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In today's article. I'm not only going to show you guys the most powerful weapon setup to date in Modern Warfare Zombies capable of insta-killing almost every single enemy, but I'm also going to be showing you guys exactly how you can use this to your advantage to gain the most amount of essence in the fastest manner possible.

But before we get into the details, guys, I want to know what your go-to zombie class is. I've been using the MTZ lately. I kind of switched it up just to keep things fresh, because you know repetition is bad, but the attachment that we're going to use today is an aftermarket attachment called the Jack purifier.

Now there's a couple of things that you need to know. This thing, not upgraded at all, is an instant kill in Tier 1. It is the most powerful weapon right now. It is better than any bullet weapon that you can have. I'm telling you, it is great to have. So when you're in Tier 1, it's so easy. You can do 360s, you can fire zombies, and you don't have to worry; you are completely protected.

barrier glitch

However. I want to get into the nitty-gritty and the interesting stuff with you guys so that you can actually see how powerful this thing is because we do take it to the new dark ether, and I will do that for you guys here in a minute, but as you can see in Tier 2, unupgraded, you can see on the bottom right.

I don't even have an ether tool on it. It is good to go; it is very powerful, but what you'll notice is that the only way that you can actually get ammo for this is by going to an ammo cave. You can actually take these ammo packs that drop on the ground, and as you can see, I'm trying to pick them up here.

You can't visually see it, but as you can see, you know I can't actually apply any ammo to it, so what I'm going to do is I'm going to go over to tier three, and tier four is where things get interesting, obviously, typically. It is a scary place for most players, not for you know more experienced players who actually know movement and use their sound very well, but generally speaking.


Tier 3 is just a dangerous place to go, not let alone mentioning Tier 4 in the dark ether, so as you can see here, this is it again, an unupgraded no. Tool. I haven't even thrown a tool on this weapon, guys, and I'm able to protect myself, so just for context. I mean, if I were to run over here and I actually shoot a zombie with my normal bullets, look how little damage it does, all right?

Just for context, this thing is absolutely ridiculous. I get a dog on me immediately. I can down that dog, so it's very useful and it's very quick to do, but let's get into what we're all here for. Let's actually go upgrade this thing and see how powerful it can get. Now, just for research purposes.

I'm going to upgrade it all the way because, generally speaking, a lot of us are going to want to max this thing out so that we are absolutely protected because it's not like you want to go into Tier 3 with an unupgraded weapon in general, right? As you can see, once you upgrade it to Tier 3, it is instakilling zombies in Tier 3.


First of all, I wanted to try a regular abortion. I wanted to give you guys the full picture here just so that if you are someone who wants to know all of the information as far as how this operates, I'm going to give you guys each level of it. We're going to do an actual bounty next and then go to Tier 4, but you can actually see how powerful this thing is.

I mean, we all know how hard abortions are. Typically, people take out Juggernaut. Kill streaks, for example, to actually fight it, and I could just sit here near this ammo cache, which, by the way, is cool. It takes about a minute, I believe, and you can just literally sit there and just nuke monsters.

I mean, look, here's a second one that I went after because I was like, might as well. Now here's where the essence comes into play right if you're doing these Bounty contracts such as this one over here if I go and grab this bounty contract and do it, I get 5, 000 Essence. Simply from that, you saw the Abominations before, though they're dropping Essence to begin with.


You can even do this with Outlast contracts or anything like that. Think about it from a general perspective if you are by yourself, right? Even if you're not, let's just say that you are currently fighting by yourself. Let's just say that you could be in a squad and go do an Outlast contract, right?

Sit in a corner and use your flamethrower. That's literally all you have to do, and that's 5, 000 Essence. So if you get a whole team of people with three flamethrowers, you're completely invincible, and you're earning 15, 000 Essence per contract. You can go and watch the unlimited essence article if you want to actually duplicate it, but the point that I'm trying to make here is that the amount of essence that you're getting and the quickness with which you're getting it is ridiculous.

I was able to get, I think, about $50,000 in a matter of like 15 minutes. If I can get 50, 000 Essence in 15 minutes, that is absurd, but let's go ahead and get into Tier 4, because that's what we're all here for. We want to see exactly how powerful it is. So this is the dark-ether Tombstone glitch.


So I'm going to look around, and I'm going to look for anything that's actually powerful, right? Because we want to, like, go, you know, balls to the wall, so to speak, so I go ahead and I find this mangler in Tier 4. You would imagine that it's very powerful, but I actually ran into these zombies first, so let's see how good this is.

So it's absolutely melting, click clearly, I mean, as soon as I started using it in Tier 4, guys, I liked this set it for me right because tier three is like very impressive, right? tier four, though we all know tier four is very, very hard. I went and did it with one of my friends, and thank God that we had dogs is all I'm going to say because they self-revive.

You right, you don't need extra self-revives, and I 100% went down like two or three times, so if you also, you know, pair that with that little, whatever it's called on the bottom right where I can heal my teammates, if you pair it with that perk or whatever it's called, then it is very easy to go into Tier 4 with this flamethrower, and actually, you know, just absolutely destroy it, complete it, and get those new schematics.

dark aether

So some of you may be asking, Okay, well, how do I unlock this? Because you showed me how powerful it is, but I don't have it unlocked, so what you're going to need to do is go ahead and go into either your battle rifles or your assault rifles, and that's where you're actually going to find it under the list of attachments.

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