News - This "new" No Recoil Bp50 Class A Must Use Season 3. Best Bp50 Class Setup Warzone 2



Welcome back here again on Modern Warfare 3 season 3, and here today we are using the BP50, one of the best assault rifles in the game currently, and we did drop a nuke in today's gameplay. We're going to show you a little bit of the feeds that we got here today before we get into the class setup.

Bp50 class setup

All right here today, I got the BP50. I absolutely love this gun. First, attach we're going to go ahead and get into this. This is going to be the barrel we got from Normandy. 41, short barrel: this barrel does give a bit of a boost to your weapon, of course. The recoil control does go down, so if you are having trouble using this attachment, you could definitely go over to the low 9 heavy barrel; this will give you that recoil control, and then you'll lose a little bit of mobility.

best bp50 class

This attachment could be better for you if you want to put it on a second attachment. We have here today a fan favorite muzzle. Zen 35 is a compensated flash hider. This muzzle, of course, is going to do something crazy: give vertical and horizontal recoil control to your weapon and not really lose anything else.

This is one of the best attachments in the game, I would say overall for a lot of weapons. The third attachment we have is here. Another one I like to put on quite a bit of my weapons is the x10 Phantom 5 hand stop under Barrel. This underbarrel is also going to give you even more vertical recoil, which I think is very important.

You also get recoil gun kick ads, and speed goes up as well. This is a really good all-around attachment. The fourth attachment we have here today is going to be the 45-round mag. I find this to be very important. This gun does reload pretty slowly. You find yourself having to reload a lot with a default mag, so this is going to help you get more kills in a clip.

Of course, our fifth and final attachment here is the moat. 4 stock the stock is also going to give you recoil control across the board, a little bit of boost, and some negatives to mobility and handling, so all in all, pretty good setup. Here are the five attachments. Check it out in the firing range here, as you can see.

It has pretty good recoil control, beaming absolutely everything, and as always, our back pocket stuff is going to be the retti. We have a flash grenade on frag grenade ammo box scavenger combination; we constantly keep getting ammo while we go on streaks covert sneakers to get around the map. Sil EOD padding so we don't get exploded by grenades in one shot, and that is going to do it for the BP50 class setup.

If you'd like to give all this a try, definitely do so. We're going to go ahead and get into that new gameplay here in a moment, but.

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Bp50 nuke gameplay

Let's get this: nuke. Now is the time, Freak. I got it. I got it, my God. It's called a freak. I had to rush because my teammate was going crazy on the hill. What a clutch of freaking nukes! So, literally, okay, that game was about to end in literally a few seconds.

this NEW NO RECOIL BP50 CLASS A MUST USE in SEASON 3 Best BP50 Class Setup Modern Warfare 3.
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