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The new Dark Eternity is out with season 2 reloaded, and I'm going to be showing you guys exactly how to do the new Tombstone duplication glitch through the Dark Eternity as a solo player or as a team. I'm also going to be showing you guys how to duplicate your elder signature so you can grind this out.

Make sure you subscribe and like the article. If it was helpful, let's get into it. Now, with this new dark ether glitch, you are going to be able to extract all of the schematics that you want from the dark ether. There's a ton of rare items and rare loot in general that you can get from the dark ether.

It's important to keep in mind a couple of things. Number one, there's a bit of a high requirement for this. You need to complete the latest Easter egg, which I will put out a article on soon. Make sure that you destroy your existing tombstone. This is very important because what you're going to do is create another one just like you do with the normal tombstone duplication, except we're going to make a few modifications to it.

barrier glitch

Also, this will be a little bit difficult for some of you to do, so I highly suggest that you practice; we will go over it in a minute. I will have raw footage for you guys so that you can actually physically watch me do this glitch. It will be as little modified as possible so that you guys can actually rewatch it and learn what the timing is, so let's get into it.

So first of all, you're going to need an upgraded scorcher, so you don't have to get it to level three. I did this with a pack-a-punch level one scorcher. Let's get that upgraded, and let's make our way over to the portal. Now there's a required setup, and there's also a recommended setup. I'm going to go over both of those with you now.

Number one, the requirements for this glitch are pretty obvious. You're going to need an upgraded scorcher, like I said, as well as an elder sigil, and whatever items you want to bring through the dark ether, what's going to happen is that you're going to duplicate those items so that you can both use them in the dark ether as well as have them when you're back in game, but make sure that you have two scorcher cases.


If you want to keep a scorcher in your future tombstone, the reason why I say this is obvious is because you have to actually use a scorcher for this version of the tombstone duplication glitch. For the recommended setup, I just highly suggest that you guys go decked out, so make sure that you have gold armor plates.

A large vest Pack-a-Punch level three weapon thing of that nature, now the real difficulty for this glitch is going to come with timing. A lot of you are going to have difficulty with this if you had trouble with the solo Tombstone duplication glitch. However, I'm going to show you exactly how you can do this and do it correctly, so you'll see here.

I'm doing a dry run, and I highly suggest that you do it because when you put in your Elder sigil, if you do not accept the invite, then you will not use the Elder sigil, so I actually ran all the way over here. I fired my scorcher and tested it out. I was able to get to the portal in around 8 seconds, which is plenty of time, generally speaking.


If you can get there with about 6 or 7 seconds left of you entering the portal, like you are literally being teleported at 6 or 7 seconds left on the vote counter, then you should be good. All right, all right, so let's go over the timing for this glitch, so you're going to see here I'm firing my scorcher up in the air twice.

I'm going to show you guys exactly how to do the Superman glitch properly for this glitch because you're not going to do it the typical way. However, once you get used to it, it will be very easy, and you can duplicate items in the dark either way, so you're going to see this is not my dry run. This is 100% legit, so this is the actual footage of me doing the glitch this morning, so let's watch here.


I'm going to play this in slow-motion, just to show you guys exactly how to do it, so let's replay that footage. What's going to happen is that you're going to fire the scorcher up in the air twice, fully charged. You're just going to hold the button until it fires twice as easily there, then once you get to the apex or the top, you're going to pull your parachute and immediately cut it, and lastly, you're going to hold forward and charge your scorcher up to 80%.

All you're doing here is reactivating the Superman motion you see right here when you're falling out of the sky, just like you do in War Zone. What you're going to do is just make sure that you trigger that again. Now you don't need to do it anymore. You don't need to do it twice—three times the distance between each portal.

You only need to do it once. So you're going to see me do it here again. I'm going to fire fully twice, pull and cut, and then I'm going to hold forward while I fire up to 80%. Now that 80% is relative, anywhere around there should be good, and what you're going to notice is that you're going to fall very, very short, but you're going to fly directly into it, as you can see here.


I do that boom, and I kind of mess up with the extra pair of parachutes there, and you are through the portal. Now you're going to notice here I get through in about 8 seconds, just like I was talking about before, and if you get there around that time, you get to this wall around that time during your dry runs.

Consider yourself good to go. Now for the portal, it's important to remember that it costs 1, 000 Essence. Now, I highly suggest that you use code number 24 here. This will send you to the eastern side of the map. You can see it there. You can also use code number 19, though a lot of people do use that one.

That's the one that's by the beach or by the water. That's very easy to do. I highly suggest one or the other there. I don't suggest that you use number seven; that one takes a little bit longer. Number 24 can have a mercenary camp that shows up pretty much right on top of it; however, if you show up on top of a water tower, you will see that in a second, and you can just float your way to the edge of the map.

dark aether

So going over this location, what you want to do for this one is to turn right immediately, jump off, and pull your parachute. Now, what this allows you to do is save. After about a second or two, by flying towards the edge, you're going to notice that the timer is almost out there on the left, so I'm going to go ahead and pull up my menu now on PC.

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