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Schematic now that you've completed all of those requirements, the last couple of things I need you to do are: Go ahead and go into a game with all the items and essences that you want; make sure your rock sack is perfect; make sure it has all the items and essences that you want to duplicate; and go ahead and destroy your existing ones.

Tombstone once you've destroyed your existing tombstone, go ahead and make your way to the area that I do now. This is on the top right of the map by the beach. You may recognize this from past tombstone duplication glitches that still work, but this method is much faster. Now tip number one: I just want you guys to note this rock over here.

barrier glitch

If you have trouble timing the tombstone duplication glitch, use this rock as your landmark. For walking out, it is very easy to watch for. Second of all watch out for this little batch of seaweed on the ground this is where I always spawn my blood burner but the recording that you're looking at right now is my first attempt at this glitch so first of all you're going to go ahead and spawn your blood burner, again make sure that you have it in your ruck sack still so make sure that you've obviously done the tombstone duplication glitch at least once, which is why I have to my rock sack but a little cool trick that you may not know about with the blood burner if you drive it over water and get off of it will teleport back to land, but if you get on it before it actually disappears so you get off of it and get onto it immediately, over water you're actually going to spawn wherever it last was seen, on land so you can see me try it twice again This is my very first time, so those were my first two attempts at doing it.

If you're on a console, just keep in mind that you always have to hold the button versus a PC. I just hit F to get on and off, but on consoles, you are going to have to hold X. For example, on Xbox. So once you've had time to practice that portion of the glitch, make sure that you drive off close to the edge of the map, kind of where that seaweed was that I just showed you, and go ahead and follow the path that I.


Do, now what you want to make sure that you do as a part of this portion of the glitch is do not go anywhere on land don't touch anything just simply drive over water we're going to be heading towards the tier 3, zone, now it's not going to take too long if you have counter measures already enabled as your mission which you absolutely have to for this glitch or have it completed you will actually have a ping there permanently it will be located right here towards the North End of tier.


3, now what I'm going to go ahead and do is Mark where we're going to be heading there's a particular portion of this beach that I actually want you to stop on you will be driving on to land as a part of this but you need to make sure that you don't go too far so watch where I go and what I'm going to do is I'm actually going to pull up on the beach, right near this rock on the right now at this point you should be using your decoy grenades so if you don't have decoy grenades on your player just make sure you have at least like stamina up and some extra Shields or something like that or even a dog as a distraction, but where you're going to go is right here on this edge of the rock go ahead and drive here and then just stop now at this point you can get off and go ahead and run towards counter measures, counter measures is now going to be, the port that you're going to be using if you're using the blood burner as your method so go ahead and throw down a decoy grenade, and then you want to make your way back over to your blood.


Burner so as you can see here you can jump right off the rock hop on the blood burner and what you're going to do is back up far enough into the water where you're not near the edge of the shore, and you're going to get off and get back on just like we did before and you're going to be sent all the way across the mount now at this point you have all the time in the world I mean guys look how much time I have I'm on the edge of the map I'm like, foot away from the edge I just went ahead and accepted early it doesn't matter but again as usual you want to make sure that you run out at 6 seconds you can use the blood burner and drive out I highly suggest that you do not do that because it is way easier to do it while running, now once You' gotten the eliminated symbol go ahead and make sure that you quit when this loading screen comes up and make sure that the game hasn't fully loaded you can also I've heard wait for the actual launching.

Words to appear on the top, but I highly suggest again that you just simply wait for the loading screen to appear, and it says trying to load a game or whatever it says, and you should be able to quit on all platforms. Now if you do all of those steps correctly, you should have all of your items in the menu as well as in your tombstone in the game, but I highly suggest that you craft two blood burner keys before you actually get this glitch started, or simply bring a blood burner key in and do the original tombstone duplication glitch with the 1,000 portals and bad signal.

That way, you can come into the game like so, and you can have two of your rock sacks at all times, so you can always do this over and over again.

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