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In today's article, I'm not only going to be showing you guys how you can do the solo Tombstone duplication glitch with no money whatsoever. I really am interested to hear what you guys have, and for me personally, I love to bring a scorcher pack-a-punch of Crystal Tombstone Soda. I'm really interested to hear what you guys like to bring.

I know everyone likes to bring slightly different stuff, so there are some required items to this glitch obviously, so we're going to go over that now, so typically speaking, what you want to do is that you need a backup of the items now to do so you simply just do the solo Tombstone duplication glitch with a bad signal portal if you want to duplicate two blood burner keys.

So I would highly suggest if you're doing this glitch multiple times, have two blood burner keys for the very first time that you do this glitch. The reason is that you need a blood burner key in your Tombstone. You can have all of your items in your tombstone or whatever you have, as long as you have a blood burner key in your inventory and you find the existing one on the map or get one from someone else.

barrier glitch

That is also fine, so generally speaking, again, you just need a backup blood burner so that you can actually store it in your tombstone. Pretty simple, right? So there's one item requirement here now: highly suggested items, obviously Tombstone soda, so that you don't have to actually purchase Tombstone otherwise.

Nothing else is required, so what we're going to do is I'm going to show you all of the locations for this glitch, but first I want to show you a cool trick with the blood burner. If you didn't know about this, then I will be able to explain it to you. It's a really cool feature. If you do this, it will only take 30 seconds, so just give me a minute to explain it to people, but as you can see here, if you drive the blood burner out onto water and get off of it, it will teleport back to land.

However, if you look at the blood burner when you get off of it and immediately get back on, as you'll see me demonstrate here twice, just make sure that you practice that a couple of times before you do the actual glitch. But let's get into the locations now. First of all, I've seen a couple of updated articles, and I put that in quotes, of a better location for the Tombstone glitch.


Now, the best place to do it is in the northeast of the map, but I don't suggest that you do it in this area right here; I actually suggest that you do it in the original location. I'm not sure why people are saying that it's faster; maybe it's like a second or two faster, but the original location is much easier, so that's the only location that I'm going to be going over as far as the Northeast, so let's look at that now.

Now, following the path that I do, you will be able to find this location pretty easily, and you'll probably recognize it from the bad signal. Tombstone glitch This is the best spot to do this glitch, in my opinion, so players who have trouble with timing or just simply want a laidback gameplay experience like most of us do will find this one to be the best.


So first of all, this big rock here, you just step out; you have no mantel to do or anything, and then this patch of seaweed is where you're going to start, so it's very simple. What you want to do is park your blood burner there or spawn it there; whatever you want to do, drive out onto the water, get off, get back on, and you will be teleported back to the patch of seaweed.

If you run to the right, you are closer than you are in bad signal. This is definitely faster than a bad signal as far as timing and getting to the out- of- bounds line, so it is super easy to do in my personal favorite, so let's follow the path that I do to get to countermeasures. Now, while you're driving this path, you want to make sure you don't touch any land.

I'm going to show you this full clip right here just so that you can actually see me physically doing it. After this, I'm not going to show you the entire time I was driving. I don't want to waste your guys time. This tutorial will be very to the point, so make sure you watch the whole thing because I will have all the explanations for all the other locations and why some of them are actually fashioned in this one in a little bit.


So when you get here, you want to park right here next to this rock, which is very simple, and start running over towards the countermeasure. Portal so it's very simple to actually get here but it's a little bit dangerous so I highly suggest that you either have gold plates or you just use a scorcher like I do here very simple it will kill a couple of seconds, sometimes it's actually faster to run but if you know how to use the scorcher well then you can do this a little bit quicker so what you want to do is hop back on your ride and then hop off and hop back on and you will teleport like I said straight to the seaweed, and then you can see here I literally have 10 seconds to accept and I'm at the edge of the map that means I have like 20 seconds probably total at that point cuz 10+ 10 to actually do this so all you want to do is just simply step out at 6 seconds, this is the simplest Tombstone glitch that I've seen since the new portal and you know everything like that since we've had to change, how we actually do this glitch it's been so simple.


For so long, but this just takes that to another level, so where you want to quit is whenever you get to dark ether zombies right there on the screen, you should see eliminated, but if you don't see eliminated, come up just simply listen for the sound, so let's get into the next location. For this next location, we're going to be going to the northwest of the map.

This location is very quick to do, and I highly suggest it, but let's get into what it takes. I'm actually right north of the beach; right here, you can actually see I'm at a little higher elevation, and all you want to do is just drive off quickly towards the water. Now you saw. I kind of clipped the beach there, but even so, when I get off and get back on, you'll notice I end up back right near the edge up at the top, which is a super useful spot, and we're going to test it out and see if it works well.

dark aether

So what you want to do is simply drive off and drive onto the water, and you don't want to touch land while you drive over towards countermeasures. Now again, if countermeasures are not selected as your mission or you don't have them fully completed,. Then it will not show up on your map, so make sure that you have it selected.

But once you make it to this area, you want to go to this spot on the beach, and it's super easy to get to, and what you want to do is simply drive up near this rock right about here, so I'm going to drive up, and for whatever reason this does not count right here, so I stop the vehicle and get off.

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