp50 mw3 ranked

We have the Cassis break, which is similar to the muzzle breaks, but I think this is a little bit better for the hoger; specifically, we get horizontal recoil control and then firing aim stability. For the barrel, we have the Creos 6 match, where we get an increase in bullet velocity in range, just making it dominant kill a little bit more quickly at longer ranges, and then on top of that, better recoil control.

The Best of Both Worlds makes the weapon stronger and more accurate. Next, we have an optic; we did the Mark I reflector, and then for our stock, we have the RB Addle assault stock, which just gives us another increase in our recoil control, making the weapon more accurate. And that'll just help us miss fewer shots, bringing us to the faring range, and this is what I cannot wait to use.

I mean it is a laser it's basically just an MCW that kills a little bit more quickly. This and the BP50, I mean, are going to start raining havoc in ranked play. Moving away from the ARs for a little bit, we have the Ram 9 SMG, which is like a perfect hybrid between an AR and an SMG and has incredible range.

bp50 mw3 ranked play

Really good buildup velocity, just like the Rival 9, so here's the build for the under Bale shouldn't come as a surprise. We have the D-R6 hand stop, and just that increase in mobility is great. Get ads fast. You could strafe really quickly with the aim walking, bring the weapon up quicker with the sprint to fire, and then just be more aggressive with the movement speed for our muzzle.

We have the puure fire muzzle break, which is the meta muzzle for the Rival, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that we're using it at other SMGs like the Rival 9. Next, we have ourselves. With the retort 90 grip tape, we just get an increase in recoil, making it very accurate and helping us land many of our shots.


Our fourth attachment is a comb, and that is going to be the Recon comb. We get Sprint to fire in ads speed again; it feels like an AR, so we're trying to bring the mobility and make it feel much more like an SMG, and then my fifth and final attachment here is the hvs 3.4 pad stock, where I mean, it makes it an absolute laser beam, huge increase in your accuracy and recoil control, you get gun kick control, all that type of good stuff, idle sway firing aim stability, and then you bring this to the fire range, we could just quickly shoot here, and it is a literal laser beam even at the third guy, you really shouldn't be able to compete at that, but that's where you get a little bit of a hybrid of an AR where you can compete at this range.

Sometimes it is actually unreal, so I wouldn't be surprised that this is going to be the go-to SMG. After the update, now going back to the ARs, we have the MTZ, 556, which not only got added to the ranked play Loot pool, but they also increased the bullet velocity in this update, so it got buffed as it got added, so our first attachment here is going to be the Dr6 hand stop Shocker, the same attach we've been using this entire time for our muzzle.

holger 556

We have the Cassis break, which gives us horizontal recoil control, just making it a little bit more accurate. For our muzzle, we went ahead and threw on the MTZ clinch Pro Barrel. We get an increase in bullet velocity and damage range. It's a little bit stronger and a little bit more dominant at those longer-range engagements.

Our next attachment is going to be rear grip, and we did the bruan tr24. With assault grip, we get firing aim stability, gun kick control, and recoil control, and then to round everything off, we have a stock, which is the MTZ Marer stock, where we get just another increase in recoil control, so all of our attachments are catered towards making the weapon more accurate.

This is one of the higher fire rates in ARS, so you're going to need that extra control on it, so I hope that makes a little bit more sense on why we have so many of these attachments, and then in the firing range, it's incredible. The sights are actually really, really clean, and if you can just kind of get over it, that is incredible.

holger 556 ranked play

The only bad thing I have to say is a little circle over the iron's side, so it may take a little bit of time to get used to, but this is it. This is a fantastic option; it's definitely going to be competing with some of the other weapons they added, like the BP50 and the Hogar 556. Try this build out; the laser beam is very good, and then our fifth and final weapon is the HR M9, and for me personally, this is probably my least favorite out of the five they added; it just doesn't feel that great, but this is what I found to be the best build for it.

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