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It's season two of Modern Warfare Zombie, and we just cracked the solo Tombstone duplication glitch. It absolutely blew it out of the water; it is completely revamped; it's faster than ever, arguably almost faster than our season 1 method of duplicating items. I'm going to show you how to do this glitch from Jesse Powers, the originator of this glitch.

We spent about 5 hours on stream and another 3 hours off stream refining the method that Jesse Powers took and making it as fast as possible to duplicate items solo to put in your stash. Yes, that's right, you're putting the items in your stash, where you can use them at any time and anywhere. You don't need any friends or anyone to revive you, and when you come back, you don't even need to use a tombstone.

You can just pick the item like a Flawless Ethereum Crystal, pick the item like a legendary ether tool, jump into a match, go to the dark ether, play whatever you want successfully, fill it, or die. It doesn't matter because you're just using items that you've duplicated. From your tombstone, you no longer have to keep that tombstone any time, and did I mention you don't even need to use this method in your tombstone?

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Everything about this is phenomenal. Watch this article. This is an exhaustive guide from start to finish on how to do it, why we do what we do, and make sure to pass this on to other people that are wanting to get back into playing zombies and using that Tombstone. Check it out. All you need to do this method in the most efficient way possible is a Tombstone soda.

That's all that you need, and I'll explain why and how it works in just a second. What I also recommend taking is a scorcher, which will make this method even faster and more efficient, and then a large rucksack. You don't have to have a large rucksack, but you will more than double or almost triple your output if you just have any operator with a large rucksack.

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You don't have to have anything else; just operate the large rucksack, and by the way, you won't lose the rucksack with this method. Ever, here we go now you have seven extra slots the these are the items that you want to duplicate for yourself to put in your stash and keep all the way up to that 200 plus items so you pick what you want here so you have Flawless ethereum legendary ether tool golden armor plate ether blade case Elder sigil cuz I'm getting low on those Wonder Waf case and dog bone so you can put whatever seven items you want here, this one works for me I can just take all these and put them in my stash and use them down the road for the next 2 to 3 days what's so great about this method is in about 30 minutes from start to finish I can get enough legendary, items and gear to last me about 2 to 3 days of playing zombies, and it's solo so let's get into the match now the very first time you do this, you have to buy a tombstone again do not drink the tombstone or use any of these items to do that just run any deliver cargo contract in any of the tiers and you'll have the 2, 000 for the tombstone by every, time, it you won't give me a Tombstone Soda you.

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Won't, no, you. Won't, all right, so then by buying your Tombstone soda, you can either find one on the map or go to Der Wonder Fizz in Tier 3. Y'all are familiar with that process now that we've drank a Tombstone. Soda we have our Tombstone Soda, and here we have our scorcher and then the seven items that we want to duplicate.

Here's where things change dramatically, and again, credit goes to Jesse Powers for actually figuring this thing out. He said he spent 48 hours testing it; it's honestly freaking genius and a last of a rare breed on YouTube; he's actually the first person that posted this; he and Jesse are the ones that brought it to my attention here, and then we've just been working on refining it, so what you're going to do now that you've got your Tombstone ready instead of setting a normal Tombstone?

You're actually going to be able to deal with these items and set a tombstone at the same time. The way you're going to do that is make sure you have the bad signal. Mission from Act 4, activated, or if you've already completed it, this portal will always be there, but now you're going to make sure you don't have a self-revive.

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You're going to run over to the portal. You're going to activate the portal, but do not vote yet. Yes, do not vote yes, so I'm alone. Do not vote yes, and then you're going to go underwater and drown. The trick is that when this air meter gets to red a little past red, you're going to accept and vote yes to go to the dark ether, so it's going to be red now.

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Now I'm going to vote yes, so now the countdown has started to send me to the ACT for the night. Ether, and we're going to die, so watch this; we die here. Then the portal starts now we can dashboard, at the portal, black screen exit if you're on Xbox or Playstation you'll quit app as soon as you see the portal animation on PC you have to wait until the black screen then alt f4, so this is the crazy part we kept all of our items every one of them we kept our rucksack, whatever, armor self- revives all this kind of stuff that you have you'll keep that as well you'll lose your weapon and all this stuff but you can replace all this but you will lose your weapon whatever weapon you have and this is just for the portal just for the duplicating now what I'm going to do I'm going to store all of these in my, stash, if you don't know how to do that and don't know how to get more than a tin stash then watch my article on infinite stash glitch still works exactly the same way but now the most important thing is to bring the Tombstone Soda can back in.

Okay, and then I'm going to take a scorcher also, because that will make me much faster to duplicate. The whole purpose of this is to learn how to duplicate solo and duplicate in the fastest way possible, so let's head back in. This is where the magic happens, so think about it: we did not have a tombstone set up.

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I brought in all those items. I duplicated a tombstone by drowning and going into act while at the same time closing the game, now look where the tombstone went, directly, to the cemetery and I kept my large bag and look what I happened to bring in a scorcher and a tombstone so now we already set up that Tombstone last match and we kept our backpack and we kept our items so we already kept the items that we came in with now we get to duplicate those items now what you're going to do is don't drink your tombstone yet drop your tombstone on the ground.

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