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Wesley is here, and today I'm going to be showing you guys how to do the tombstone duplication glitch in season 2 reloaded. With today's article, I'm hoping to answer all of your questions about the tombstone duplication glitch. I guarantee you guys that if you do exactly what I do, it will work on all platforms, every single time, so that you can bring in all of the rare items that you want into the game while keeping your insured weapon, your lethals, your tacticals, and everything else.

I will be showing you the three most popular routes to do the tombstone duplication glitch. Now, people are very opinionated about these routes; it's actually kind of funny. I'm going to be showing you guys the actual data on it because what would a article of mine be without all the most up-to-date information that I can find right this second?

If there are any other updates, I will put out another article, but just know that this is the most efficient way to do the tombstone duplication glitch, and it works every single time. I'm also curious where your stash limits are. Mine's at 70; I was at 99. By the last article, it's been less than a week, and I'm already minus 20, so I'm going to run out very soon.

barrier glitch

I'm curious where yours are. So the first thing that you want to do is, obviously, break down your existing tombstone. That's not a requirement, but I always say it is because I want you to grab all the rarest items and set up your backpack to the best of your abilities. So once you have all the items that you want to duplicate, you're going to want to make sure that you have either 3, 000 essence or 1, 000 essence, as well as Tombstone.

Soda, so I already had a Tombstone Soda. You always want to make sure that you have it in your large rucksack that will save you 2000 Essence every single game, so make sure you do that. Also, just a footnote: if this is your first time doing the Tombstone glitch or you don't currently have one, put the Tombstone soda in your large rucksack and then go do a mission and purchase Tombstone before you actually do the glitch.

When you extract, you'll extract with that duplicated one, and then you'll have a backup each time. That's why I had a Tombstone soda as well as an extra one left over at the start of this game, so let's get into the three methods or paths that you can actually use to do this glitch WID, and I'm going to show you guys exactly how to do that most efficiently.


So the first method I'm going to be showing you guys is very simple to do you only have to do a couple of mantels, however it is very close to the edge of the map and it's very easy for newcomers, or just simply people who just want to chill and play the game very easily so number 23 here is the one that we will be using, you can review the code and pause the article if you need to but it's located in the Southeast corner of the map so I'm going to go ahead and purchase this portable and just simply walk through it to do a demonstration for you guys when you come through this portal you will run for the edge of the map you are aiming for the out of- bounds line and you want to go there as fast as possible now I actually analyzed the distance between the spot and the edge, and so you can see here it's about 70 m to the edge so we're going to compare all of these real quick and it'll only take a couple of minutes to actually do so but if you actually exit over to the left here I would say it's more about 66.


as long as you're not impeded. I could run straight into that marker, and I would actually be able to do so, obviously mantling some stuff in the meantime, but the second method I'm going to be showing you guys is my personal favorite, so number 24 is actually right north of that location. This is what I like to use and what a lot of people like to use, but the third method, in my opinion, is the most popular, but this is my personal favorite, so let's actually enter that code.

You can see I do get a mercenary. Camp, here, but I'm able to fly to the edge of the map before they even notice me, and then I just simply run out of bounds, so let's go over the third method and see how that compares. So this is the most popular method; it is number 19, here, and is located. On the southwest corner of the map, it is right by the water.


This is a beach location. And so what we're going to do is go ahead and enter this code now, and let's check out how good it really is. Is, so once you made it through on this one you want to turn right and Sprint straight, that's it this is one of the simplest methods and it's the most popular for a reason it is very direct and very easy to do you'll notice it's 70 M away but that first method that I showed you had two manels now I haven't really like obviously tested timing and stuff I didn't take out a stop stopwatch or anything like that as far as the method one versus this method because remember they're about the same amount of distance the other method's actually 4 M less, whenever you account for the shortest distance but there's two manels so I haven't actually like tested, if that's slower than a full Sprint, with energy, right so.

You know, I couldn't tell you for sure, but what I can tell you is that method three as well as method 2 are my two personal favorites. Now this portion of the article is completely dedicated to doing the tombstone duplication glitch efficiently. I'm going to show you guys that if you have trouble with timing, make sure that you watch this portion of the article.


I'm going to go through all the steps now so that you don't have any issues, and maybe some of you guys who do it well will improve a little bit. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to go ahead and enter number 24, my personal favorite code. You want to go back to the portal and make a purchase.

As you mantle over on the console again, you're going to have to hold the use button to actually do it. So what I would suggest is that you hold it and then mantle it, so follow the path that I do. This is my personal favorite path. You can also go up the stairs; it's slightly faster, but before you touch the bad signal portal here, where that timer shows up on the left, you don't actually have that much about timing to worry about.

dark aether

A lot of people don't have issues with that; the portal will stay open for almost an entire minute, but once you go ahead and activate the dark ether. Rift I completely messed up here, just as an example of how late you can be. Watch how the portal stays open for me, so what you want to do is follow the path that I took back and make sure you climb up the stairs.

cut over just like this, that'll save you about half a second, and run through the portal. Now this is my personal favorite spot again. Jump off, use your parachute, and make your way to the edge of the map. On PC, you can accept at 1 second, but on console, again, you're going to have to hold the button, so be careful.

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