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This is one of the new metal weapons for Modern Warfare 3, and it is definitely one of my favorites so far. This is a KV broadside shotgun, but attached I have another aftermarket part from Jack, and it turns out this is one of the best battle rifles in the game. It turns your shotgun into a battle rifle, and I'm about to take you through all three game modes: multiplayer, zombies, and War Zone, along with showing you the best possible setup for this weapon to absolutely shred players and zombies alike.

Make sure that you like this article to help support more content and subscribe for future updates. Now let's get into this bad weapon. Now, first of all. I'm going to show you guys exactly how you can unlock it real quick in the next minute or two, and then I'm going to go into this sick gameplay that I've recorded of this and exactly how OP it is, so you can find it under the weekly challenges here in your multiplayer menu.

It's very easy to find. I'm going to tell you guys exactly what five challenges you should complete in order to actually complete this as quickly as possible. So typically, players kind of lean towards one game mode or another, so we have three game modes here. Multiplayer zombies and Battle Royale: a lot of people are war zone players, zombies, players, or multiplayers.

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Right or multiplayer players rather, so what I like to play most of the time is zombies and I'm going to tell you right now zombies is the easiest place to actually do this but I'm going to go through it real quick so as you can see here for multiplayer you have like quick scope kills operator kills double kills with a shotgun things of that nature and even silent shotguns so I wouldn't even suggest multiplayer, personally but if you like those challenges, feel free now on war zone side these may look simple but you can see it's opening up 30 loot caches per area so if you constantly grind war zone right hours and hours on in, yes this is a good option and I will admit this took me about I don't know an hour and a half to get that much done so it really doesn't take that long in order to get that complete I actually completed one of those challenges, but zombies as you can see here I ended up going with mostly zombies so you can see four challenges here that I've already done You have to get 200 kills with damage from a shotgun and 10 kills with a recommended shotgun.


A shotgun without taking damage 30 times gets 200 hit-and-fire kills with a recommended shotgun. All three can clearly be lumped together, as can killing five mimics with a recommended weapon, which again is the same shotgun. Now you can pick a fifth contract out of there, whatever you want, or you can do one of the war zone ones like I did.

It's really up to you. The rest of them are really just kind of like dealers's choices, right? It's really Chef's Choice there, so what I want you to do is go into zombies with this shotgun, upgrade it, add an ether tool, and do the outlas contract glitch. If you don't know about this, it's an old article that I posted.


To put it simply, you start an Outlast contract, and you can start this in the Tier 1 zone, for example, and all you want to do is let it get all the way up to 95%. Or so and then cancel the contract, and what's going to happen is you will have an unlimited amount of zombies, so you can obviously see how this works right so you can apply the fire, ammo mod to your gun and then you can sit there with an upgraded shotgun and do it over and over again and just so you know for that one that you actually get 10 more kills and then you stop right and then you get 10 more kills without getting damage each time, so you actually don't have to wait.

It's very simple, so if you get 20 kills in succession right very quickly, that counts as two out of the 30 times, so, really, it only took me about one game to do this; it really it only took me about one game to actually unlock this it really does not take that long to actually unlock this gun so let's get into the actual best setup for this gun, and then I'm going to show you guys how that actually performs in each game mode real quick just so you can be on your way with all the information that you need, so let's get into that.


All right, so full disclosure here: I don't actually have all the attachments unlocked for the quote unquote, best class for this, but I'm going to be showing you guys exactly what it is in case you have those items or you want to use them now. Personally speaking, if you don't have all of the attachments for the best class quote unquote, then I would highly suggest that you just pick something that leans towards what you like to do, for example, if I like a stable gun.

I don't need it to aim quickly because I'm pretty damn accurate with my shots, so I would highly suggest that if you're that type of player, you pick things that increase your ability to hold with aim. Sway and things that nature, not stuff that is quicker to aim, so as you can see here are all of the attachments that are really required.


If you want the best possible class, I've seen this around a lot. This is a very good class, and I highly suggest that you use it. I'm actually going to show you here me doing it. This is my first time with the weapon, full disclosure, so my aim is not on point, but you know it, it's definitely something that is very quick as far as ttk, which is time to kill if you didn't know, so this weapon is very nice because again, it starts out as a shotgun, so it's a pretty powerful battle rifle, and it's pretty accurate, so I went ahead and took it into multiplayer, as you can see here, and it was very, very quick.

I would say multiplayer is the best mode for this; it is a very, very good gun for multiplayer, and I was able to hit some sick clips like this one right here, ending a round of Search and Destroy. This was my one and only game in multiplayer, FYI, so you know me taking this gun into a game and then immediately responding to it in a positive manner is super, super good.

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I mean, for me, at least when I pick up, you know a lot of these metal weapons that people advertise for war zones and such. Sometimes they are just ass the first time that you use it. I mean, they are just hard to use, so what I did was I took it into zombies this is it without any tools without any Pack-a-Punch, which is obviously something that you're going to do I ran into this nice guy though and he provided me with that legendary ether tool so what I did was I took it to tier 2 with no Pack-a-Punch whatsoever, and it actually performs pretty well, but you know we're all here for the Pack-a-Punch style weapons, and as you can see here, it is very powerful for Pack-a-Punch, level three, so I would highly suggest that you actually start using this gun for zombies.

Today we go over one of the FASTEST KILLING guns in MW3 right now. Use it before it gets nerfed.
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