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A new method was discovered for instakilling the toughest bosses in Modern Warfare 3 zombies, and today I'm going to walk you through step by step on how to do it in just a few minutes. The steps to this glitch are simple, but the order in which you do them is super important, so make sure you follow my instructions carefully.

I also have two tips to avoid breaking this glitch, which can happen and will force you to actually quit your entire game before you retry. This is the instakill weapons glitch in Modern Warfare 3, zombies. Self-revive, as well as a juggernaut streak, and then lastly, you're also going to need a pack-a-punch 3 crystal and a legendary tool, or alternatively, the money for two pack-a-punch to level three as well as a legendary tool.

Now why all the requirements? Well, it's pretty simple, because if you want the most powerful weapon that actually kills bosses instantly, you're going to need it fully upgraded, which is obviously a given, so once you've gotten all the requirements, what I want you to do is go and get a raid weapon stash contract.

barrier glitch

Now you can do this in Tier 1. It does not matter where you actually do this, but what you're going to do is go and start the contract and then go into your settings if you are on console, and you're going to go under gameplay up here at the top right there, and then you're going to scroll down under combat behaviors.

Under this, you're going to see interactions and reloads. Behavior change: tap to interact now on PC. You don't have to change this because, as you may have known if you are on PC if you're a PC player, you tap to interact already. So another tip for you guys: make sure that you don't have your wonder weapon in slot two if you already have one equipped.

Again, you need two weapons, but if you have a wonder weapon as one of those two weapons, make sure it's not in slot two, so drop them and switch them, and all that. So what you're going to do is throw down a Molotov, and then use the safe. Right before you die, we're going to watch this in slow motion because I'm going to obviously explain to you guys exactly what just happened here, but you're going to get yourself an essentially empty weapon slot.


Now, this doesn't actually count as far as your menu goes, but it does count from a general perspective. You can fill it with a weapon, so you're going to see it here right when we go from 40 to 15, and you're going to use this safe. It's that simple: throw down a Molotov and use the safe. As soon as you go from 40 to 15, you can see it at the bottom left of your screen.

That's where you will see that number. I just blew it up for you guys to make it simple. Now, when you get back up, you're going to notice again when you cycle through your weapons; you're actually going to have an extra slot. At this point, you've essentially activated Mule Kick. If you ever played old zombies or past zombies, you will notice that is an existing perk from the past; it's not currently in this game, so it is a glitch.


However, for all intensive purposes, you have just activated Mule Kick, so once you're done with that, make sure that you have all the requirements again. Make sure you have Juggernaut available; make sure you have an ether tool as well as a pack-a-punch crystal; and you're going to go ahead and fill in this empty slot with your weapons case.


This is why you need the weapons case. You don't need a regular weapon, because those by default don't have any rarity, but a wonder weapon is supposed to have a gold rarity. But it doesn't whenever you actually activate the case so what you're going to do is on your second gun your second secondary gun you're going to put the ether tool on that and the reason for that is if you have a weapons case in your secondary slot it's already gold you can't apply a tool to it currently, right so that makes perfect sense and you don't want to apply it to the wonder weapon just yet because it will actually break the glitch so here we are we're going to go ahead and throw in a juggernaut, as the next step and when you throw in the Juggernaut you're going to want to activate it using your wonder weapon again your wonder weapon that has no Rarity so once you've done this you're going to get into this Juggernaut and you essentially just want to wait for it to end so I'm going to go ahead and speed up this footage for you guys to make it simple.

And once you are done, you're going to notice at the bottom right that your secondary weapon has the rarity attached. It's so weird, and it's now replaced your secondary weapon, so keep in mind that you will lose your secondary weapon. In here, there's also a couple of tips on how you can actually lose this gun completely, which I will show you in a second.

It's actually very simple, but what you want to do is go ahead and get it upgraded. Now, I went to Tier 3 and then realized I didn't even have the actual juice to upgrade it, but what I'm going to do here is apply my Pack-a-Punch 3 Crystal. Like I said, you can have one or the other, and at this point you have the upgraded weapon, but let me give you guys a couple of tips before you go in order to not break this glitch, because you can break this glitch extremely easily, so you need to do this in a certain regard.


So what happens here in this clip is that I go down, and what you're going to notice is. I'm going to go down. Everything seems normal; you saw the weapon in my hand, but as soon as I get picked up, the weapon's gone, so first of all, you can't get downed, so that sucks. However, again, if you're a decent player and if you have the gold armor plates as well as a triple armor pack, you should be completely fine there.

Now where the tombstone duplication glitch obviously comes into play is that every single time that you start the game, you can get an upgraded scorcher along with the tombstone perks. You can repeat this over and over again and save the essence that you actually store. Now again, my unlimited Essence article will be out soon, so be watching for that.

dark aether

However, whenever you go around the map with your upgraded scorcher, you're obviously going to fly around extremely quickly and be able to actually reach your bounties very quickly. Now as you're doing these contracts, it's super important to remember you need to be careful in the Tier 3 Zone obviously, so I would highly suggest, as far as a full setup goes, that you have your triple armor plates, the gold armor plate, which again you can get every single game using the tombstone duplication glitch, and an ether blade if you want to use that once you're done with this glitch, you know obviously upgrading your weapon, as well as a dog.

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