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Today's glitch might be one of the top three glitches of all time for Modern Warfare 3 zombies. Now, with today's glitch, you can bypass days worth of missions, maybe even weeks, depending on how much you play, to unlock the Bone Collector skin in a matter of minutes. Yes, you heard that right.

Give me 5 minutes of your time, and I'll show you exactly how to do it. This glitch, of course, will be included in my season 3 Reloaded all working glitches compilation coming out May 1st as soon as the patch drops, so make sure you subscribe so you don't miss a beat, and let's get right into this awesome glitch.

Glitch skip mission (act 1&2)

So jumping right in Act 3 has been toted as the longest time-wise, so of course I'm going to show you guys how to skip every single mission in Act 3. That's just what I do, but first of all, you need Act 3 to unlock to skip through it, and unfortunately, that means that you have to complete acts one and two, and this is a big one.

b man

However. I will show you how you can bypass the longest Mission saving you hours worth of time now throughout Act 2 you're going to see missions like Guardian Angel where you have to use a special ability multiple times in, either a single game or just total, and what you're going to notice is this mission, for example, you need to use healing aura 20 times, but what you may not know and what you likely don't know is that every single time that you go down, give up and then get revived.

You get your special ability back, so by bringing in a teammate, you can both finish that as well as frostbite, where you have to freeze mimics using the freeze ability. You just need to go down multiple times and just continuously use that now once you're through act two, which is, in my opinion, way worse than act one.

barrier glitch

Act one is like a tutorial. Mission: You need to do the very last mission of Act 2, which is Shepherd. Shepherding is very easy to do, but there are multiple things that you are absolutely required to have; otherwise, you will fail. So here I am at the end of Act 2, shepherding the very last mission.

I have an upgraded ray gun and an upgraded regular weapon, and at the end, you have to fight an Abomination. Now, for less skilled players, you don't actually need to go through all the trouble and get down like I do and waste all of your time and effort. All you need to do is bring in a dog, and as you can see, it completely changes the landscape of things.

I was very easily able to beat this mission; it's super quick to do, and once you are through it, you actually have Act 3 enabled, so you will see it at the top right there. I actually finished the mission, so once you've done that, what you're going to notice is that you can actually select the last mission in Act 3, but hold on before you click off; it does not work, and I'm going to show you in a second a prime example because what I like to do on my channel is physically show you guys the alternatives, so for example, in Act 3, yes, you can select this mission, but you cannot do it.

I'm going to show you exactly what happens real quick in the next 20 seconds in order to: Understand exactly what you need to do to skip all the missions, because this is part of it.

Skip all act 3! (glitch)

Skip all act 3! (glitch)

you need to have that mission selected so as you can see I go into a game with that mission selected you can see it there on the left and it does not show up it should show up as a star Expo like we're used to right with all of these in missions whether is Saving Dr Jansen, or whatever so what I want you to do is go ahead and bring in a dog bone upgraded weap weapons and such into the game but also bring a friend who has the skin already unlocked this can be anyone at all that you find, as long as someone is willing to help you also make sure that you are both the party leader and you have the mission selected, to defeat zakaya, or whatever the hell is name is all you need to do is make sure that you have that mission selected and you are the.


Host now once you are the host of the game and you have gone in, your friend is the only person who can actually see the fill, so they need to call it in, but you need to make sure it's a couple of things. As you'll see here, if you didn't know, if you go down in midair and fall to your death, you are eliminated.

You are out of the game, but you may have noticed he called in the helicopter already, unfortunately. If your friend does not come with you, it does not count, so that's another caveat that you need to watch out for. So here I am doing the regular xfill, and we'll actually end up in the game. So this is it.

This is the only mission that you have to do, and I'm going to show you real quick, extremely easy, how you do it because it is impossible to lose this game. It is so easy, especially if you bring a dog in. It gives you free revives and gives you, like, four to six revives. I don't even know how many times a dog can, but if you bring in your healing aura, you can heal your dog, so that's just another tip.


Going through this mission, it's very simple. All you do is deploy whatever this device is, and then you want to run over to this area that it tells you, and if you have an upgraded ray gun, which I highly suggest you bring to all story missions, it is absolutely OP, and you can essentially do all the objectives.

By yourself, it is super easy. Your friend doesn't need to help you, but again, he does need to go on the mission. I'm guessing he could leave at this point if he wanted to, but why would he not finish it out with you anyway? So you do that one objective, and the worm literally spawns. It's that simple, so what you're going to want to do is come over to the area that I'm in.

You're going to see it on the map here, up on the left. This little shack has the ammo crate on the outside, and if you had, for example, a mags of holding, you could literally sit there and just shoot at the worm and then reload every 2 minutes or resupply. Rather, once you've actually defeated the worm, this is the end of the mission.


Now I'm going to go ahead in a minute, and you're going to see me here. I actually completed it. You get the check, and you can actually can go in and the operator is going to be under Ripper so once you've done this you have effectively skipped over the entire act three which I will show you proof in a second just so that you understand I also am just going to include the full gamep playay of that worm fight just so that you guys can fully understand if you're not as skilled of a player I want you to be able to have the film right I want to be as helpful as possible so I appreciate you watching as you can see here I skipped over every single mission.

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